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Paramore brand new eyes


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Presentation regarding band promotion of a new album.

Presentation regarding band promotion of a new album.

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  • 1. Paramore- Brand New Eyes. Album Release I am looking at the Album release of Brand New Eyes by Paramore. Brand New Eyes is the third album to be released by Paramore, an Alternative pop-punk band from America. It was released through the record label Fueled by Ramen on the 29 th of September. Band Background- After the release of Riot! The band revealed to having ‘internal issues’, leading to much speculation regarding the future of Paramore, this was coupled by a week of cancelled shows and a range of rumours revealed regarding certain members of the band. It did not take long for the band to realise what the band had was something special and their problems were resolved and put behind them; many issues regarded the personal growth of the members and the band, "were all growing up, and sometimes, when you're growing up, you're not always growing together". More issues were revealed relating to the writing process of Brand New Eyes, these problems were aired in a blog by Hayley Williams, the lead singer- it related to meeting expectations and exceeding the success of Riot!
  • 2.
    • The album artwork plays quite a big part of the promotion for this album- it is a recognisable feature of this album and is used as repeated imagery throughout the range of promotional features. The use of the butterfly is also quite symbolic with hidden meanings for the band and this links with the actual songs in the album; a lyric in the song ‘Brick by Boring Brick’ (the second single to be released from the album) says “she's ripping wings off of butterflies”, this creates a visual reference and is obviously quite important to this album.
    • The album artwork has many purposes within the promotion of the new album, it is used to advertise the content of the album, to draw in the potential target audience, to convey the artists attitudes and aspirations but also to create an identifiable image that you can relate to. Within the digital age, with downloading albums also possible, the use of album artwork is still quite prominent, however is now taking digital form as well as the actual product.
    • Websites that relate to the band all work together in order to promote the album, this includes a range of social networks, official websites, and fan sites- these all work in conjunction in order to build up a huge community and hype around the new album. The use of social networking sites allow fans and members of the band to generate a strong sense of community and draw together, in order to discuss the content that is released in relation to the new album. Forums and blogs have been utilised in order to generate a buzz around the content.
    • Part of the promotion also includes making sure that the advertisements and promos are aimed at the correct target audience; this means that the publications are focused and targeted, mainly at those interested in the alternative rock scene and the pop/rock industry. Social networking sites are used in order to aim at the correct audience and also to help to widen the demographic, this works as these advertisements will reach a larger audience. Also the use of search engines and other music websites help to advertise and promote the new album- for example when you search for certain topics in Google, ‘sponsored links’ that relate to the album are featured in the right hand side; this Is an example of targeted advertising. Also when you visit online shops ‘recommended for you’ or ‘related items’ can appear as a feed, of which relates to anything you visit or search for; this is important as it helps to target at the correct target audience based upon sites you have previously visited- meaning anyone who has researched the band or related bands, they will have a chance to see publicity relating to the new album. Targeted advertising is of huge importance as it helps to get the message across to those who would actually be interested in the release of the album.
  • 3. Websites.
    • Paramores Website- Page with Brand New Eyes information. http:// /album/brand-new-eyes/
    • For Paramore, publicity and hype is built up for the release of Brand New Eyes, not only through directed marketing and promotional campaigns but also via social networking sites and communities. User generated content helps to advertise the release of the album and definitly adds a feeling of excitement regarding the album- this is the positive aspect of social networking sites and having a huge fan base.
    • Buzznet has a huge Paramore community.
    • Facebook has a official Paramore site. http://
    • Paramore has a Twitter Page, as well as the band members own individual twitters http:// /PARAMORE
    • Live Journal is a blogging/journal site where the band blogs and addresses the fans, it gives the fans a chance to hear from the band and to read about their lives and what they are up to, it helps to create a community around the band and build up a sense of society. http://
    • Fan based websites also help build up excitement around the release of the new album, it suggests anticipation. http:// / http:// /
    • Links to ‘Brand New Eyes’ Promotions
    • http:// /video/brand-new-eyes-preview/
    • http:// /video/ignorance-beyond-the-video/
    • ‘Reviews are all a huge part of the promotion of the album, it gets another persons opinion of the album.
  • 4. This is Paramores official website, it has many different aspects in the site of which definitely helps with the marketing of the latest release of Brand New Eyes, the feature of the blog includes posts from band members and people behind the scenes in the record label, with updates on the bands whereabouts, tours, general information and a lot of promotion behind the new album. This idea is effective as people who are interested in the band would love to hear from the bands perspective and their own opinions, making it a great place to plug the new album, this is the same with the bands own personal twitter pages (the website features an RRS feed from their own personal twitters). Also the video feature gives you the chance to see the bands own reactions and before they go on stage, it gives you that extra behind-the-scenes aspect. With all of the features on the website it also creates a community, where you can create your own profile, join the fan club and talk about the new album with other Paramore fans- a brilliant feature as it builds a society behind the band. There is a photo gallery, discography, list of shows, fan club, store and global facilities, this reaches out to a huge audience and demographic. This site also has convergence between retail, with the opportunity to buy merchandise and you can buy the brand new album on the site.
  • 5. Paramore Myspace
    • http://
    Here are screen shots of the bands Myspace site, it is full of publications and promotions for the new album Brand New Eyes. In the lead up to the album release, previews and advertisements were posted on here to help draw publicity and hype around the release of the album. The MySpace page has been carefully crafted in order to promote the album, new promotional images have been shot in support of the album and used as a banner at the top of the myspace, also the music video of the new single ‘Ignorance’ (from the latest album) has been embedded into the top of the page, with an advert and link to enable you to purchase the album. I love the way that this page has been constructed, it is very easy to navigate with sections including banners, merchandise, discography, Gig dates, blog, videos, band member information and a music player that streams full songs and samples. Myspace is a social networking site that is a good way to advertise and to gain new fans; the use of advertisements and banners is very effective and can give the chance to reach out to a larger audience.
  • 6. Spotify. Spotify is a live music streaming service and leading up to the release of the album the single Ignorance was posted on spotify. The album Brand New Eyes was uploaded virtually straight away after the release of the album, meaning people had the chance to stream the album. http:// Last FM. Last FM gives you the chance to view videos of live performances of the latest tracks from the album, it has played a part in publicity as it shows the new tracks and provides a biography about the band with information regarding the latest album release. Live Streaming.
  • 7. Online Shops/Downloads. The album is available to purchase in a range of stores online, especially huge stores such as iTunes, Amazon and HMV. The chance to pre-order the album was also possible on some websites; this helps build up to the album as people have the chance to almost count down to the release date of the album. Some other websites have online stores where the music is available to download; this is very important as it is a part of the new digital age and encourages more people to download legally. As well as online stores, the albums are available to purchase in shops such as HMV- music is widely downloaded online in today's world, meaning it can be distributed to a wider range of people- you can literally purchase the album from anywhere, in digital form, or have the product sent to your home.
  • 8. Paramore Promos in the lead up to Brand New Eyes, posted 10 th July 2009; this was just some of the initial promotional work that started months before the release to start to build up hype relating to the album .
  • 9.
    • I really love this advert for the release of the album, it was aired around the time of the release of the album; it is effective through the use of the new single- it is quite recognisable and therefore draws more people to the advert, it is quite impactive through the strong imagery of the video and also by incorporating the use of the album artwork; it will create imagery that will get stuck in your mind, especially due to the repeated image. I love how quotes have been incorporated, therefore it adds another opinion on the album, adding a certain element of persuasion and I think the use of the magazine cover highlights the bands success- it gives you another reference to link the band to. Overall I think this is a very good part of the campaign and promotion of the album release- I love how it simply drums this positive message into your mind about the album.
  • 10. Single Launch- Ignorance.
    • The launch of the single ‘Ignorance’ helps to promote the album, it has had quite a lot of airtime on mainstream British radio stations, giving the band quite a lot of coverage. This is important as it has given the band a chance to reach out to wider audiences.
    • Music channels such as MTV, Kerrang and TMF have played the music video and many websites have featured links to listen to the stream or watch the video. By releasing a single it definitely helps to expand the bands profile and gets the music out there, to the audience.
    • Websites also have played a huge part of this promotion, including youtube, where exclusive leaks of the video were posted around the release of the music video.
  • 11. Music Leaking .
    • Music leaking can all be a part of publicity, many fans who were waiting the arrival of Brand New Eyes made sure that they kept up to date with any releases of album content. Youtube played a huge part of this, and many record labels can leak samples of tracks or full tracks to create buzz. The use of user generated content works as an advantage here, as bloggers (who have reputations of posting exclusive content) are being used by labels in order to leak albums ahead of the release date by purpose. On Youtube, the instrumental version of the song ‘Careful’ was posted online, this could have been part of the publicity, as fans were desperate to hear a snip-it of the album. This would have been a very clever tactic, as they could hear part of the song, however they were still kept guessing and ultimately thinking about the tracks- leaving the audience to their imagination and creating hype regarding the album; this leaves them wanting more.
    • Music leaking has actually become a part of many bands campaigns and is a commercial method utilised by record labels.
  • 12. Press Releases.
    Here are a few press releases that I have found relating to the release of Brand New Eyes. Press releases are important to spread the word about the album and to help promote the launch; this includes reviews or information regarding the album to full blown articles about the band and the process of writing/recording the album. They play a huge part in the promotion as it tells a story, giving media coverage, drawing attention and pushing forward more inside information regarding the release.
  • 13. Paramore had an interview on Radio One about their new album and the turbulence within the band. The interview is part of the promotion behind the new album Brand New Eyes, they then went on to play their new song ‘Ignorance’ and cover Kings Of Leon ‘Use Somebody’. Radio coverage is a huge part of promoting a new single/album, this means that the release gets airplay reaching out to a potentially larger demographic and mainly becoming familiar. The use of the radio interview gives you an insight into the band and it’s a real chance for the band to be heard; for the audience that doesn’t know of Paramore, they would only have their sound and personality to go by, of which I think can be another way of drawing in a new audience, it shows another depth to the band. The use of Live Lounge even gives the band a bigger chance to show what they are made of, using their talents and giving a brilliant live performance. The idea of covering a song also gives the band the chance to show their own creativity and musicality, adding their own style to a already popular song.
  • 14. 4Music Favorites- Paramore. 1 st Part of the interview, talking about problems as a band, Brand New Eyes and the writing process of ‘Ignorance’.
  • 15. Paramore Interview- Myspace music feed, Brand New Eyes. The use of social networking sites is so important due to the target audience of which they are reaching out to. MySpace is a huge part of a band and their promotion as they have the potential to reach a huge demographic.
  • 16. MTV Unplugged. MTV unplugged is a huge part of promoting the new tracks as it gives the band a chance to show their live performance and simply play their new content, further increasing play time and getting a chance to show the bands own personal growth, it gives them their chance to show the emotion and how they feel about the new record and also more coverage. This is very important as this range of coverage and performances that the band is getting to participate in, helps to communicate strength and add more impact to the album. By pushing these public appearances and interviews, it means that the band gets a chance to really talk about what the new album means to them, it also really promotes the album.
  • 17. . Interview About Brand New Eyes- Australia Coverage, the fact that coverage is taking place abroad, it really emphasises the idea of coverage that this new album is getting globally- this helps to show how popular this band is, as people all around the world are interested in speaking with the band about the new album. By doing coverage globally, it helps to promote Brand New Eyes in other countries, reaching out to other audiences and adding much more ambition.
  • 18. Banners/ Advertisements. Here are a range of adverts that I found on the Paramore website and Myspace, they all share the same colour palette, keeping the black, yellow and white in common, making it recognisable. The logo is also repeated imagery, of which is very important as it is the artwork for the album cover- this helps to add publicity and make sure that the album cover is memorable.
  • 19. Promotional Photoshoots. Promotional photo shoots are always a good way to help kick start any campaign- an image can tell a story or convey a mood/theme/emotion. I love the way it can recreate a band through the use of styling, set design and body language of the band- here it is very effective as a cute and homely feel is conveyed, it has quite a sense of femininity, however a state of calm and almost solemnity seems to be present, all members seem almost unreal, it is almost like a series of waxworks- this contrasts from the set design and idea of being at home, it seems like a sense of loss is there. These ideas could reflect the bands past or a sense of tranquillity, however it could suggest unity and a fresh start. Images are so important as the status of the members are shown; it helps to show who the front person is and also shows the personality of the band- images give them a chance to show themselves how they want to be seen or represented. Again representation is key and it is obviously a huge part of the marketing and promotion behind the launch of a new album.
  • 20.  
  • 21.  
  • 22. Magazine Covers . ALTERNATIVE PRESS. Magazine shoots and interviews can be a very effective way to draw more attention to the release of the new album- by using the front cover and creating an interesting story, it can immediately draw In the audience, especially for fans of the band. Taking the cover of a magazine usually suggests the bands power and success and also signifies that the magazine contains a substantial amount of content relating to the band. Alternative Press is an American music magazine, it ultimately focuses on pop punk, indie, rock, ska, hardcore and alternative rock- this magazine provides the readers with interviews, photos, reviews and a range of content to reach your musical needs. This cover relates to the ‘comeback’ of Paramore and presents them dressed as a bowling team- this creates quite a fun image of the band as they aren't being seen as a totally serious band, of which contrasts to the nature of the content. This magazine cover helps to promote the band and puts them back into the music scene after having a break. This magazine is available internationally meaning it doesn’t just reach an American audience; it is available in the UK.
  • 23.
    • Rock Sound is a British magazine of which focuses on the alternative rock genre. Rock Sound aims at being less commercial and adds an edgy appeal to the typical rock music magazine, however it still deals widely with a range of high profile bands. Rock Sound is a magazine where music fans create some of the content, meaning that real fans get to put their own take on the music industry into the magazine. It is important that Paramore was on the front cover of this magazine as it has shaped a numerous amount of careers- this is key to the promotional work, and as the magazine is not tied into one subgenre of the rock scene, the band will reach a larger audience. The cover of this magazine is quite strong as they appear to jump out of the page, literally. The tagline ‘The triumphant return’ and ‘their incredible story’ helps to draw you into the magazine, it is all a hook into reading about their return. The use of emotive language such as ‘incredible’ and ‘triumphant’ really builds up a sense of enthusiasm and amazement. As the article is an ‘exclusive’ this further enhances the impact that this cover has; the image alone draws you to the cover, through the use of colour, movement and expression. Overall being on this cover is a key piece to the promotional aspect of the album.
  • 24. KERRANG! Kerrang! is probably one of the most well known rock music magazines here in the UK, making it one of the most important magazines to feature on the front cover for the promotion of the new album. Kerrang! Reaches out to a large audience as it very well known and covers a wide range of sub genres within the rock music industry. Kerrang! Is also a brilliant example of convergence within the music industry, this is quite important here as it means that Paramore get a chance to cover a wider range of media- Kerrang!  Radio and Kerrang!  TV, this is all very useful within the promotional campaign. Being on the cover of Kerrang! Also creates more publicity and raises the bands profile, I love the way that the band has been photographed here, it is very different and unique and draws you in to the magazine- it creates a distinctive attitude and message relating to the band, I think this draws you in more as it intrigues.
  • 25. Merchandise Merchandise is another way of promoting the new album, as you can see the imagery and colour schemes from the album artwork has been used, although alterations have been made so that it is not such a huge resemblance with the album cover, however the link is very strong and is another way of advertising and promoting the album. Merch is used as a way for the fans to show others the band they love, it’s a form of self expression, and a way to spread the word, it helps to raise awareness- ‘Brand Interest’. As well as this, it is a part of fashion and is used to fit in with certain trends and genres- this is important to reaching out to the target audience. Some band merchandise is given out as freebies in order to help promote; usually pins and stickers are given away at shows or by the record label. As an established band, Paramore is already very recognisable, however using merchandise, it definitely helps to spread the word and build up hype around the new album and to make those who are not as well acquainted with the band, know about the new album release- it helps to reinvent them.
  • 26. Deluxe Box Set
    • Two versions of the album were released; a standard CD edition, as well as a deluxe package (limited edition) which has sold out in the United States.
    • The deluxe version includes the album on CD, a 40-page hardcover journal, Hayley Williams' handwritten lyrics and notes on the album, a colour vinyl 7” single with two acoustic songs and a DVD featuring an exclusive 'making-of' documentary.
    • A preview pack of the tour for Brand New Eyes
    • has also been released by Paramore, it is
    • downloadable for free on the official website,
    • including an exclusive acoustic version of
    • ‘ Ignorance’ and songs from the support acts
    • on their tour.
  • 27. Here is a post that was published on the UK paramore website- I think the idea of intimate shows are such a good way of promoting the new album- this gains a high interest in getting tickets and builds hype around the band.
    • Here's the exciting news we promised you! Paramore  are excited to confirm that they will be playing a one-off UK club show whilst they are in the country to promote their forthcoming new album  'brand new eyes' . Paramore  will be returning to the first ever venue they played in the UK back in April 2006;  the O2 Islington Academy . This £5 per ticket, one-off intimate show is a change from the arena tour the band have just completed with No Doubt in the States, as well as from their previous sold-out headline UK tour, which culminated in two sold out shows at London’s Brixton Academy.  Hayley says: "This show will be a chance to get back to the core fans and show them we remember who were there first and we appreciate'm. We can't wait!" Tickets for the  September 7th  show will go on general sale on  Friday 21st August 2009 at 9am (GMT) via , , and from the venue direct - at a maximum of two tickets per person.  No hard tickets will be sent out, the purchaser will have to leave their name and will need to collect their ticket on the night upon the presentation of valid identification. Date: Monday September 7th Venue: O2 Islington Academy City: London Ticket price: £5 Doors: 7pm
  • 28. TOUR Brand New Eyes Tour. The official set list of the tour... Intro Ignorance I Caught Myself That's What You Get Looking Up Emergency crushcrushcrush Turn It Off Here We Go Again Careful Conspiracy Where The Lines Overlap Decode Miracle Outro Encore: Misguided Ghosts Misery Business Brick By Boring Brick Here is a poster of the US tour publication, it is quite different as it has a subtlety in comparison to the very ‘in-your-face’ marketing campaign that has surrounded Brand New Eyes. The logo and album name is very small in the right hand corner- this is almost alike a reminder of the album that is touring, assuming that the target audience already knows about the album.
  • 29. Promotion.
    • Promotion and marketing is such a huge part of the release of a new album- marketing makes sure that the album is seen by an audience and that it is targeted towards the correct people who will purchase and listen to the music. A range of techniques are used in order to create hype and a buzz around the release. The build up to the release of an album is so crucial, especially in today's world as such a huge range of content is available. Bands need to be pushed forward and made to stand out amongst the vast and ever expanding industry; effective promotion is definitely the way to do this. It is all about appealing to what the people want and creating a unique selling point or aspiration. A strong and effective campaign can immediately add excitement and status to an album- it gives the listeners something to aspire to or to simply admire.
    • For a huge band like Paramore, it is crucial that a successful campaign is launched and that the band is featured in all of the publications within the rock industry to ensure that the album is a success and gets the coverage needed- without this promotional work, the album would simply fail as it would not have a presence within the industry.