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Front  Cover Screen Shots Analysis 2mhtdwqd Front Cover Screen Shots Analysis 2mhtdwqd Presentation Transcript

  • Background
    MY gradient blue and black first screen shot
  • Background
    Changed background so the blue could highlight the picture and masthead
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  • Main Image
    I touched up the image slightly with shadow and highlight did this to darken the image to see more visible
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  • Main image
    This is what is looked like before I changed the gradient and the shadow and highlight tool. I did this to make the image seem stronger and vibrant.
  • masthead
    MY masthead positioning was good but I wanted the main image to stand out as they are what attracts the reader next to masthead. I used inner shadow and stroke to make the ‘KING seem more 3d and give it a blue outline
  • Masthead and main image
    I put it behind as it seems more effective in terms of the main image standing out well. The blue from the gradient shows up KING and main image well. The contrast of both were better like this.
    But I felt that the masthead still didn’t stand out well.
  • Border for masthead
    This black border complemented the black from the gradient well as also making the masthead stand out more. At this point I was convinced my colour scheme of blue black and white where working very well. As they work well with each other. Also that my black and white image was a good idea.
  • logo
    I added the microphone to make the magazine appeal to music audiences due to the magazine seeming to be aimed at male groups. Which is what my target audience has said to me.
  • Tie-in
    Ticket giveaways I used a different typography and simple effects such as stroke to give blue outline.
  • puff
    My puff didn’t stand out very well here although I liked it I decided to add a black border just like my masthead to allow my puff to be more visible.
  • puff
    The border I added works well with the colour scheme. At this stage of the magazine I was very pleased with overall image. Due to the colour scheme looking to be successful. I painted music blue to make sure readers get more of an impression of this being a music magazine as I have taken note that this magazine seem s more appealing to men.
  • cover line
    I put ‘KING.COM’ in the left top corner a lot of my readers used the internet I felt making reference to a website was important. Also alot of music magazine have a website. The website was to reflect my questionnaire. As internet has become very popular in our modern day.
  • cover lines
    I placed the text here as I wanted it to seem as if it was coming from his mouth. As i felt this quote was very important from my main article. A lot of magazine have this on their front cover to give readers an incentive to purchase. It can be seen as a USP even though the puff normally does this.
  • Cover lines
    I added ‘top 50 tunes’ as this is normally something you would find on a front cover just to inform music listeners on the popular tunes.
  • Sell line
    I added new as it may give new buyers to purchase this magazine. I felt it was important to draw in new readers who have an interest in magazines.
  • Sell line
    This is just an issue for the magazine just to add authenticity to it. At this stage the magazine was looking very promising. I have had comments from people of how good it looked.
  • Cover line
    I added the interviews as they are expected of a music magazine I used the epsilon to make it seem the magazine has lots to offer.
  • price
    £3.00 was based on my questionnaire. As I wanted the magazine to be associated with quality as my puff suggest . I felt the price was reasonable for a music magazine
    My final front cover is this as you can see I have used my space very well. My main image sands out very well along with the main coverline. Although I have been considering to change the gradient to make it appear behind his head so that the blue in the gradient can complement my main image . Overall I am very pleased with my final front cover it is very appealing. The colour scheme I feel is effective. Which means it was successful. The drop shadow and blue stroke worked very well. The barcode also fitted in well.