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Effective schoolwide discipline presentation 1
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Effective schoolwide discipline presentation 1


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  • 1. ESD Coach Mr. David Rapach
  • 2. Overview of the Presentation
    • Significant Changes to the ESD Program
      • How do these changes work?
      • What do these changes mean?
    • Where are we going next?
  • 3. Significant Changes
    • Paws -itive Action Chart (PAC)
    • Westie Treats
    • Golden Spoons
    • Think & Write Form
    • Westie Pledge
    • BEP Program
  • 4. Paws -itive Action Chart
    • What is a Paws-itive Action Chart?
      • Teachers record which students have had a good day
      • Teachers can keep track of this
      • however they see fit
    • Why would students want to fill
    • up their chart?
      • 25 good days will earn the students
      • a reward
    I joined the P.A.C. with Name: ____________ Teacher: __________ Wow! 25 great days.
  • 5. Westie Treats
    • How do classes earn Westie Treats?
      • When an entire class is caught demonstrating outstanding behavior, a staff member can recognize the class with a verbal comment
    • Why would students want to earn Treats?
      • Once a classroom has accumulated five treats they put their “treat jar” sheet into drawing for a door prize.
        • Soccer Balls
        • Jump Ropes
        • Uno
        • Connect 4
  • 6. Golden Spoons
    • How do classes earn a Golden Spoon?
      • Classes earn a Golden Spoon by earning a “5” for 5 days in the cafeteria
        • Entered the cafeteria quietly
        • Line behavior
        • Noise level at table
        • Line up behavior
        • Exited quietly
  • 7. Golden Spoons cont…
    • Why would students want to earn a Golden Spoon?
      • Classes who have earned a Golden Spoon will be announced on morning announcements
      • Each class who has earned a Golden Spoon will be given a “Golden Spoon” to be hung outside of the classroom for everyone to see
      • Extra teacher based incentive
  • 8. Think & Write
    • New additions to the Think & Write form
      • Number of Verbal Warnings
      • Behavior Expectation Modeled
      • Action Taken
      • Location
      • Time
      • Additional Comments
      • Defined behavior for terms used on Think & Writes
    • Defined Behaviors
      • Minor Horseplay
      • Fighting
      • Bullying
      • Inappropriate Language
      • Disrespect
      • Physically hurting another student
      • Talking in Class and Hallway
      • Disruptive
  • 9. Think and Write continued …
    • Minor Horseplay
      • Action that begins as fun that could escalate to disruptive or harmful behavior
    • Fighting
      • Verbal and/or physical aggressive actions among two or more students
    • Bullying
      • Trying to exert power over another through repeated verbal, physical, and or/exclusionary actions
    • Inappropriate language
      • Words used which are generally not permitted because of the potential or intention to offend
  • 10. More Think & Write
    • Disrespect
      • Inappropriate and/or defiant behavior as perceived by the person receiving it
    • Physically hurting another person
      • Actions towards another that potentially could cause physical harm
    • Talking in Class & Hallway
      • Talking while the expectation is to remain quiet
    • Disruptive
      • Any behavior by a student that impeded learning and/or distracts from instruction
  • 11. Westie Pledge
    • The Westie Pledge is recited every day at the conclusion of the morning announcements
      • W e care about
      • E ach other’s
      • S uccess and
      • T houghtfully cooperate
      • I n school with respect and
      • E mpathy.
      • P repared for each day, we
      • A re always responsible,
      • W ork together and
      • S how self control.
  • 12. Traits for Mini Paws
    • How do students earn Mini Paws?
      • When a staff member observes a student going “above and beyond” by demonstrating responsible behavior, they will be rewarded with a mini paw
      • Once a student earns 10 Mini Paws they obtain a Mega Paw from their classroom teacher
  • 13. What is a BEP?
    • Behavior Education Program
        • Students with 5 or more Think & Writes are identified as good candidates for this program
        • Proactive program to assist in helping students curb negative behaviors.
        • “ Check in” and “Check out”
        • Behavior Expectations
  • 14. Where are we going?
    • Expansion of the BEP program
    • Teacher surveys
      • What is working?
      • How can we help?
      • What support can we give?
    • SWIS
      • School Wide Information System
  • 15. Questions
    • Questions about changes?
    • Questions about where we are going as a committee?
    • Comments?
    • The End.