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Music video evaluative powerpoint presentation.

Music video evaluative powerpoint presentation.



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Media presentation Media presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Media Presentation The Crookes- Chorus of Fools .
    • For my music video I worked with the band The Crookes; they are a band of four English literature students, making their lyrical aspect so important, they have poetic lyrics with a whimsical style, of which links to the past and old time pop music, reminiscent of the 50’s.
    • We took this as a starting point for our music video as it is so important to get representation correct for the band.
    With a lot of literary references in the lyrics, the songs are often about fictional people who become the basis for a story, turning the songs themselves into stories
  • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
    • Overall our video is quite different, as we chose to challenge forms and conventions of the typical indie music video.
    • All of our decisions were concious in relation to our choice of imagery, editing and presentation and we simply wanted to challenge the traditional aspects of music videos.
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  • Our Music Video
    • From researching into the band, we decided that we wanted to create a collage type look, as if a smaller range of images are put together, in order to create the bigger picture and a make-believe location. This fits in with the idea of telling and creating a story, mirroring the lyrical aspect and the musicality of the song, Chorus of Fools…
    • This straight away went against the stereotypical forms and conventions of an Indie band- usually featuring live performance & wide a range of shots. Opposed to animation.
    • We wanted to keep a strong narrative running throughout the video; telling a story of a dysfunctional relationship, whilst picking out certain lyrics to create a visual link, with image, but also text. Our main motivation in regards to this was representation and presenting the bands style, linking to their roots.
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    • Instead of using conventional film, we kept it to a minimum, only to start and end the music video; really presenting a sense of opening and closure.
    • We focused on animation for our video. We purposefully went against the typical style of music video to add impact and emphasise the music/lyrics.
    • Create a poetic look.
    • Create our own world- link.
    • Reflects the individually and niche market.
  • Subcultures.
    • It was important to consider target audience and youth subcultures surrounding The Crookes and to input these ideas into the music video pre-production work, to be translated in the actual video. I think that we managed to demonstrate the niche subcultures surrounding The Crookes, looking at their personal style- Skinny jeans, simple shirts, brogues and old vintage jumpers.
    • We pushed this through within the narrative and feel of the video- linking back to old-time 50s’ styling and making it reminiscent of the past.
    • Conveyed- use of Images.
    • Important to target audience:
    • Branding
    • Behaviours
    • Interests
    • Identity
  • Looked at traditional forms and conventions .
    • General conventions include:
    • -lip syncing or performance
    • -music and tempo drives the editing
    • -genre is reflected via mise-en-scene
    • -lyrics drive the action in the video
    • -digital effects are used to play with images
    • -fast cut montage is one of the most common forms of editing, as a way to enhance repetition.
    • -close ups are used regularly to show the main artist.
  • Conventions.
    • Not only did I have to think about how to create an effective video, of which was representative of the band and visually exciting, I had think about branding. Music videos not only show off the bands own style, it also can present the band and give them recognition relating to success and status; we wanted to really emphasise their poetic aspects to create a unique look about the band and push forward the usp about the band, highlighting lyrics/music with imagery.
  • Inspiration.
    • When conducting research surrounding other indie bands, we studied a wide range of videos however, the video by the Maccabees- Toothpaste kisses really conveyed the message that we wanted to present.
    • In contrast to the typical indie music video.
    • It was our main source of inspiration…
    • Poetic
    • fairytale like mood and theme
    • Initial part of the video linked very clearly due to use of images.
  • Range of images used from 50’s- love, relationships, childhood.
  • Our music video Idea in relation to Andrew Goodwin. ‘They tear apart their ragged hearts.’ ‘You said we would keep our heads today.’ In relation to Goodwins theory, we kept the conventional aspect in regard to the relationship with lyrics, here are a few examples. In order to gain these links we analysed the lyrics… Visual link. Narrative of the music video is an interpretation of the lyrics in general.
  • Music & Visuals.
    • There is a link to the music and the visuals, as we have used the tempo and beat of the music to lead the animation. This was key in the editing process, to make a smooth flowing video that mirrors the mood and atmosphere in the musicality.
    • We used key frames to build a relationship with the tempo and to lead the on-screen movement; very different to stereotypical music videos (cuts).
    • We focused on creating an emotive atmosphere, as the song gets much more up beat towards the end, we made the visuals parallel with this to create a sense of excitement, where we also reversed some imagery in pace of the song, add more impact.
    • When it came to genre Within our music video we went against typical conventions, indie music videos are utilised to convey the sense of ‘live’, or ‘real’ music, however here we wanted to present the artistic side of the band and create a more unique style that reflects them and their song. The genre of The Crookes is quite a niche genre, as they are quite different to many other indie bands; this is why we chose to go against the stereotypical video for a band of this nature.
    • We understood that The Crookes had quite a poetic sound and we felt that by using animation we could convey this mood and atmosphere better, giving us creative freedom, when working together as a team- we had a lot more to play with.
    • The fact that we did not feature the band in the video makes the target audience focus more on the song and the artistic animation, of which we felt was important in this video; bands strong link with music. In relation to Goodwins theory this meant we could not have close ups of the lead singer, of which is a conventional aspect of Indie/Rock videos, with a range of ECUs & ELS; obviously we could not create this effect due to the nature of our video…
  • Todorovs Theory.
    • Todorovs theory supports our narrative idea also, through the use of equilibrium and balance of the video.
    • For example we have the initial equilibrium- a happy relationship, of which then escalates into a conflict, where the relationship breaks down, then again to a new equilibrium, where the relationship is fixed. This theory works for our video and drives the narrative forwards.
    • This is effective for our video.
  • Uses & Gratifications Model.
    • The uses and gratifications model does also fit into our music video, due to the diverse meanings behind it; the video offers escapism, but also touches ground with reality allowing the target audience to possibly identify with the video; this video can be used and interpret in different ways by the consumer, giving them an active role with integrating the video into their own lives- more relatable.
    • Due to range of imagery and use of symbolism & imagery.
    • In our video we utilised a lot of symbolism and imagery, for the audience to denote in their own ways, not only does it add visual enhancement, adds hidden depths and layers to the video. This was very effective in relation to the ongoing narrative- abstract.
    So pleased with the final outcome, going against typical video worked for us.
  • How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
    • I created a digipak and Magazine Advert for my music video, I think that the ancillary texts have been quite successful and show a link quite clearly. For my advert and digipak I wanted to keep a consistent style within the three texts, making them easily identifiable, almost creating a brand for The Crookes. This is important to help promote each aspect of the music video and album release. From my initial research I looked into the Album release of Brand New Eyes by Paramore; it was here that I understood the importance of supporting texts and how they all bounce off of one another, making it important my texts all relate and are effective.
    • I kept the bands poetic and lyrical values always at the forefront, making sure that I represent the bands style and sound.
  • Digipak Cover.
    • For the cover of my digipak I wanted to relate it strongly to the music video, as I wanted there to be a clear link in order to promote one another. The digipak can work in conjunction with the music video as a marketing tool- making it a very important supporting text.
    • For my digipak I have used the images from the video in order to communicate the importance of the music and also to highlight the idea of artwork and how it is dying out, relating to the nostalgic aspect of The Crookes, linking in with the artistic side of the band and making their music shine through. I think that through the use of black and white images over a vintage background, it relates well to the stylistic approach we took to the music video and would appeal to the target audience.
    I asked for audience feedback for the cover of my digipak, simply asking for comments and had many positive remarks. ‘ There is a clear link between the digipak and video.’ ‘ I love the look of the cover- the flowers work well to add detail.’ ‘ The cover has a sense of romance and reminds me of a scrapbook of memories.’
    • Here is the overview of my digipak cover; as you can see I kept the cover consistent with the vintage aesthetic; I also used an image of the band on the inside as you open the digipak to communicate the idea that the music is the dominant aspect- even the image is of them in a live performance. I am pleased with my overall look of my digipak as it works in conjunction with the look of my music video and I think that there is a clear link, making this quite successful as a promotional tool for a digipak/video release. i have created links with nostalgia and the idea of memories; pushing forwards a distressed look for the entire digipak to present the idea of the past but also of experiences; fitting in with the narrative of our music video.
  • Magazine Advert
    • For the magazine advert it is utilised as a promotional tool; allowing me to further communicate the bands style and help to market them forwards, promoting the digipak and ultimately advertising the music video.
    • I kept similar imagery again, so that the advert and digipak cover are relatable, making it recognisable. I have kept the advert quite stylised to support the video and digipak, making this a successful supporting text.
    • I am very pleased with the outcome, as I think that it is eye-catching due to the contrast of dark tones, text and poetic imagery and I used the main image of the band to show who the band are, which is more appropriate to an advertisement.
  • What have you learned from your audience feedback? From my audience feedback I have gathered a range of information, of which has been very beneficial for the production of my music video. From the initial questionnaire that I published on Suveymonkey, we looked at our possible target audience and their consumption habits within the music industry- Important for pre production ideas. It helped us understand our target audience. -Music video hosting. –Sales/downloads. –Gigs/festivals. The feedback from my post production questionnaire has been very positive and it seems that we have managed to communicate an effective media product that the audience can relate to, understand, follow the narrative and one of which is appealing to our target audience.
  • Questionnaire Feedback . This feedback has mostly been very positive, in relation to our views about the video, it has been an effective product. The feedback has shown us that we have managed to show a strong sense of style and created an effective music video, showing that we have catered towards our target audience, of which is so important in our video.
  • Band Feedback . “We really felt that you managed to capture the essence of our band and what we want to portray in regards to the artistic value. The animation effects really help to reflect the song and we think that the narrative that you have communicated is very effective and fits in with the lyrics. We really like what you have done with the video and it fits in very well with our sound; the narrative really helps to show off our lyrics and especially towards the ending, it adds impact to the music. The only criticism would relate to the femininity of the video, but this aspect is what fits with the narrative. Overall we loved the video, good job!” I am pleased with the feedback from the band, I think that this constructive criticism has been very helpful, and I definitely understand how there is quite a feminine vibe throughout the video, however this fits in with the romanticism we wanted to portray.
  • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
    • Media technology plays such a huge part in our music video production, its exciting due to the fast paced progression of new technologies, making new services available consistently. This is important to understand within the realms of production, promotion and understanding of media.
  • Use of Web 2.0
    • YouTube- Upload video and test footage, gain feedback (evaluate) and ratings.
    • Blogger- Post information and track progress.
    • Wikipedia- Research.
    • SNS (social networking sites)
    • Facebook
    • MySpace- Research.
    • Twitter- helpful for time scheduling.
    • Our method of communication, on tour- harder to get hold of.
    • Some use of SMS to contact band, could have better communication.
    Good points & bad points in regards to user generated content, web 2.0 allows anyone to publish content, however there is such a wide range now, its so diverse.
  • Software
    • Photoshop- Production work & Research (moodboards & planning)
    • Photoshop has played a huge role in our music video, we have used it to edit images, cut out images, change the saturation levels, hues and contrasts of images to fit in with our video.
    • Adobe Premiere Pro- Music video editing (animation).
    • - Animate to beat/tempo - Filters-editing –key frames –
    • Word- written evaluation.
    • Powerpoint- Present Research.
    • Windows movie maker-storyboard.
  • Moodboards
  • Hardware. Computer Scanner- Research & organising ideas. (pre-production work) images for video. Stills camera- images for video, tests. Digital Camcorder- test footage.
  • How we could have improved .
    • Looking back now, we can see areas that we would have liked to change, also taking into consideration the audience feedback and band feedback, I think that we could have added a bit more masculinity and edge to the video, however due to time this was not possible. We would have liked to even further our animation skills if we had time, as it was a long project, playing with a range of different imagery, perhaps working with flash.
    As our skills improved through the production there are aspects of the video that we would have liked to rework and utilised to create an even more visually effective video. Overall it has been such a fun process, loved the chance to experiment with ideas.