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Dolphin System Selling Points

Dolphin System Selling Points






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    Dolphin System Selling Points Dolphin System Selling Points Presentation Transcript

    • Dolphin Pressure Redistribution System Name of Institution Month and Year
    • Points to Be Discussed I. Intro Slide and Verbal Explanation II. Incidence III. Cost IV. Conventional Solutions V. Our Solution VI. Comparative Data VII. Close
    • Incidence of Pressure Ulcers Pressure Ulcers affect approximately – 1,500,000 Americans – 24% of nursing homes residents – 11% of patients in acute care facilities
    • Economic Impact of Pressure Ulcers • Estimated cost of healing a single ulcer: $5,000 - $65,000 • Estimated annual cost of healing pressure ulcers in the United States: $5 - $8.5 billion
    • Hidden Impact of Pressure Ulcers • Average increase of LOS 7–10 days • Average settlement of $250,000
    • Conventional Solutions • Low Air Loss There are many Low Air Loss systems on the market today, yet none provide the efficiency and versatility of the Microsolo 900T and no other system contains the patented technology and software that control the continuous rebalancing of the patient on the surface as the patient is moved, turned, or repositions themselves. Compared to competitive systems in the AFT category, which can weighing a much as 1,500 pounds and completely immobilizes the patient, and is not transportable; the Microsolo provides greater pressure relief and a continuity of care that is unparalleled in dealing with patients that are affected with a pressure sore-bed sore.
    • Our Solution • Each unit is delivered with both, the full depth mattress and the corresponding wheelchair pad, allowing for continuity of care. • It is unique because of its ability to prevent and cure SI subcutaneous infarction, pressure ulcers-bed-sores, at every stage. • It is the only product of its kind designed to military specifications employing 12-volt DC current technology, thereby virtually eliminating all electromagnetic issues. • It is the only fully automated product of its kind, worldwide. Once you place the mattress and seating system and turn on the system, it will calibrate automatically according to the patient, for optimal pressure relief. No additional inputs necessary.
    • Our Solution • This 4-6 hour internal battery back-up; significantly reduces power interruption concerns and provides a continuity of care during transport from patient bed to wheel-chair, back to bed, eliminating relapse of the SI subcutaneous infarction, more commonly known as pressure ulcers or bed sores. • Can tolerate patient weight in excess of 600 pounds. Most systems are limited to 250 pounds. • Exceedingly user friendly • It is a Dynamic pressure system versus all competition that are passive.
    • Our Solution • The mattress replacement, seating system and computer weigh just 24 pounds making the Microsolo 900T the lightest most effective bed system in the world for preventing and curing pressure ulcers • Continuity of care is paramount in dealing with patients that are affected with a pressure sore-bed sore • The Microsolo 900T is the only system of its kind that allows a health care institution to freely move a patient, easily from bed to chair and back again without leaving the healing properties of the system
    • “The Most Ideal But Most Clinically Impractical Support Medium” What is it?
    • Two-Dimensional System Control = Prone
    • 2-D Control vs. 2-D Supine (Visco-elastic surface) Control (inverted) Supine on currently used surface Loss of gluteal fold Tissue Loss of gluteal fold Tissue/muscle distortion Subcutaneous infarction /muscle
    • 900T (3-D) vs. VE Surface (2-D) 900T System Supine on currently used surface 109 mm 99 mm 75 mm 78 mm Loss of gluteal fold Tissue/muscle distortion Subcutaneous infarction
    • Control vs. 900T System 3-D Volumetric Pressure Redistribution 900T System Control 91 mm 86 mm 109 mm 99 mm Control (Prone position) Increased IT distance Gluteal fold symmetry Restoration of Tissue Symmetry
    • CT/PET Scan • PET Scans: Sagittal Views: Pressure Redistribution: Standard Uptake Volume of Glucose (SUV) = .28 gm/ml = normal • PET Scans: Sagittal Views: Alternating Pressure (APP): Standard Uptake Volume of Glucose (SUV) = .77gm/ml = 2 to 3 times accelerated metabolic activity over pressure redistribution.
    • Standard Replacement Foam Pad 0 65 125 Relative Pressure {mm Hg} +
    • Multi-layered Engineered Foam Pad 0 65 125 Relative Pressure {mm Hg} +
    • Visco-elastic Engineered Foam Pad 65 125 Relative Pressure {mm Hg} +
    • 3-Dimensional Volumetric Redistribution
    • Microvascular Flow – Alto Pad • 98.29% of Microvascular blood flow diminished after placement on “Alto” Pad, demonstrated by laser doppler and TcPO2.
    • Microvascular Flow – Dolphin Pad • 12.72% of Microvascular blood flow diminished after placement on “Dolphin Pad” demonstrated by laser doppler and TCPO2. • 97.59% of Microvascular blood flow diminished after placement on a “Standard surgical table pad.”
    • 900T vs. Clinitron Independent Test Studies Provided to FDA 60 50 56 mm Mercury 40 Pressure Sacral 30 Trochanter 20 26 25 Heels 10 15 12 7 0 Biologics 900T* Clinitron** Capillary Closure @ 32mmHg Pressure *Maxim Technologies, Inc./Twin City Testing **Ostomy Wound Management Winter 1988
    • Healing Costs – Stage III/IV Ulcers Air AFT PRT (Group II) (Group III) (Biologics 900T) Healing Rate (cm2/wk) 0.7 3.1 3.1 Pressure Ulcer Size (Length x Width) 49.0 49.0 49.0 Example: 7cm x 7cm = 49cm2 Weeks to Heal 70 15.8 15.8 Days to Heal 490 110.6 110.6 Cost to Treat/Day (excludes surface) $97 $97 $97 Cost to Heal $47,530.00 $10,732.58 $10,732.58 Savings Differential $0 +$36,797.42 +$36,797.42 Therapy Surface Rental/Day $25 $85 $40 Days to Heal 490 110.6 110.6 Total Therapy Surface Cost $12,250.00 $9,404.84 $4,424.00 Surface Cost Differential $0 +$2,845.16 +$7,826.00 Total Cost to Heal Wound $59,780.00 $20,137.42 $15,156.58 Net Savings to Heal Wound $0 +$39,642.58 +$44,623.42 Ochs RF, Horn SD, van Rijswijk, L, Smout, R. OWM 2005;51(2):38-68
    • The Ideal Support Surface Should: • Redistribute weight equally in a 3-D manner • Minimize pressure, shear and friction • Assist in moisture and temperature control • Minimize surface contamination and bioaerosol spread • Be easy to clean • Aid in patient transferring and mobilization • Be compatible with multiple surfaces • Be cost effective
    • 900T Multi-surface Capability: The Next Generation
    • Common Sites
    • Classification of Support Devices Currently Available Pressure Redistribution 1. Static/non powered Passive 2. Dynamic/powered Intervention Non-pressure redistribution Active Alternating pressure surfaces Intervention
    • 3-Dimensional Volumetric Redistribution 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100
    • The segment of the healthcare field handling decubitus ulcers is a growing concern for everyone. The ability to bring a product that has beneficial results in the healing of serious illness, that reduces costs associated with these illnesses, is a benefit that each and every patient should demand, every healthcare facility should provide, and is now a requirement for full payment and Medicare P4P Initiatives. Wound Systems, beginning with the Dolphin Pressure Redistribution System (“Fluid Immersion Simulation) intends to deliver a continuous line of innovative and patented medical devices to the healthcare facilities industry, that both maximizes care and provides an opportunity for financial benefit to the provider (either through full reimbursement or incentive payer programs).