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Creativityproject FINAL
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Creativityproject FINAL


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Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. Creativity. By: Reggie C. Mah
  • 2. Creativity to Me .
    • Creativity is the ability to think outside the guidelines and trying to develop a meaningful new way of doing task and creating new objects. You must be able to work outside your boundaries. This definition will help improve my creative ability because it tells me that in order to be creative, I must be able to step out of my comfort zone.
  • 3. Personal Experience with Creativity …
    • I have been always passionate about photography ever since I held my own camera for the first time. In order to keep on taking more and more photos that are all different in a way, you have to be able to think of creative ways to make the images look out of the ordinary.
  • 4.
    • I have been working on cars through the aftermarket world for a couple years now. The question I ask myself is “Why would someone want a car that looks like everyone else’s?” Using my car for example I have used my imagination and creative ability to make my car completely unique from the rest.
  • 5.
    • Another personal experience that I have had involving creativity is through the way I dress. I have always wanted to have my own style. In high school I started the whole slim jeans trend on guys. At first people would be asking why I where tight jeans. Then a few weeks later they would conform.
  • 6. I am Creative because …
    • I am creative because I can take original ideas and give them a twist to make them something different. In my opinion creativity has no limits, therefore anything can be changed to be unique as long as you have creativity working with you.
  • 7. My Abilities …
    • I am able turn boring objects into interesting subjects of a photograph.
    • I am also creative in helping people make their cars different from the rest.
    • I am able to work with anyone to help them with task that may be difficult but come up with ways to make them fun and easy.
  • 8.
    • Also I am creative when it comes to fashion. I have take a trend and alter it a bit to make it a little different from the rest.
  • 9. Creativities Importance .
    • Creativity is an important part of my life because without my creativity , I wouldn’t be able to accomplish many tasks I have endured. From making my presentations more fun for my fellow peers, help render client’s cars to help them decide what looks best for their cars. Without my imagination I wouldn’t be who I am today. All the choices I’ve made in the past year or so is due to my interest involves my ability to be creative .
  • 10. Creativity through Time .
    • My creativity has been fluctuating a lot lately. I believe that when I was younger I was a lot more imaginative and creative. I think my creativity has started to decrease as I got older because society doesn’t allow people to express their true feels about things because most people conform to one idea and stick to it. As you get older, people have less and less time to think about new things because they are too busy with other things such as work, school and families.
  • 11.
    • As for my creative ability, it has faded a lot since I was in elementary school, but I try to have sometime outside the workplace or school to express my creative ability through my photography and interest in car design.
  • 12. The Up’s and Down’s
    • Some personal experiences that have increased my creative ability is media art assignments in high school. The teacher would give us an assignment, which forces us to explore our skills, but in order to do so, you would have to make the photos interesting.
    • Another experience that has increased my creative ability is working with people on there cars. Every car looks the same in the beginning until you put some thought into them and modify them.
  • 13. Some of my work…
  • 14. References.
    • Music By: Ratatat