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Black And White Preso

  1. 1. Dolphin System Selling Points Pressure ulcers form in the deep tissues (and not the skin) due to vertical shear. The only way to truly relieve this pressure is to redistribute it to all the tissues of the body by “floating” the body. What do dolphins have to do with advanced wound care therapy? Neutral buoyancy. It is what dolphins need when being “dry transported” (transporting them without saltwater tanks) by our military to various surveillance spots around the globe. Dry transporting provided a challenge though because dolphins require neutral buoyancy that only water provides. The solution was creating a product that provides Fluid Immersion Simulation (FIS) which simulates three dimensional volumetric support, as if the dolphin was floating in water. This flotation eradicates the vertical shear forces that cause organ displacement and infarctions. The Navy has been using the technology for over 10 years. It became obvious that humans could also benefit from the FIS technology, and hence, the Dolphin Pressure Redistribution System was born. It mimics the air fluidized therapy of large “bead beds” in a simple, easy to use mattress replacement system, Until the Dolphin System, the only product type able to provide this Air Fluidized Therapy was Clinitron. The difference is that Clinitron’s product is much more expensive, has infection control issues, is heavy (all one piece) and must be cared for by the manufacturer only. The Dolphin System uses Archimedes software to provide 3-D volumetric redistribution with the use of low air loss technology- it measures patient weight and body contour automatically and adjusts the surface every 11 seconds to provide optimum support. And because it utilizes precisely controlled compressed air (instead of fluid or silicone beads), the technology can (and has been) adapted to a seating surface (wheelchair), surgical table (to reduce operating room acquired Pressure Ulcers) and stretcher and gurney pads. Feature Benefit  Fluid Immersion Simulation Simulates fluid immersion by providing 3D Volumetric support to “float” your patient as an air fluidized bed would.  Mattress Replacement System Advanced AFT therapy can be used on any standard hospital bed.  AC Power Operation Runs cool and will not heat up a room like an air fluidized bed
  2. 2.  13 lb. Control Unit, 11 lb. Mattress 1% of the total weight of an air fluidized bed; very easy to move throughout the facility.  4 hour Battery Back up Maintains AFT during transport  900 kilograms weight limit Most other support surfaces have 136 kilograms weight limit.  Can Be Cared For By Facility No Need to Wait for Manufacturer  Bariatric,extra-long and specialty mattresses available Customizable  Sturdy construction (built to military specifications) Durable and long product life