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  • # digital hands-free headsets # voice activated telephones # communication devices with voices # bluetooth integration


  • 1. AT for Boomers and Seniors: Maintaining Lifestyles As We Age Kathy Privratsky and Cheryl Sennett Assistive Technology of Alaska Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 2.
    • CEUs are available for participating
    • 1.0 CEU for whole series or partial CEU for each session attended
    CEU Announcement Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 3. AT Resources - ATLA
    • What is ATLA?
    • Assistive Technology Library of Alaska (ATLA)
    • Federal Tech Act Project for the State
    • Provide: Awareness, Demonstrations, Information & Assistance, Loans, Trainings / Webinars
    • Focus: Vision, Hearing, Communication, Computer Access, ECU
    • Assessments / Consultations
    • Third Thursday at 3:30 Webinars
    • Sales of AT
    Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 4.
    • Describe what AT is and why it is important to consider for this age group
    • Identify three AT devices or products to consider
    • Identify three resources that offer information about AT for boomers and seniors.
    Outcomes Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 5. What is Assistive Technology? What is Assistive Technology? Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 6.
      • We all want to be able to participate in life and do the same things we always did.
      • When our eyes begin to fail we get glasses
      • When our ears fail we get a hearing aid.
      • Using Assistive Technology is a natural part of the aging process.
    Why AT for Boomers and Seniors? Why AT in the Senior Years? Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 7.
    • Vision
    • Hearing
    • Memory
    • Communication
    • Recreation
    • Mobility
    Maintaining Lifestyles as we Age Maintaining Lifestyles As We Age Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 8.
      • What are the activities the person enjoys and could continue to enjoy with AT?
      • Safety (call for assistance and maintain safety in the home)
      • Comfort – the person will actually use the device
      • Making every day tasks easier with AT
    Considering AT Considering AT Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 9. Merlin CCTV Handheld Video Magnifier Lighted Magnifiers Eye-Pal –Combination reader/magnifier AT for Vision Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 10.
    • Bold writing pens
    • Contrast and low sheen
    • Extra lighting / more concentrated
    • Self threading needles
    • Stand magnifiers
    • Talking telephones
    • Talking watches, clocks and thermostats
    AT for Vision Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 11.
    • Zoomtext – Magnifies text across all computer programs up to 36x
    • WebEyes- Magnification for Internet Explorer
    • from 4-144pt
    • Mozilla Firefox Web Browser (free)
    • Comes with built in magnification-increase magnification with NoSquint free add on for Firefox, allows settings for background, color, remembers settings
    Web Access - Vision Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 12.
    • Pocket Talkers
    AT for Hearing Amplified & Big Button Phones Loop systems FM Systems Alert Systems Easy to Use Cell Phones AT for Hearing Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 13.
    • Alert systems (phones, doorbell, motion)
    • Amplified telephones or added amplifier
    • FM systems (theatre, church)
    • Hearing aids and loop system
    • Personal listening devices
    • Telecommunication devices (TTY, text msg)
    • Vibrating pagers / alert systems
    AT for Hearing Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 14. AT for Memory Assistive Technology of Alaska Talking Photo Album Automatic Faucet iTouch / iPhone Community Suite Pill reminder /alarm Simple Photo Phone
  • 15.
    • Auto shut off devices (i.e. coffee pots, irons)
    • Hand held devices (all-in-one)
    • Medication dispensers (daily, weekly, complex)
    • Microwave or toaster ovens w/ auto shut off
    • Reminder items to help prompt
      • Automatic water on/off
      • Alarms / voice reminders of appointments, meds
    AT for Memory Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 16. AT for Communication Assistive Technology of Alaska Low-tech boards iTouch - Communication Application Voice output device Text Communication High-Tech communication
  • 17. AT for Mobility Assistive Technology of Alaska walkers Specialized wheelchairs Scooters Seat Assists Wheelchairs
  • 18.
    • Bath benches
    • Canes, walkers, scooters, wheelchairs
    • Portable grab bars
    • Ramps
    • Rotating disks – out of car, out of tub
    • Seat assists (getting out of a chair)
    • Borrow vs purchase
    AT for Mobility Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 19. AT for Recreation Assistive Technology of Alaska Wii games Card shuffler Needle Threader Large Print Cards iTouch Kindle or Nook
  • 20.
    • Adapted exercise bikes
    • Gardening tools
    • Card shufflers, card holders, large print cards
    • Hand held electronic card games
    • iPod and iTouch
    • Large print books, crossword puzzles, embroidery patterns
    • Stand magnifiers and extra light
    AT for Recreation Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 21. AT Resources - Demonstrations
    • Demonstration Centers
    • Alaska Center for Blind and Visually Impaired (ACBVI)
    • ATLA
    • Independent Living Centers
    • Special Education Service Agency (SESA)
    • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Other
    • Demonstrations provide enough information about a piece of AT so a person can make an informed decision
    Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 22. AT Resources - Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 23. AT Resources - Reutilization
    • Recycling / Reuse (All Ages)
    • ACBVI
    • AK Trading Post (
    • ATLA
    • Craig’s List and eBay
    • Independent Living Centers Loan Closets
    • Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
    • Anyone can add items to the Trading Post
    • NOTE: Assistive Technology (AT) and Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
    Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 24. AT Resources - Internet
    • Vision Resources:
    • Firefox Web Browser:
    • No Squint Add on - Firefox:
    • Webeyes :
    • Zoomtext :
    Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 25.
    • Just a few of the resources from this presentation
    • AARP:
    • Assistive Technology Services
    • Care4U
    • Epill
    • Family Village
    • Independent Care Products:
    • Medication Reminder System
    • Page Minder
    • Senior Net:
    AT Resources - Internet Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 26. Questions? Q & A Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 27. Assistive Technology of Alaska
  • 28. Assistive Technology of Alaska