Civil war causes   clayton alex
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  • 1. What caused the Civil War? Austin, Alex, Clayton, and Scott
  • 2. Slavery
    • When California became a state, the Missouri Compromise could no longer work effectively. The Compromise of 1850 said that California was a free state and the Utah and New Mexico Territories would have no restrictions on slavery. In addition, slave auctions would stop in Washington D.C., and the Fugitive Slave Act would come into play. The Fugitive Slave Act made it a crime to help fugitive slaves.
  • 3. Taxes
    • Before the South seceded, they were paying 80% of the taxes paid by Americans at the time.
    • The taxes were on imported goods from Europe.
  • 4. Southern Cause
    • The South seceded because they believed that they lacked state’s rights.
    • The Civil War was known as a rich man’s war poor man’s fight.
    • Some fought to defend slavery while others fought to defend their homes.
  • 5. Union Cause
    • The Union fought to keep the country as one (self-preservation).
    • Lincoln did not wage war on the Southerners to end slavery.
  • 6. Lincoln
    • The South seceded due to the fact that they would not affect an election. Proved by the election of 1860.
    • Lincoln would not let the South secede even if he had to force them back in at gunpoint.
  • 7. John Brown
    • John Brown was a religious abolitionist man determined to end slavery at all costs. He believed he was God’s “chosen one” to end slavery.
    • He and his sons killed slave owners and was convicted of treason and was hanged for it.
  • 8. Uncle Tom’s Cabin
    • This was a fiction book written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about the cruelty and inhumanity of slavery.
    • Although it was fiction, millions of people in the North believed it to be true. The story never happened.