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Cassy Salinas Disneyland

  1. 1. Salinas 1 Cassy Salinas English Period 5 5/14/09 Disneyland Mr. Walt Disney was the creator of Disneyland, he wanted to make a park where kids and adults could have fun and enjoy the rides and the entertainment. He went around looking to see where he could build his vision park. He found a piece of land with 100 acres , as time was passing he kept adding more stuff to his vision and had now came up with 160 acres. He then divided the park into several theme parks. Disneyland affected America through all its great entertainment: rides, live concerts, and fairytales.” Disneyland theme parkis the ultimate fantasy land, and like any dream world, there are many facts about Disneyland that have become warped, distorted, or embellished beyond all reason. Knowing the true facts and trivia about the park. Guests must understand the richness of the park’s history, design, and creativity, thereby enriching their theme park getaway. Disneyland makes everyone’s dreams come true. From birthday parties, cheerleading competitions, weddings, and honeymoons. Disneyland is one park but inside it has seven different themes. July 17 1955 was the day Disneyland had open the doors to the public. It was a real hot summer day everyone who had came to Disneyland had to bring umbrellas. Umbrellas were needed at the time. Mr. Walt Disney celebrated his 13th anniversary with wife Lillian Disney four days before Disneyland opened. “Celebrate your birthday with a meal at a full-service restaurant in Disneyland Park, Disney's California Adventure Park or the Disneyland Resort Hotels, and add to the fun with a Disney Princess Jewelry Box or Disney
  2. 2. Salinas 1 Pirate Treasure Chest! Each comes with a special surprise and an individual cake! The Princess Jewelry Box and the Disney Pirate Treasure Chest are available at full-service restaurants, Character dining locations, and through Disney Hotel Room Service” Disney Parks are located around the world; they give the public happiness and memorable moments. Disneyland is located in Anaheim, California. Disneyland had television show hosted by Ronald Reagan. It was called “Mickey Mouse Club” it would be on TV for 30 minutes every morning at 9:00 a. m. It was most viewed by children between the ages of 3-6 it’d help them learn their numbers and alphabet. Disney now also has another TV show called ‘Tinkerbelle and Friends” it teaches kids to be respectful to elders and socialize with others. It shows in the Mornings at 10:00 a.m. it is also ½ hour long. “Walt Disney was a visionary filmmaker who brought his film library, his love of technology, and his business sense to American television in the mid-1950s. His ground-breaking television program, Disneyland, helped establish fledgling network ABC, pointed the way toward that network's increasing reliance on Hollywood- originated filmed programming, and provided much needed financing for Disney's pioneering theme park. Since the late 1920s, Disney had been a public figure, Hollywood's best known independent studio head. He had first achieved success with animated short subjects starring the character with whom he is best associated, Mickey Mouse. In 1937, his studio had produced the first full-length animated motion picture, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In the late 1940s, beginning with Song of the South (1946), the Disney studio had also branched out into live-action films, but it was primarily associated, then as now, with animation.” Disneyland embraces different cultures, by having trays of different cultures. French market sales different types of bread, club 33 sales American food like hamburgers and chillicheese fries. It has : Asian, Chinese, Japanese, American,
  3. 3. Salinas 1 Casual ,Dinner shows and attractions ,fast food, chains , international, Italian, Latin , Cuban, Spanish , and steak and seafood. Disneyland gives you cravings once you hear about it, you would want to go and try it in a heart beat. Disney Parks do neither sale gum nor alcohol Mr. Walt Disney did not want the guests to often find themselves scraping off gooey gum of their shoes. He did not want the guests to be bothered with the nuisance so gum is not to be sold at any Disney park. He made sure that the maintenance crews would walk around making sure the parks were clean for the next day. Mr. Walt Disney had a vision of making rides out of Disney characters such as: Dumbo, Mickey Mouse, and tea cups ect. . The rides were the ones who brought people back and so would the live concerts the rollercoaster’s are the main rides that come back for. There are different rides in different areas of the park: Frontier land has big thunder mountain, critter country has Splash Mountain, and Fantasyland has Matterhorn Bobsleds. The rides affected America with joy and laughter everyone at the end of the day would be satisfied and would want to come back for more. He had also designed the mascots and their customs; the mascots who are the Disney characters made the children feel comfort. There for the children wouldn’t be scared to take pictures with nor play with. The mascots are also the excitement of Disney parks if a child or and adult were having a bad day the mascots were to make them feel better. Each land in the park had their own crew wears like for instance Frontierland the crew wears western wear. Mr. Walt Disney decided to make different parks around the world for people to enjoy. He made Disney Cruise line, Disney Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, vacation club, and adventure. They are located in Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo, California, and Florida. In Paris there’s Disneyland resort, in Hong Kong there’s Disneyland Hong Kong. In Tokyo there’s world bazaar, in Florida there’s Disneyworld, and in California there’s Disneyland which is located in Anaheim. Thousands of people who travel around the world stop to enjoy the entertainment at the Disney parks. “Take a short walk or monorail ride to this lively promenade that offers unique shopping and dining as well as nighttime excitement and activity. From AMC Theatres® to House of Blues® to ESPN Zone®, the Downtown Disney® District, located just outside the Theme Parks and near the hotels of the Disneyland® Resort, offers something for every member of your family from
  4. 4. Salinas 1 morning until after midnight.” Mr. Walt Disney decided to make hotels near every Disney Park; so that people who would drive a distance from home wouldn’t have to drive a distance to go back and would just rent a room. The hotel in Downtown Disney has over 969 rooms, inside every hotel there are many different Disney touches to it. For entertainment Disney Parks are the places to be. “The original Disney hotel has the feeling of magic wherever you turn. The fun and fantasy here will leave you with sweet dreams that always end happily ever after. Conveniently located adjacent to the Downtown Disney® District Over 969 rooms in three high-rise towers Disney touches are everywhere, like the oversized Sorcerer's Hat and the Never Land themed pool State-of-the-art business center and conference facilities unrivaled by many Anaheim hotels Imaginative environments, attention to detail and Disney-quality service”. Disney employees make sure you leave satisfied, and will return with excitement Disney Parks are positive effects to America they give the public happiness. This is how Disneyland affected America with all its great entertainment. The cited where I got this from is