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J Fishman Ce Presentation J Fishman Ce Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Immigrant and Refugee Parent Involvement in Schools and the Link to Academic Success and Mental Health of Children Jodie Fishman May 8, 2009
  • Consider “Juan”….
  • The Changing “American” Family
    • In 2000, 1 in 5 children in the U.S. immigrated here or had at least one immigrant parent
    • In 2007, immigrants accounted for 1 in 8 U.S. residents
    Sources: Shields MK, Behrman RE. Children of Immigrant Families: Analysis and Recommendations. The Future of Children. Princeton University and The Brookings Institution. 2004;14(2). Camarota, Steven. Immigrants in the United States, 2007. A Profile of America’s Foreign-Born Population. Center for Immigration Studies: November 2007. Retrieved March 31, 2009, from http://www.cis.org/articles/2007/back1007.html
  • Unique Challenges Facing Immigrant and Refugee Children
    • Separation from families
    • Refugee camps
    • Exposure to violence
    • Moves from rural to urban settings
    • Cultural barriers
    • Language barriers
    • Poverty
    • Lack of health insurance
  • The “Caring Across Communities” Project
    • The Center for Health and Health Care in Schools (CHHCS)
    • 3-year, national program
    • 15 sites across the country
    • Immigrant and refugee dense communities
    • School-connected mental health programs
  • Objectives
    • Further understand attitudes and beliefs of immigrant and refugee parents towards schools and mental health
    • Find ways to increase immigrant and refugee parent involvement in schools by understanding barriers and facilitators to parent engagement
  • Research Questions
    • Does parent participation make a difference in the success of school-based mental health programs for immigrant and refugee children?
    • What are the barriers and facilitators to engaging immigrant and refugee parents in schools and school-based mental health programs?
  • Data Sources
    • Eileen Kugler, author of Debunking the Middle Class Myth: Why Diverse Schools are Good for All
    • Whitney Meagher, Program Coordinator for Health and Welfare, PTA National Office
    • Surveys of 500+ providers in the field
    • Case study of UNC’s Creating Confianza program
  • Results
    • Link between parent involvement in schools and academic success/mental health of child
    • Best ways to engage parents:
      • Collaborate with community
      • Find cultural brokers
      • Tailor outreach to culture
      • Create welcoming schools
    • Common barriers:
      • Transportation
      • Work schedules
      • Language barriers
      • School leadership
  • Conclusions
    • Integrating immigrant and refugee parents into schools is key to success of children
    • Culturally aware staff
    • Need to treat children and their parents/families simultaneously
  • Recommendations
    • Cultural diversity and language requirements for administrators and teachers before reaching their own classrooms
    • Teacher training in basic mental health needs
    • Paid positions dedicated to parent outreach
  • Recommendations, continued
    • Diversifying PTAs and addressing parent and child mental health at meetings
    • Redefine “parent”
    • Immigrant Parent Involvement plans, pilot programs
  • Remember “Juan”?
  • How Creating Confianza Helped “Juan”
  • Acknowledgements
    • Dr. Olga Acosta Price, Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, GWU
    • Dr. Julia Lear, Center for Health and Health Care in Schools, GWU
    • Dr. Mimi Chapman, Creating Confianza at UNC
    • Alejandra Martinez-Lacabe, Creating Confianza at UNC
    • Whitney Meagher, National PTA
    • Eileen Kugler, Embrace Diverse Schools
  • Thank you!
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    • Preguntas?
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