Presidential Jeopardy


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Presidential Jeopardy

  1. 1. Presidential JEOPARDY! S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  2. 2. And the categories are… “The Right Stuff”
  3. 3. “My Favorite College”
  4. 4. “Road to the White House”
  5. 5. “What’s in the Cabinet?”
  6. 6. “The Presidential Library”
  7. 7. The The My Favorite Road To The What’s In The Right Presidential Stuff College White House Cabinet? Library 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500
  8. 8. Round 2: Double Jeopardy
  9. 9. How is The Good My Favorite Changing the Bush’s Brain. Stuff College Majors President? 400 400 400 400 400 800 800 800 800 800 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
  10. 10. Final Jeopardy The Category is… Presidential Firsts Make your wager now…
  11. 11. And the answer is… This president was the first to use a television ad in his campaign…. Who was Dwight Eisenhower?
  12. 12. The Right Stuff 100 The 4 Constitutional requirements for the Presidency… A: What are at least 35 years old, natural-born citizen, 14 year resident, can serve no more than 2 terms/10 years?? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  13. 13. The Right Stuff 200 Four common characteristics of past presidents… A: What are white, male, protestant, married, middle/upper- class upbringing, educated? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  14. 14. The Right Stuff 300 2 examples of political positions held by many presidents… A: What are governors, Senators, VP, Representatives? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  15. 15. The Right Stuff 400 In order to be considered a “serious” candidate for the 2008 presidential election, candidates may have to raise more than this amount… A: What is $100 million? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  16. 16. The Right Stuff 500 One Democratic candidate for President and one Republican candidate for President… A: Who are Obama, Clinton, Edwards (others), McCain, Giuliani, Romney (others)? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  17. 17. The Good Stuff 400 This is the dollar amount that the President is paid each year… A: What is $400,000? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  18. 18. The Good Stuff 800 One of the downsides to being the President of the United States… A: What is criticism, danger, responsibility, tough decisions, (others)? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  19. 19. The Good Stuff 1000 This is the name given to the Presidential retreat in Maryland… A: What is Camp David? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  20. 20. My Favorite College 100 This is the total number of electoral votes in the whole US… A: What is 538? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  21. 21. My Favorite College 200 The number of EV’s that Pennsylvania has… A: What is 21? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  22. 22. My Favorite College 300 The formula for determining the # of EV’s each state gets… A: Who is # of Senators + # of Representatives? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  23. 23. My Favorite College 400 When voters cast their ballots for President and VP, they are actually voting for this group… A: Who is a political party’s slate of electors? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  24. 24. My Favorite College 500 The 2000 election highlighted this problem with the Electoral College… A: What is the popular vote winner can lose the election? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  25. 25. My Favorite College 400 Two states that are gaining EV’s and two states that are losing EV’s… A: What are California, Texas (others), and PA, NY (others)? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  26. 26. My Favorite College 800 The Electoral College has no campus; its members meet here in the middle of December… A: What is in their respective state capitals? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  27. 27. My Favorite College 1000 Originally, the electoral college was chosen by these groups in each state… A: Who are state legislatures? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  28. 28. Road to the White House 100 The first step in the Presidential electoral process… A: What is self-nomination? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  29. 29. Road to the White House 200 A state-wide election, for the purpose of selecting a party’s candidate, in which only party members can vote… A: What is a closed primary? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  30. 30. Road to the White House 300 After this important date, you may know who the Democratic and Republican candidates for President are… A: What is Super Tuesday? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  31. 31. Road to the White House 400 This is the day of the General Election, always the same every year… A: What is the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  32. 32. Road to the White House 500 These 2 “first” states are often considered the most important when it comes to choosing candidates for the Presidency… A: What are Iowa and New Hampshire? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  33. 33. How is the President? 400 Our current Vice- President… A: Who is Dick Cheney? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  34. 34. How is the President? 800 The first 4 people behind the President in the order of succession… A: Who are VP, Speaker, President Pro-Tem, Sec. Of State? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  35. 35. How is the President? 1000 The cabinet members in the order of succession are arranged in an order based on this… A: What is the order in which they were created chronologically? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  36. 36. What’s in the Cabinet? 100 Pictured here, our current Secretary of State… A: Who is Hillary Clinton? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  37. 37. What’s in the Cabinet? 200 Pictured here, our current Secretary of Defense… A: Who is Robert Gates? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  38. 38. What’s in the Cabinet? 300 Pictured here, our current Attorney General… A: Who is Eric Holder? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  39. 39. What’s in the Cabinet? 400 These first four departments are considered part of the “inner cabinet”… A: What are the Departments of State, Treasury, Justice, Defense? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  40. 40. What’s in the Cabinet? 500 The Attorney General, who is head of this department, could be called its Secretary, but is not… A: What is the Department of Justice? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  41. 41. Changing Majors 400 After 9/11, this department was created; some want to move it forward in the order of succession… A: What is the Department of Homeland Security? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  42. 42. Changing Majors 800 One of the proposed reforms/changes that could be made to the Electoral College… A: What are direct national election, proportional distribution of Electoral Votes? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  43. 43. Changing Majors 1000 The 25th amendment, dealing with presidential disability, enabled this person, along with a majority of the Cabinet, to determine when the President was unfit to hold office… A: What is the Vice-President? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  44. 44. The Presidential Library 100 Only un-elected President in American history… A: Who is Gerald Ford? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  45. 45. The Presidential Library 200 When a President is sworn into office, he recites this particular phrase, as required by the Constitution… A: What is the oath of office? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  46. 46. The Presidential Library 300 The number of Electoral votes needed to win the Presidency… A: What is 270, a majority? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  47. 47. The Presidential Library 400 If no candidate wins the Electoral College, this group decides the winner of the Presidency… A: Who is the House of Representatives? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  48. 48. The Presidential Library 500 One example of a vice-president who took over after a president died, resigned or was disabled… A: Who are John Tyler, Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Lyndon Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Millard Fillmore, Chester Arthur, Calvin Coolidge, Gerald Ford? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  49. 49. Bush’s Brain 400 This state’s electoral votes were contested in the 2000 election; the Supreme Court’s ruling essentially gave them (and the Presidency) to Bush A: What is Florida? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  50. 50. Bush’s Brain 800 Term used to describe the funny quotes or misuses of words by the 43rd president… A: What are Bushisms? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  51. 51. Bush’s Brain 1000 Pictured here, the Secretary of the Treasury… A: Who is Timothy Geithner? S2C13 Jeopardy Review
  52. 52. Daily Double Make your wager now…
  53. 53. Daily Double Make your wager now…