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DECI SIRCA, June 11, 2009

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  • Sirca Penang Presentation

    1. 1. PAN-ALL Meeting 2009 Penang Ang Peng Hwa
    2. 2. Agenda 1. SIRCA Objectives and Management 3. Grant Dissemination 5. Grand Awards 7. SIRCA Support and Mentorship 9. SIRCA Outputs
    3. 3. SIRCA Objectives and Management
    4. 4. SIRCA Management
    5. 5. About SIRCA • The SIRCA Programme seeks to identify future research leaders and to facilitate their development through the support of research grants. • Researchers benefit from concerted capacity building exercises including a mentorship arrangement. • Grant focuses on social science research, in particular, the relationships between ICTs and society.
    6. 6. SIRCA Objectives • Support research capacity building; • Support theoretically-based and methodologically-rigorous research; • Create opportunities for mentorship between established researchers and grant recipients; • Provide spaces for recipients to share experiences in face-to-face settings (e.g. workshops, preconference, e-newsletter, online forums); and • Disseminate research findings.
    7. 7. SIRCA Grant Dissemination
    8. 8. SIRCA Grant Dissemination Process • Eligibility • Preparing the Grant Application • Submission Process • Evaluation of Application • Funding • SIRCA Research Grant Proposal Guidelines • Budget Submission Guidelines – Sample Budget Format • Expectations of Grant Recipients • Frequently Asked Questions
    9. 9. SIRCA Grant Dissemination SIRCA Brochure
    10. 10. SIRCA Website (
    11. 11. SIRCA Website - IFAQ Users can type their questions here, using lay terms.
    12. 12. SIRCA Website - IFAQ Once the user enters a question, a pop-up window will appear with the relevant answer/s.
    13. 13. SIRCA Website - IFAQ If new question, system prompts administrator for answer. Question is now added to FAQ list automatically.
    14. 14. SIRCA Project Review Process
    15. 15. SIRCA Grant Call 2008 Summary Registration Submission % (Sub/Reg) Total 111 57 51 Topic* 13 11 85 (Technology) Topic* 25 19 76 (Beneficiaries/ Outcomes) Country 23 19 83 *Categories of Technology and Beneficiaries/Outcomes are not mutually exclusive.
    16. 16. SIRCA Grant Call 2008 Summary • Examples of Topics: – Technologies: Community radio, E Centers, Mobile Phones, Weblogs, Community Radio, Information Systems – Beneficiaries/Outcomes: Agriculture, Disaster, E Commerce, E Government, Healthcare, Education • Examples of Country: – China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, Mongolia. *Categories of Technology and Beneficiaries/Outcomes are not mutually exclusive.
    17. 17. SIRCA Grant Review Meeting 2008 • 25th – 26th October 2008, Changi Village Hotel, Singapore • List of Reviewers – Dr. John Traxler, Prof. Heather Hudson, Prof. Rahul De, Dr. Jonathan Donner, Dr. Erwin Alampay, Dr. Roger Harris, Dr. Arul Chib, Ms. Chaitali Sinha, Ms. Kathleen Flynn-Dapaah • Process: – Prior to meeting, reviewers engaged in double-blind review based on SIRCA Grant Assessment Matrix – During meeting: All 57 proposals were discussed and feedback was given to each applicant based on Reviewers’ comments and panel discussion
    18. 18. SIRCA Grant Review Meeting 2008
    19. 19. SIRCA Grant Review Meeting 2008
    20. 20. SIRCA Grant Award 2008 Categories Number List of Topics/Countries Total 13 Topic* 6 Mobile phone, PDA, Wi-Fi, Internet, Information systems, Laptop (Technology) Topic* 10 Agriculture, Disaster, Education, Political Participation, Foreign workers, (Beneficiaries/ Rural communities, Healthcare, Socio- Outcomes) economic divide, ICT labour market, E- Governance Country 8 India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philippines, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka *Categories of Technology and Beneficiaries/Outcomes are not mutually exclusive.
    21. 21. SIRCA Grant Awardees Principal Investigator Country Project India Empowerment of farming community through use of ICTs: V.L.V.Kameswari A study in the Indian Himalayan region Vietnam Upper River Erosion and Landslide Protection Planning: An Pham Huu Ty integration of erosion and landslide hazard mapping using GIS and remote sensing and the value chain approach Cambodia Internet for Learning and Knowledge Building: Students’ Peou,Chivoin Perceptions and Utilization in Cambodian Higher Education Nepal Telemedicine for Community Health Workers: Shefali Oza An Analysis of the Effects of Connectivity on Health Equity in Rural Nepal Kanliang Wang China Healthcare Information Systems in China Bangladesh An impact assessment framework to evaluate the effectiveness of Information Communications Technology Md. Mahfuz Ashraf (ICT)-led development project at micro (community) level in developing country; Bangladesh
    22. 22. SIRCA Grant Awardees Principal Investigator Country Project Cambodia Mobile Phone Application Development for Rural Phal Des Cambodia Bangladesh Agricultural Market Information Services (AMIS) and M. Sirajul Islam its implications on the rural community in Bangladesh : Theory and practice Mary Grace P. Philippines The Filipino Blogosphere: An Emerging Alternative Venue Mirandilla for Political Participation in the Philippines India Nature of Work, Quality of Employment and Working Balwant Singh Mehta Conditions in ICT Sector: A Case of India Ma. Regina M. Philippines Lifeline Online: E-Counseling And The Well-Being Of Hechanova Overseas Filipino Workers And Their Families T. B. Dinesh India Communities, Participation and Technology Sri Lanka Learning from challenges; an image based mapping MJR David process to study influences of community based ICTD initiatives in Sri Lanka.
    23. 23. SIRCA Support and Mentorship
    24. 24. SIRCA Outreach SIRCA Grant Review Committee SIRCA PIs SIRCA Mentors
    25. 25. SIRCA Mentorship • List of Mentors – Dr. Alexander Flor, Prof. Ang Peng Hwa, Dr. Arul Chib, Dr. John Traxler, Dr. May Lwin, Prof. Rahul De, Dr. Richard Heeks, Dr. Roger Harris, Dr. Shaikh Salam and Dr. Vibodh Parthasarathi • Each Mentor will make a site visit and work closely with SIRCA and PI for the duration of the research project.
    26. 26. SIRCA PI • PIs are given access to IDRC and NTU’s online library resources. • SIRCA Compliance: – Submission of 6-monthly progress/financial reports and 1 Final Report – Attendance of SIRCA Workshops and Dissemination Conference – Work with SIRCA Mentor for the duration of the project – Arrange for Mentor’s site visit
    27. 27. SIRCA eNewsletter (end June 09)
    28. 28. SIRCA Workshop 1 3rd – 4th July 2009, Nanyang Executive Centre, Singapore Trainers: Dr. Alexander Flor, Dr. Arul Chib, Prof. Czarina Saloma-Akpedonu, Prof. Rahul De Objectives – Equip PIs with a clearer understanding of literature and methodological issues with regards to their projects; – Equip PIs with a clearer understanding of how their project relates and contributes to the broader ICTD discipline; – Provide PIs with necessary information to adhere to the SIRCA Secretariat compliance; – Highlight practical issues and challenges in fieldwork.
    29. 29. SIRCA Pre-Workshop Trailer
    30. 30. SIRCA Pre-Workshop Trailer PI Expectations of Workshop Workshop is a great opportunity …To broaden my understanding for scholars to meet, share, and of ICTD and the practical issues exchange creative new ideas and and challenges related to the experience in research field. field survey. I feel that I’m lack of theory of I am very interested in hearing information system; I expected the from both the workshop organizers and the other PIs… workshop can explain some new the best way to form new ideas theories in deep. and learn from others’ experiences.
    31. 31. SIRCA Evaluation Forms
    32. 32. Evaluation of SIRCA Projects Review Process
    33. 33. SIRCA Mentor Feedback Form
    34. 34. SIRCA PI Feedback Form
    35. 35. SIRCA Workshop Feedback Form
    36. 36. SIRCA Project Progress Reports
    37. 37. SIRCA Six-Monthly Progress Report
    38. 38. SIRCA Project Amendment Form
    39. 39. SIRCA Account Closing Form
    40. 40. SIRCA Projects Final Report
    41. 41. SIRCA Outputs
    42. 42. SIRCA Outputs • Enhanced research capacity in the region, demonstrated by the increased quality and reach of strong, methodologically rigorous, theoretically sound research findings; • Creation of a space for discussions and knowledge sharing on ICTD social science research issues in Asia; • Creation of linkages among emerging ICTD researchers in Asia, as well as among established and emerging researchers through the mentorship program; and • Greater awareness of ICTD research published by Asian-based researcher through dissemination of findings in international peer- reviewed publications and conferences
    43. 43. Upcoming Activities 1. Developing young scholars – SIRCA Graduate Award 2. ICA Pre-Conference 2010