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Importance of User eXperience

Importance of User eXperience







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Importance of User eXperience Importance of User eXperience Presentation Transcript

  • Speaker : Kalpesh Parmar (Vic) Technical Evangelist Infragistics
  • What the Heck Are We Here For? How do I make software for people? Quo Vadis? Why should I care? What can it do for me ? UX = UI ??? Just another buzzword... UX? What is It?
  • What We’ll Cover
    • What is User Experience?
      • It’s Everywhere You Want to Be
      • What Makes Good UX?
      • Competencies
    • Why User Experience?
    • Incorporating UX into Development
    • Some UX Pointers for .NET
  • User Experience is Everything
    • That’s Preposterous!
    • What about
      • Database?
      • OOD?
      • The –ilities?
      • Security/Privacy?
      • Batch Processes?
      • ??
    • UX is the Overall Experience
  • User Experience is Everything Scalability Maintainability Manageability Security Privacy Branding Resilience Robustness Responsiveness Extensibility Reusability Agility Performance Stability Reliability Adaptability Efficiency Availability
  • What Makes Good UX? User Experience Honeycomb Courtesy of Peter Morville
  • Guiding Principles
    • Design from the Outside In
      • Don’t Think About What You/the App Need; Think About What the User Knows and What the User Needs
      • Don’t Assume: Preempt Questions/Avoid Confusion by Guiding Users
      • Make Software Smarter, More Context Aware
      • Consistency. Consistency. Consistency.
  • UX Competencies
    • Information Architect (findable, usable)
      • Chiefly concerned with organization of information, focusing on navigation, search, page layout, & app structure.
    • Interaction Designer (usable, desirable)
      • Focuses on granular interactions, usually at the view level but also higher level such as how navigation works and transitions between focus/tasks.
    • Usability Engineer/Tester (usable, accessible)
      • Focuses on ensuring (testing) ease of use and user performance—users can achieve what they need with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.
  • UX Competencies-cont
    • HCI, CHI (usable, accessible)
      • Human-computer or computer-human interaction specialists are typically more research-oriented and experimental than usability engineers but share similar goals of making computers more usable and intuitive to users.
    • Visual Designer (desirable, credible)
      • Focuses on look and feel to establish good will and perception, enhances positive associations between app and user, helps communicate information effectively, creates consistent and distinguishing visual design, and establishes credibility by providing a finished, polished look.
    • Software Architect (useful, valuable, *)
      • Chief Experience Officer on projects. Must ensure solutions provide the desired business value, which means overall UX.
  • Valuable Experience Diagram
  • Why Should I Care?
    • “ I only build internal apps. Users don’t have to like them.”
    • “ I’m too busy; it’s hard enough just getting the functional requirements done.”
    • “ I have to learn LINQ, SharePoint, Silverlight, Entity Framework, etc. I already have enough to know.”
  • Find What You Want Know Where You Are
  • Communicating Visually
  • Establishing Trust
  • The Reality Humans Can Separate Feelings from Thinking And Act Only on Thinking Humans are Thinky-Feely Creatures – Our Thoughts and Feelings Influence Each Other and Our Actions (Productivity)
  • How Much Should I Invest in UX? Internal use commercial sale users opt-in compelled use generates revenue reduce costs company portal online tools (google, yahoo) shrink-wrap consumer software (quicken, ms money) ecommerce software (amazon, expedia) enterprise class accounting (sap, oracle) crm applications (salesforce.com, siebel) call center software company time tracking user adoption purpose
  • Doing UX
    • User-Centered Design (UCD)
    • UX-Friendly Methodology
    • Personas
    • Usability Testing
    • Patterns
    • Refactoring
  • Choosing a UX-Friendly Process
    • Agile
      • (Domain-Driven Design
      • Object Thinking
      • Test-Driven Development
      • Behavior Driven Development )
  • UX Design Process
  • Personas
    • Meet Bob, Ivan, and Alice
    • “ Hi Bob, Ivan, and Alice!”
  • Usability Testing
    • Imagination only goes so far…
    • Tunnel Vision/Thinking
    • Lightweight – “How to Test with Folks You Have Lying Around”
      • Usability by Inspection
    • Heavyweight – Full Usability Testing
      • Usability Professional
      • Usability Testing Labs (One-Way Mirrors)
      • Field Research – Observing Users
      • Eye Tracking, and More
  • UX Patterns
    • Building on Patterns Idea of Alexander et al
    • Building Things That Live or are Livable
    • Not Algorithms; Not Code; Not Components
    • Discovered—NOT Invented
    • Describe (Good) Open-ended Solutions to Problems Encountered in Specific Contexts
    • Seed the Language
    • UX Pattern Catalogues: infragistics.com/ux
  • Parts of a Pattern
  • Refactoring
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Continuous Feedback
    • Baby Steps
  • Keep the Focus on User’s Experience
  • Building Great UX with .NET
    • What does .NET give you?
      • A Great Development Platform and Runtime(s)
      • Visual Studio
      • ASP.NET AJAX
      • WPF
      • Expression Suite
      • Silverlight
    • What does .NET NOT give you?
      • UX-Friendly Methodology
      • UX Expertise
      • Human-Centered Thinking
  • Visual Studio
    • Rapid Dev Tooling
    • Integrated Unit Testing
    • Class DSL
    • Integrated Guidance
    • Integration with Expression
    • Future DSLs (DSL Tools)? “D” Language
    • Minimize/Eliminate Context Switching
      • Death to full page refreshes!
    • Enhance Perceived Performance
      • Modularize page and reduce server load.
      • Reduce rendering time by only updating relevant areas.
    • UX Enhancements
      • Animations
      • Autocomplete / Suggestions
      • Modal Popups / Dialogs
      • Drag-n-Drop Areas
      • More…
  • Expression Blend & WPF
    • Designer-Developer Workflow
      • Better Separation of UI and Code
      • Share Same Project Files
    • Simple, Designable Animations
    • Declarative Bindings & Triggers
    • Embedded 3D, Video, Audio, & Other UI Goodies
    • “ Lookless” Controls
  • Silverlight
    • Cross-Platform WPF – Bring Goodness of WPF to Web
    • Enable Richer UI Paradigms for Web Applications
    • AJAX on (cheap) Steroids
      • “ Cheap” means lower TCO
      • More Reliable Framework & Behavior
      • Built-in Multimedia Support
      • Multiple Language Support
      • Dynamic Language Support
  • What .NET Does NOT Provide
    • UX-Friendly Methodology
    • UX Expertise & Design
    • Human-Centered Thinking
  • Great tools help, but ultimately, you have to learn how to use them to build great experiences.
  • What the heck did we cover? How do I make software for people? Quo Vadis? Why should I care? What can it do for me ? UX = UI Just another buzzword... UX? What is It?
  • Resources
    • http://www.designinginterfaces.com
    • http://www.welie.com
    • http://developer.yahoo.com/ypatterns
    • http://ui-patterns.com
    • http://www.lukew.com/ff
    • http://www.boxesandarrows.com
    • http://www.uxmatters.com
    • http://www.uxmag.com
  • Don’t Forget!
    • All the tooling in the world will only go so far.
    • You need to change your approach to developing software: “Design from the outside in!”
    • Contact Details
      • Kalpesh Parmar (Vic)
      • [email_address]