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C:\Documents And Settings\Ljohnston\My Documents\Energy Integration C:\Documents And Settings\Ljohnston\My Documents\Energy Integration Presentation Transcript

  • Famous movie producer, Hugh Nami, is in town and has asked our team to create PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS about energy saving tips. The best of the best of these PSAs will be shown on U Tube during Earth Week
  • What is a Public Service Announcement (PSA)? A PSA is a non-commercial broadcast on radio or television that is supposed to raise public awareness about a specific issue.
  • Sample PSAs
    • These are real PSAs that have aired on TV.
    • Brain on Drugs
    • http://www.retrojunk.com/details_commercial/959/
    • Littering
    • http://www.retrojunk.com/details_commercial/499/
    • Energy
    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gX7yTJ9AccY&feature=related
  • Here are some student-created PSAs
    • Cyber Predators
    • http://www.emck.net/reelschool/videos06.aspx
    • Parents (seat belts)
    • http://sfett.com/html_movie/Ican5/parents.html
  • Here are some suggestions from students who created a 30 second PSA. http://www.hmsa.com/mediacenter/videos/details.aspx?aid=470 http://www.hmsa.com/mediacenter/videos/default.aspx?keyword=Teen+Video+Awards
  • Schedule
    • April 9
    • -Meet with assigned group during resource to
    • read about your topic & brainstorm
    • After PSSA’s next week
    • -Write script, film & edit commercials
  • Remember, your job is to raise awareness about your energy saving topic in a 30 second PSA. That means you have to get your point across quickly and creatively so that your audience will remember the information you provided. Believe it or not, you can be CREATIVE and INFORMATIVE about almost any topic. To show you what we mean, Hugh Nami has selected some of his top actors and actresses to educate you about a type of energy.
  • Group 1 Shannon D. Emma A. Jackie Jake S. Group 2 Tyler D. Phoebe Jarrett Jeanette Group 3 Nick E. Tyler P. Robby R. Max Group 4 Mickey Troy Danny S. Group 5 Brynne Matt Mount Brian R. Melanie Group 6 Luke Mary Abby Chris T Danny H. Group 7 Danielle James Nick S. Hailey Group 8 Rachel Madi Claudia Deniz Group 9 Brian U. Danny Y. John Y. Augusta
  • Group 10 Jess V. Evan Y. Josh Y. Kyle W. Group 11 Megan W. Katie Y. Matt Z. John K. Group 12 Graci Shelby Brianna L. Mason Group 13 Isaac Tyler F. Kerry L. Julia Group 14 Katie B. Leo Matt L. Sara M. Group 15 Destiny Michael B. Bo Kelly Group 16 Evan B. Will F. Eric L. Mike Caruso Group 17 Devon Matt F. Noelle Ty Group 18 Zach B. Sara F. Cassandra Dan D.
  • Group 19 Meghan B. Jimmy Shannon M. Sarah D. Group 20 Jake B. Sean G. Marlee Regina Group 21 Josh B. Anna Darrah Brianna D. Group 22 Emma B. Lauren Will M. Sean H. Group 23 Michael Campana Jess G. Carly Matt McConomy Group 24 Sam K. Harrison G. Harrison K. Aidan Jeremy Group 25 Anthony Zach H. Justin M. Emily Group 26 Justin C. Drew Emma M. Larissa Group 27 Brendan Braeden Evie Justin K.
  • Group 28 Robby C. Tyler H. Sam Milano Eric J. Group 29 Sam C. Jake H. Pat M. Shannon K. Andy Group 30 Ben C. Julia H. Mike Moore Shubi Group 31 Sarah C. Seth Matt Moretti Sami Kim