Extending Our Reach


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This is a presentation I prepared for a job interview to promote my vision and agenda.

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Extending Our Reach

  1. 1. Leader ship For The Future Internal Understanding .  External Perspective .
  2. 2. "Creativity and innovation always builds on the past." ~Lawrence Lessig
  3. 3. Excellence Endures
  4. 4. Extend Our Reach
  5. 5.   Through Social Capital
  6. 6. Through Technology
  7. 7. By Collaboration
  8. 8. By In-Person & Online
  9. 9.   Through Shared Expertise
  10. 10. With High-Touch
  11. 11. Who Are We Serving?
  12. 12. How Do They Use Our Services?
  13. 13. Who Are We Not Serving?  
  14. 15. Seek To  Engage Clients In Ways They Prefer.
  15. 16. Plan For Success
  16. 17. Internal Understanding. External Perspective. Hire Me .
  17. 18. insert pic of technology Extending Our Reach Through Technology. Implementing kiosks will enable us to know our customers better, who they are, what they need, how many times they come back, what other services do they use If we know our customers better, we can provide better career advising, counseling and programming... We won't have to wait for them to enter the door.  We can extend our reach to meet them where they are through... Targeted Communication with career advisees such as "thanks for your visit" - Here's another source of information you may find helpful in your career planning..... Identify underserved populations and extend our reach through methods that reach out to them....liasions activities, podcasts. blogs. other targeted publications.
  18. 19. Building On Solid Ground What is the past.....talk about mission, quality career advising model (Reardon/Lenz), concern for customer walking through the door through use of counseling skills and knowledge of resources; a coaching culture...everything is a learning event for the client and the CA's. Internal Understanding.  External Perspective.
  19. 20. picture Extending Our Reach Through Social Capital... open systems for communication and knowledge sharing collaboration across student affairs to promote student success....creating a "student success model" that incorporates time management, study skills, stress management, promotes emotional intellegence (counseling center), healthy living (leach center), Leadership skills (LEAD center), leisure (Oglesby Union/Circus), and others....
  20. 21. Extending Our Reach Times have changed.  For example, in the MBA program, there are approximately double the amount of online students as on-campus students.  How will the student services adjust?
  21. 22. Using Blackboard Organization or other content management system: knowledge management to provide a way to capture the collective expertise of career professionals both past and present....our value really is in our expertise....training, programs, case studies on common situations, repository for liasion activities, useful for better training of CA's and internal professional development and service to career professionals
  22. 23. floorplan of new building collaboration across units...holistic approach to student success....students will be able to literally walk the process collaboration across units for integrated programs and services (inviting employers to do resume critiques for example) Online ILP - for consistent communication with students to see history...integrate with  Symplicity and use tablet pc's or pda's when working with clients.