Our trip to Cazorla began here, in Barcelona, exactly...
The next day we did a lot of activities. After having breakfast we went to the
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  1. 1. ‘ENGLISH’ CAMP IN CAZORLA… Our trip to Cazorla began here, in Barcelona, exactly at 5 or so in the morning at the airport. We all were very tired because we hadn’t sleep so much, but anyway… the flight was very calm, so we could sleep a bit even though it was shorter than we expected. When we arrived to Granada, everybody was eager to do something funny, but we had a surprise: a bus would carry us to the hotel, which was far away from where we were. Fortunately, we stopped at half of the trip to have a break and stretch our legs. We had already met some people of the other institute, so during the rest of the trip we were talking each others. When we finally arrived to the hotel, we make the groups of the rooms, with people of others institutes, and then we had some free time before we start the first activity. In that activity, the monitors gave us some clues written in Morse and we had to discover what it was and made us a photo with it. I think this was the only activity we did in ‘English’, notice the quotes… because the monitors who knew English left that day. Later that day, after a few hours of free time in which we had time to have a bath, to go to the pool, to meet the monitors better and play table football with some of them and a lot more things, we went to a little ‘museum’, I love the quotes XD, and then we had time to buy some refreshment and food in a supermarket near it, but as George Clooney says, no Martini, no party… That evening, when we went to have dinner, we discovered another important thing, the food, except the one we had in our rooms, would be bad almost all days. That night we ate beefsteak-show sole, some dried-fried potatoes and some soup… oh… and the best: one yogurt, but most of us took one or two for our personal buttery. Oh, I nearly forget, the trays were like the ones of the army. Later, we went to a disco. The disco was not so good, but neither so bad… it was a pub I think. Some of us were dancing, others were bored outside and others were playing table football. Arnau, asked the barman if he could scratch and he accepted, so all the times we went there the music was more or less good. When we went outside, after we had thought that we were going to die drowned, we discovered that we could see the starts! Oh, the starts… we thought that they had disappeared… the night there was fantastic, and the weather too.
  2. 2. The next day we did a lot of activities. After having breakfast we went to the Guadalquivir and we made three groups. Each group would do a different activity and then we would change. I started doing canoeing. It was not so difficult once you had mounted on your canoe. A lot of people fell down, and the water was really cold. Later, the people who were doing aqua – hiking threw down of the canoe the rest. As I have said, the water was very cold, but after a few minutes inside it, you started to feel more comfortable, and it was a very pleasant sensation, because the water was very clean. After that, we changed of activity and I did aqua – hiking. We used wetsuits, so we didn’t feel so cold as before. And at last, we did archery. We were very bad, and only a few persons managed to hit the target. Then we had the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon of free time. We all did different things… Ones went to a partner’s room, others went to the swimming pool, others went to play billiards o r table football… Until about six o’clock, when we did another activity. It consisted in a circuit formed by a climbing wall, two chain bridges and a Tyrolean. While we were waiting our turn, we were playing with the ‘guard’ dog of there. It was very playful and love to play with people. That night we went to the disco again, and after that we return to our rooms and cooked almost all our food, because that was the last day that we would spend there. The people of my room and I started to play poker and square, it was a pity that they were only boys, because if there had been some girls, we would have played strip poker instead. The next day was the most boring of all. In the morning, we spent a lot of time in the bus travelling to a museum and to the ‘Parque Cinetico’. The first one was a bit boring. What’s more, in the theoretically best part of the museum, the film, a lot of people almost fall sleep. We were very tired…The second part was better, we saw a lot of animals: deers, and… and a few more I don’t remember their names. After having lunch, we took the bus which would carry us to the airport again, where we ate something before going to Barcelona again. We had some problems there, but finally we could take our flight. It was short, but we spent a lot of hours in different buses, so we all were very tired and wanted to arrive home and sleep a bit. By