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  • 1. STA. RITA DE CASCIA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Quirino Ave., Baclaran Parañaque City GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL S.Y 2009-2010 THIRD MONTHLY TEST SCIENCE 5 Name __________________________________________Score ___________________ Grade & Section _________________________________Date ____________________ Teacher Ms. Arlyn D.C Tiglao ___________________________ Parent’s Signature I. Match the following terms with the correct definition by writing the letter on the blank. A B _____1. electric circuit a. a magnet that is created from electric current through a wire. _____2. circuit diagram b. a buildup of charge on an object _____3. electrical symbol c. a device that uses energy chemicalreactions too separate positive an negative charges. _____4. electric charge d. a shorthand method of drawing an electric circuit part. _____5. static energy e. a material that conducts electric current easily. _____6. battery f. a device that converts energy in motion to electricity. _____7. conductor g. property of matter responsible for electrical events; has two forms , positive and negative _____8. insulator h. a structure that provides paths through which electricity travels _____9. electromagnet i. a material that conducts electric current poorly _____10. generator j. a shorthand method of drawing the physical _____11. voltaic pale arrangement of a circuit. _____12. Lightning rod k. Michael Faraday _____13. First Largest Battery l. the representation of circuit current as the flow of _____14. amber and dry sap. positive charges. _____15. series circuit m. William Gilbert n. Thales o. Benjamin Franklin p. one path direction II. Multiple Choice: Read the following carefully. Encircle the correct answer. Please avoid erasure. 16. Which of the following particles move freely around the nucleus? a. protons b. electrons c. neutrons d. none of the above 17. A negatively charged material will _______ a positively charged material. a. attract b. repel c. neutralize d. rub 18. A negatively charged material will _______ a negatively charged material. a. attract b. repel c. neutralize d. rub 19. Which of the following is a conductor? a. glass b. wood c. human body d. plastic 20. Which of the following is not a part of a series connection? a. source b. wire c. bulb d. magnet 21. In which of the following is a parallel circuit best used? a. school project b. street lighting c. electrical home devices d. none of the above 22. For what purpose would you use a pulley? a. cut meat c. hold pieces of wood together b. open a can d. help guide the sail on a sailboat
  • 2. Page 2 – Science 5 23. Which of the following is a wedge? a. pencil sharpener b. seesaw c. fork d. meat grinder 24. What makes up the lever? a. a rod, a fulcrum, a load and an effort c. a ramp b. a pegged wheel and a crankshaft d. a fulcrum and a pitch 25. How many inclined planes does a chisel have? a. one b. two c. three d. four III .Identify what kind of simple machines is used in each item. Write LEVER, INCLINED PLANE, WEDGE, WHEEL AND AXLE, PULLEY, and SCREW on the blank provided. _____________26. playground side _____________31.teeth _____________27.floor mop _____________32.piano stool _____________28.steering wheels of motor vehicles _____________33.venetian blinds _____________29.grass shears _____________34.needle _____________30.modeling ramp _____________35.escalator IV. TRUE or FALSE: Read the following carefully. If the statement is true , write T. If it is false change the underlined word or words to make the statement true. _____________36.A pulley is an inclined plane that moves. _____________37.Work done by a machine is called work output. _____________ 38.A compound machine is a combination of two or more simple machines _____________39. To lift a load up with a fixed pulley , the rope is pulled up _____________40.In a third class level , the efforts in between the resistance and fulcrum. _____________41.The axle is the bigger wheel in a wheel and axle. _____________42.The screw gives an advantage in force but at the expense of distance _____________44.More force is needed to move an object up a shorter inclined plane. _____________45.Some machines can change the direction of force so that objects can be moved in different directions. _____________46.The work output is always greater than the work input. _____________47. A wheel and axle is modified lever _____________48. The wheelbarrow is first class lever. V. Compute the following carefully. (5pts each) A. Find out how much Mrs. Tiglao consumed electricity from the month of October to January. Month Previous Present Kwh Basic PPA Total Consumption Consumption Charges Oct 5011 5107 49. 50. 51. 52. Nov 5559 5011 53 54. 55. 56. Dec 5987 5559 57 58. 59. 60. Jan 5987 6113 61. 62. 63. 64. 65-66. Paulo lifted a 986 N box by applying 25 N of a force to a inclined plane, what is the M.A of the inclined plane? 67-68. How much force is done by a work of 8796 N that moves an object 25 m? 69- 70. Draw a parallel circuit and label its part.
  • 3. STA. RITA DE CASCIA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Quirino Ave., Baclaran Parañaque City GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL S.Y 2009-2010 THIRD MONTHLY TEST Reading and Phonics 6 Name __________________________________________Score ___________________ Grade & Section _________________________________Date ____________________ Teacher Ms. Arlyn D.C Tiglao ___________________________ Parent’s Signature I. . A. Read the selection carefully. Answer the question below. A Contest There is a contest for the cleanest and most beautiful barrio. How can our barrios be made beautiful and clean? All the people in each barrio can help in this project. The first thing is to start with yard. Clean the yard and dispose the garbage properly. Fence the yard with bamboo or hedges. The gumamela or bougainvillea can serve as fence. The backyard can be planted with vegetables. Flowering plants can be planted in pots and placed on window sills. Keep the pigs and chicken out of the yard by putting them in pens. There should be clean canals and good drainage to keep the surroundings clean. 1. Write the phrase that tells what the contest is about. 2. Where is the contest being held? Write the word in capital letters. 3. Write two hedges that will make good fences. 4. Write two things which should be kept out of the yard. 5. Copy the word that tells what may be planted in the backyard. fruit trees vegetables flowering plants II. Use the following homonyms in sentences. Write your answer on the blank. 6-7. (symbols, cymbals) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 8-9. (fair, fare) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ 10-11. (bale, bail) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
  • 4. Page 2 – Reading 6 III. . Read the poem carefully. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. TELL THE TRUTH Don’t be afraid, Little Joeje, my boy, Open the door and go in; The longer you wait before telling your fault The harder it is to begin. No wonder you stand with a pitiful face And fear the confession to make; For you know when you’re naughty the worst of it all Is making your mother’s heart ache. Have courage, dear boy, never mind if your shoes Are muddy and wet, and all that; Never mind if your clothes have been terribly torn And you have ruined your pretty new hat. Go on like a man, and tell Mother the truth Like a brave little lad, and you’ll see How happy a boy who confess his fault, And is truthful and honest as can be. 12. What was the authors’ advice to Joeje? a. not to play c. not to enter the house b.. not to be afraid to confess the truth 13. What happens if one waits longer? a. it will be hard to begin. c. it will be a easy to begin. b. it will be foolish to begin. 14.How does a boy appear if he has a confession to make? a. He has a pitiful face. c. He has brave face. b. He has a happy face. 15. How does a mother feel when her little boy has been naughty? a. She is sad. c. She is proud. b. She is very happy. 16. What will you do when you have something to confess? a. Try to hide it. c. Try to forget it. b. Face the truth like a man. III. Identify the reference material you would use to get the following information. You can choose your answer from the box below. _______________17. You want to know the specific location of certain deserts. _______________18. You are writing an article and you wish to know the synonyms and antonyms of certain words to make article more descriptive. _______________19. You wish to get the information on the Finland. _______________20. You want to know the pronunciation and etymology of the bouquet. _______________21.You want to know the latest and most recent events in the country. _______________22. It is a collection of factual information. _______________23. You want to know the latest population and other statistics on each region of other countries. _______________24. You want to know the telephone number and address of Bea Alonzo.. _______________30. It is the Greek word that means “circle of learning”. _______________31. You want to read the latest news happening around the city. _______________32. It is a good source of recent vital information regarding trade and industry, banking and business. Yearbook Newspaper Atlas Thesaurus Enkylios paideia Dictionary Encyclopedia Handbook Almanac Directory Gazetter
  • 5. Page 3- Reading 6 IV. Write a rhyming word for the following word. Write your answer on the blank. 32. pine ___________________ 35. stand _______________ 33. tree s ___________________ 36. roar _______________ 34. sky ___________________ V. Study the map. Refer to the lines and pictures in the legend to hapl you complete the sentences that follow. Circle only the letter of the correct answer. Legend: _______ Highway Beach City or Town Sailing River Camping 37. The beach where you will go sailing is ______ Beach. a. Cove b. Fairy c. Pines d. White Sand 38. The camping site in the north is near the _______ city. a. Highland b. Greenville c. Jubilee d. Victory 39. The highway you would take to reach the city of Woodsville is ______. a. 2 b. 8 c. 14 d. 27 40. The highway you would take to reach Highland City is ________. a. 2 b. 8 c. 14 d. 27 41. The beach in the southeastern part is the _______. a. Cove b. Pines c. Fairy d. White Sand 42. The symbol stands for _________. a. city b. river c. beach d. camping 43. The picture that stands for a beach is ______. a. b. c. d. VI. Complete each sentence by filling in the blank with the appropriate compound word. Choose the word from the box. newly balanced mountain honored flash print attorney sister fire blood wood 44. Those fresh and colorful flower on the vase adorn the _____________ varnished center table. 45. In order to stay healthy, one should eat a well-______________ meal. 46. The good Friday procession is a time _____________ tradition among Filipinos. 47. My __________in-law advised me to report the incident to the police. 48. The ________guard saved my life. 49. The ____________climbers prepared their things for climbing Mt,Apo. 50. I would like to be a blood donor, so I will join the __________ letting sponsored by Philippine National Red Cross. 51. Andrea asked for _____________out of the evaluation copy of materials. 52. The ____________man rescued the trapped lady in the burning house. 53. The Boy Scouts used their ________lights to see their ways on the dark forest.
  • 6. Page 4 – Reading 6 VII. Read the following sentences. Tell if the statement is a Reality or Fantasy. Write your answer on the blank. ______________54. The woman laid a golden egg. ______________55. Joshua won in the lottery. ______________56. The hen became lazy when it grew fat. ______________57. The Sun is the center of the solar system. ______________58. NoyNoy Aquino and Mar Roxas will be running for 2010 election. ______________59. The typhoon Ondoy caused a big destruction to many Filipino families. ______________60. The Grade VI pupils were transformed into an ugly deckling by Ms. Tiglao because they failed to submit their project on time. VIII. Write in the blank the root word of the ff. variants. Tell if the word is using a suffix or prefix. 61. inefficiency _____________________ _____________________ 62. paraphrase _____________________ _____________________ 63. lioness _____________________ _____________________ 64. signify _____________________ _____________________ 65. acceptable _____________________ _____________________ IX. As you can see our literary works are continuous to progress. We are becoming known to other country because of the good stories that our Filipino writer produced. But sadly, most of us support and rely on foreign writers. As a student of Sta. Rita de Cascia, how will you convince each one of your classmates to support and read our own works? Explain your answer into 5-10 sentences. _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
  • 7. STA. RITA DE CASCIA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Quirino Ave., Baclaran Parañaque City GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL S.Y 2009-2010 THIRD MONTHLY TEST Reading and Phonics 4 Name __________________________________________Score ___________________ Grade & Section _________________________________Date ____________________ Teacher Ms. Arlyn D.C Tiglao ___________________________ Parent’s Signature The Great Imitator Rene and Lisa hurried home after classes. They knew that their beloved Jo was waiting. When they reached home, they were surprised because there was no Jo to meet them. They looked around and found him on a corner with his hand covering his face. “What happened to Jo, Mother?” asked the children. “I filled the pan with water and poured powdered soap in it. Somebody called me in the living room. I was not gone long. When I come back, Jo had dumped all the clean clothes from the wash basket into the pan full was about to beat him when he ran away.” Just then Father entered the kitchen. “What is the trouble?” he asked. Mother related what Jo did with the clean clothes and soapsuds. “Jo may be lots of fun,” Father said, “but we have to send him away if he causes more trouble.” “But we all love him, Father,” said Rene as he placed Jo shoulder. Father did not say anything but Rene and Lisa knew that father meant what he said. Since then, they saw to it that Jo did not come into any trouble. When they were in school, they tied Jo to a branch of the mango tree where they played hide and seek. It broke their hearts to see Jo chained to the tree but that was better than to see him being sent away. 1. Who was surely waiting for Rene and Lisa? a. Jo b. Father c. Mother 2. What was Jo? a. a bird b. a dog c. a monkey 3. Where did Rene and Lisa Find Jo? a. on a corner b. under the bed c. in the comfort room 4. What did do that displeased Mother? a. He destroyed all the plants. c.He ate what Mother was cooking. b. He scattered soapsuds all around. 5. What was Mother about to do to Jo? a. She was about to sell him. c. She was about to give him away? b. She was about to hit him with a stick. 6. What would Father and Mother do with Jo if he did not behave? a. kill him b. sell him c. give him away
  • 8. Page 2 – Reading 4 7. Which one of these describes Jo? a. He was always eating. c.He keeps on destroying things. b. He was full of tricks and foolishness 8. How did the children solve the problem? a. They whipped Jo. c. They gave Jo away. b. They tied Jo to the nearby tree. 9. How did the story end? a. Jo died. c.Jo was given away b. Jo learned to behave. 10.Draw Jo with a long tail. B. The Child and the Seed One day, Mang Selo, a farmer, visited Mang ambo, another Farmer, in anearby farm, He saw Mang Ambo sorting out big healthy palay seeds from a basket, “Oh! I see you are now sorting out the big healthy palay seeds for your seedlings,” Mang Selo said. “Yes, Selo,” answered Mang Ambo. “This is the Masagana way of choosing for planting. Good rice stocks for good seedlings and good seedlings for good harvest. It is just like raising our children,” “Raising children?” Mang Selo asked, “What has that got to do with planting rice?” “You know, Selo,” explained Mang Ambo, “I raise my children just like the way I choose the healthy seeds, I choose the traits I want my children to develop and guide them accordingly. Traits such as faith in God, Love for parents and fellowmen will help them to be good citizens in the future.” “That’s a good idea,” Mang Selo said, “because just as good seeds bring good harvest, so do children who are raised properly grow up and to be good and useful citizens. Mang Selo believed what his friend Ambo said. Children should be trained to be good while still young. They will carry the good training until they grow up. 11.Who is Mang Selo? a. a farmer b.a carpenter c. a herdsma 12.Whom did he visit one day? a. Mang Juan b. Mang Kulas c. Mang Ambo 13.Who was sorting the healthy seeds? a. Mang Selo b. Mang Juan c. Mang Ambo 14.What was being sorted out? a. healthy seeds of corn c. healthy seeds of palay b. healthy seeds of mango 15.Where do good rice stocks come from? a. good palay b. good harvest c. good seedlings 16.To what did Mang Ambo compare the good seedlings? a. to raising palay b. to raising children raising chickens 17.Where did Mang Ambo live? a. in nearby city b. in nearby farm c. in nearby town 18.What did Mang Ambo hope for children? a. to study b. to grow up be good citizens
  • 9. Page 3 – Reading 4 19.What did Mang Selo think of what his friend? a. He hated him c.He believed him b. He was angry with him. 20.What happen to children who raised properly? a. become good citizen c. become problem children c. become wayward children II. Read the following sentences carefully. Complete each sentence with a correct prefix or suffix and the italicized. Encircle the letter of the correct answer. 21. Can you calculate the depth of the swimming pool? You could be injured if you __________ it. a. miscalculate b. calculation c. calculator 22. The penant of our organization has three dominant colors. The ______ symbolizes the aims of the organization. a. coloring b. colorful c. colored 23. After the adventure, she was happy to return home and her _____ shone in her eyes. a. unhappy b. happily c. happiness 24. He shows his _____ through his sincere words. a. sincerity b. sincerely c. sincerest 25. They create beautiful toys from odds and ends and their _____ sell very well. a. created b. discreate c. creation III. Choose the correct meaning of the underlined word in the sentence. Circle the only the letter of the correct answer. 26. The Eskimos use their huskies to pull their sleds. a. bulls b. reindeer c. dogs d. camels 27. The berg struck the ship with great force and made a large hole in it. a. large mass of floating ice b. large mass of land c. big flame or spark to start something burning d. big waves 28. The clock chimes every half hour. a. rings b. sounds c. tunes d. announces 29. Ana reads books in her favorite nook in the garden. a. behind the wall c. hidden corner b. near the side d. under a tree 30. He drove up to the end of the road. a. beginning b. side c. curve d. last part 31. My brother kept his prize for his painting. a. act of capturing c. award given in a contest. b. to value highly d. hold dear 32. The officers conduct meetings in the school hall. a. direct b. manage c. personal behavior d. escort 33. I press the wet towel to remove the drip. a. business of printing c. squeeze b. iron d. bring into use
  • 10. Page 4 – Reading 4 IV. Study the guide and volume numbers on the spines of the encyclopedia. Then, answer the questions. Write the answers in the blanks. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 A Ankara B Anjoue Azusa Birling 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 ___________34. article on matter ___________35. Article on man’s landing on the moon ___________36. Sounds ___________37. British astronomer Edward Maunder ___________38. kinds of lens in projectors ___________39. Saudi Arabia ___________40. Japanese Article ___________41.Shakespeare ___________42. Literature V. Read the following words and write the root word and identify if the word is suffix or prefix used in the following items. Write your answer on the blank. 43-44. generation _______________ _______________ 45-46. industrialization _______________ _______________ 47-48. mispronounce _______________ _______________ 49-50. painless _______________ _______________ 51-52 powerful _______________ _______________ 53-54. unfaithful _______________ _______________ VI. Draw a picture of your favorite teacher. Describe her and tell why she is your favorite in to 4-5 sentences. (6pts) _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________
  • 11. STA. RITA DE CASCIA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Quirino Ave., Baclaran Parañaque City GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL S.Y 2009-2010 THIRD MONTHLY TEST LANGUAGE AND SPELLING 6 Name __________________________________________Score ___________________ Grade & Section _________________________________Date ____________________ Teacher Ms. Arlyn D.C Tiglao ___________________________ I. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Read each sentence below. Pick out the correct answer from the given choices. Encircle the correct answer. 1. He spoke _____ noise painful to the ears. a. eloquently b. more eloquently c. most eloquently 2. The audience applauded the singer. The audience was _____ enthusiastic. a. so b. extremely c. quiet 3. My mother likes all my poems. She says to her friends, “My daughter writes ____ beautiful poems. a. so b. very c. well 4. He likes ____ others, he also like others to praise him. a. praise b. to praise c. praising 5. Man’s desire ____ build a fire led him to variety of matches. a. to b. from c. with 6. The Romans struck two flinty stones together and caught a spark ____a split of wood. a. on b. with c. from 7.Circle the letter of the sentence that contains an adverb of negation. a. The children study in the library. b. The children never go to the library. c. The children often go to the library. 8. If I _____ a star in the sky, I would shine brightly. a. was b. were c. hope 9. If I were the town government ___ do something regarding pollution and flood problems in the city. a. am b. will c. would 10.If I _____ a fairy, I will live in fairyland. a. am b. will c. would
  • 12. II. Write the correct preposition in the blank. Choose from the list in the box. You can use a preposition more than once. on during between into by among for until with at 11. The curtain was not raised _____ the audience was seated. 12. Classes will resume _____ June. 13. ______ the eve of the fiesta, we will have a procession. 14. John resides ____ #143 Legarda St., Muntinlupa, Alabang. 15. My father lived in the South Korea _____ five years. 16. I will be on vacation ____ the holidays. 17. The homework must be submitted ____ next Monday. 18. The jumps _____ the ring. 19- 20. The school annex was formally opened _____ the president _______ the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Page 2-Language 6 III. Encircle the adverb in each sentence. Then, identify its kind. Tell if the underlined adverb is an Adverb of TIME, MANNER, FREQUENCY, PLACE, AFFIRMATION, EXTENT and NEGATION. Write your answer on the blank. ___________21-22. Salmon spend most of their lives in the ocean. ___________23-24. They immediately return to the river where they were born. ___________25-26. It might even knowingly attack a stalk of a river fern that grows near water. ___________27-28. The bus almost always arrives late. ___________29-30.James thoughtfully read the book. B. Read the following carefully. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the modifiers in parentheses by encircling the correct answer. 31. Which is the (long, longer, longest) bridge in the country. 32. These later pyramids were built (quickly, more quickly, most quickly) than those at Giza. 33. He is the (little, less, least) temperamental of the four singers. 34.It was bought (recently, more recently, most recently) than the book he had. 35. It was (good, better, best) condition than the other books on the shelf. C. Analyze the following sentences. Find the errors in the following sentences and rewrite them correctly. If a sentence has no error, write correct on the blank. 36. The gymnast performed easier in the second event. ______________________________________________________________ 37. Food cooks more faster over an open fire. ______________________________________________________________ 38. Of all my friends, Beth speaks more openly. Page 2-Language 6 39. We ate fish more often when we lived in Laguna. ___________________________________________________________ 40. That yacht is bigger than any boat in the harbor. ___________________________________________________________ IV. Read the following sentences. Underline the preposition and encircle its object of preposition. 41-42.The shark swims faster than any other fish in the ocean. 43-44. Despite their reputation sharks rarely attack humans. 45-46. My favorite character in the book is the your girl who gives her village.
  • 13. 47-48. The white puppy in the pet shop window looked happy to see us. 49-50. Junk foods should not be sold in cafeteria. B. Rewrite each sentence. Place the prepositional phrase in parentheses in its correct position. 51. (at a young age) Pupils should be started in sports. ____________________________________________________ 52. (in patience and sportsmanship) Their training would make them better persons. ____________________________________________________ 53. (for them) Exercises should be made simple. ____________________________________________________ 54. (in being agile) A physical education teacher should train them. ____________________________________________________ 55. (inside the classroom) Simple equipment should be set up. ____________________________________________________ Page 3- Language 6 V. Complete each sentence with the correct conjunction in parentheses. Encircle your answer. 56. Wind turbines in Ilocos Norte is the first (an, or, but) only wind farm in the Philippines. 57. Shall I sit with you (and, or, but) him? 58. He climbed fast the tree (and, or, but) he fell to the ground. 59-60. Pomelo grows abundantly (not only, whether, both) in Batangas ( but also, or, and) in Laguna. B. Connect the two sentences to form one by using the appropriate conjunctions. 61. Teresita Ang See is a businesswoman. She later became a famous activist. ____________________________________________________________________ 62. The gadgets appear effective. It may cost more. ____________________________________________________________________ 63. They support the project. They will not support the project. They will push through. ____________________________________________________________________ 64. Philippine Energy officials led the ceremonial switch-on. Local leaders led the ceremonial switch-on. _____________________________________________________________________ 65. Andre can use the laptop. He will use it carefully. _____________________________________________________________________ VI. Identify the function of each underlined infinitive. On the blank, write Noun, Adjective or adverb. ___________66. Other persons arrived to participate in the activity. ___________67. They, too, brought some food to share. ___________68. A child volunteered to sing. ___________69. The children seemed to enjoy the activity. ___________70. They were asked to stay in front.
  • 14. STA. RITA DE CASCIA PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Quirino Ave., Baclaran Parañaque City GRADE SCHOOL LEVEL S.Y 2009-2010 THIRD MONTHLY TEST Reading and Phonics 4 Name __________________________________________Score ___________________ Grade & Section _________________________________Date ____________________ Teacher Ms. Arlyn D.C Tiglao ___________________________