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How To Quit Smoking
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How To Quit Smoking


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  • 1. The Steps You Need
    To Quit Smoking
    Devin M.
    Block 1
    How to quit smoking
  • 2. Smoking in the United States
    Male Smokers
    Women Smokers
    How to quit Smoking
  • 3. Reasons Why Smoking is Bad
    More reasons why smoking is bad are found here
    How to Quit Smoking
  • 4. Step 1
    Ask yourself why you want to stop smoking.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 5. Step 2
    • Write your answers on a piece of paper and carry it with you at all times.
    • 6. Use it to remind yourself of why you want to stop, whenever you feel like smoking.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 7. Step 3
    Change your schedule to avoid circumstances in which you usually smoke. Walk around the block or chew gum when you would normally be smoking.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 8. Step 4
    Put up "no smoking" signs or reminders in your house and work area, or even in your car.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 9. Step 5
    Prepare yourself to feel the urge to start smoking again. (Drink Water, Take Deep Breaths, or Exercise.)
    How to quit Smoking
  • 10. Step 6
    Carry around “mouth toys" such as candy, gum, straws and carrot sticks.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 11. Step 7
    List the good things that have happened since you stopped, and keep the list with you wherever you go as an inspiration.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 12. Step 8
    Fill out a "stop smoking contract" and have a family member or friend sign it. Throw away all your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 13. Step 9
    Reward yourself for quitting; you could take the money you might have spent on cigarettes and buy yourself something nice.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 14. That is how you quit smoking..Good Luck!!
    Your loved ones will thank you.
    Author: Devin M.
    How to quit Smoking
  • 15. Feedback
    1) In this project I have used the table for the first time.
    2) I would like to learn to be able to change the theme without changing the other themes at the same time.
    3) I would like to know if I have completed all the requirements
    How to quit Smoking