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Le Journal the Chamber of Commerce publication for the Francophone Community. …

Le Journal the Chamber of Commerce publication for the Francophone Community.
Dianna Barton and Beth Kelly are recognized for their efforts in reviving Advantage Saint John Avantage

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  • Hello – Bonjour! Thank you for coming. My name is ___________ and I am __________ with Avantage Saint John Advantage. We want to tell you a little bit about Advantage Saint John Avantage, why we were created, how we support the community and how you can become involved in this very important effort to help Saint John achieve growth targets.


  • 1. Enterprise Carleton Region Business Growth Forum Dianna Barton Manager, Business Support
  • 2. Enterprise Carleton Region Business Growth Forum Major Issues: - Absenteeism - Competitive Wages - Finding qualified people with low unemployment rate - HR Planning - Turnover - Training - Finding seasonal workers for the agriculture and forestry sector
  • 3.  
  • 4. Our Mission Notre Mission
    • Avantage Saint John Advantage is dedicated to promoting and supporting the financial and cultural advantages of bilingualism in Saint John.
    • Our objective is to serve as a model of linguistic and economic cooperation.
    • Avantage Saint John Advantage se consacre à promouvoir et à appuyer les avantages financiers et culturels du bilinguisme à Saint-Jean.
    • Notre objectif est d’offrir un modèle de coopération sur les plans linguistique et économique.
  • 5. Who We Are
    • A partnership between:
      • Association Régionale de la Communauté francophone de Saint-Jean (ARCf)
      • Enterprise Saint John
      • Saint John Board of Trade
  • 6. Our Team
    • Aliant
    • Aquila
    • ARCf de Saint-Jean
    • Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation
    • Canada Revenue Agency
    • Canadian Parents for French
    • City of Saint John
    • Department of Training & Employment Development
    • Dialogue New Brunswick
    • Enterprise Saint John
    • Hospitality Saint John
    • Irving Oil Limited
    • Moosehead Breweries Ltd.
    • NBCC – Saint John
    • Royal Bank
    • Saint John Board of Trade
    • School District 6
    • School District 8
    • Scotiabank
    • UNBSJ Saint John College
    • Xerox
  • 7.
    • Attract and retain People, Ideas and Investment
    • (Saint John’s Course of Action )
    • How can ASJA help?
    • By increasing our bilingual workforce:
    • To attract new companies with bilingual needs
    • To offer bilingual products and services to our bilingual population
    • By building bridges between the francophone and anglophone communities (Seadogs game)
    How Can We Grow?
  • 8. Gr owth of Saint John F oster & s ustain a bilingual business environment Growth through new business & people relocating Growth through e ducation of our c hildren in French Vibrant Bilingual Community Avantage Saint John Advantage
  • 9. Our Bilingual Population
    • 17, 045 bilingual people : 14% of total population
    • 12% growth in past five years
    • 6000 Francophone s
    • 6% growth in past five years
    • Much faster growth than total population
    • ( Statistics Canada, 2001 Census )
  • 10. Our Francophone Community
    • Joie de vivre!
    • ARCf de Saint-Jean:
      • La Série RIDO
      • Le Saint-Jeannois
      • Brise de la Baie
      • Festival de la Baie Française
      • Célébrations 1604-2004
    • École Samuel-de-Champlain
  • 11. Demand for Bilingual Services
    • 6,000 area children are in French immersion (Districts 6 & 8)
    • Approximately 20% of tourists are Qu é b é c ois (Fundy Coastal Drive Consumer Profile, NB Tourism & Parks)
    • Our survey of local businesses shows:
      • 84% of respondents have bilingual employees
      • 69 % require bilingual employees to use their skills at work sometimes, often or always
      • 66% anticipate a need for additional bilingual employees in the next two years.
    • (Employer Bilingualism Survey, ASJA)
  • 12. How ASJA Can Help
    • Support the training, recruitment & retention of our growing bilingual workforce
    • Retain our new comers by welcoming them and introducing them to our vibrant community
    • Improve availability of bilingual services
    • Support the City of Saint John in its transition to a bilingual organization
    • Communicate bilingualism’s benefits
    • for all citizens – building bridges to bridge the gaps
  • 13. Our Successes
    • Promotion of Saint John
      • Le Journal
      • Points de Vue
      • Commissioner of Official Languages for NB
    • Bilingualism Workshops
      • Best Practices Exchange
      • Business Etiquette Workshop
    Source: Le Journal des Chambres de commerce de l’Atlantique
  • 14. More Successes
    • Connections program
    • Parfum de francophonie
    • Luncher en français
  • 15. More Successes Directory of bilingual services available in the Greater Saint John Area Heritage Canada now has the complete documented model of ASJA to offer to other Canadian cities. Aidez moi à vous aider, new business education tool that makes implementing bilingual services much easier
  • 16. 8 new sustainability strategies :
    • Annual recognition Gala to reward organisations and individuals who promote bilingualism
    • Annual educational and promotional insert
    • Launch of new business education tool
    • ASJA website to regroup translating, interpretation and speakers bureau
    • Partnership with immigration board
  • 17. 8 sustainability strategies…
    • E-learning modules to learn or perfect French language skills
    • Workshops and seminars tailor made to business needs covering all aspects of bilingual services
    • Connections program – cd rom version and launch across Canada
  • 18. ASJA Needs Your Help Now
    • Past & Current Funding:
    • 2002-06: TED Staff Funding
    • 2003-05: Canadian Heritage Project Funding
    • 2003-2004: Intergovernmental affairs
    • 2004-2005: ACOA for
    • Private donations
    • Future Funding:
    • For long-term impact, we need sustainable funding to implement our 8 long term strategies
    • Ask how you can support AJSA!
  • 19. For more information, please contact us: Pour de plus amples renseignements, veuillez contacter: [email_address] Michèle C. Brideau or Patrick Sohy 506- 648-4605