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Diversifying Immediate Feedback
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Diversifying Immediate Feedback


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • For each tool, say whether internal / external (Who is receiving the feedback? What learning needs are being met?)Examples of participants’ experiences with it.Internal vs. External feedback – example (teacher vs. student “driven”) Feedback for me about my students’ experiences; feedback I give to my students that they can immediately apply; providing students with tools and a context to self assess
  • Check colon formatting
  • How-to specifics (class procedure/process)Change first exampleExamples of how teachers in other disciplines are giving immediate feedbackThe ability for student to listen to herself/ get input from teacher (always available through recording/ listening /playback)
  • “epal” -- CHECK
  • Citations for pictures
  • PamStudy Guides Analysis and Discussion [Grammar Point; Literature]Voice thread as internal reflection (adjust what they said)Student feedback via email (recording voice through certain email programs) or in Word (oral or written/ notebook mode / record voice in keynote with presentation)
  • tgeffen@archer.orgarcher
  • Me
  • Transcript

    • 1. Diversifying Immediate Feedback
      CAIS Presentation
      March 8, 2010
      Ms. Shauna Callahan
      Ms. Pamela Horrocks
      The Archer School for Girls
    • 2. Our Perspectives
      Ms. Shauna Callahan, French Faculty
      Ms. Pamela Horrocks, Director of Technology
    • 3. Defining Immediate Feedback
      Immediate feedback provides teachers and students with data. Specifically:
      Are students’ needs being met?
      Is the learning target being met?
      Is the lesson on track to meet the mastery objective?
      Immediate feedback can be produced in diverse forms.
      Immediate feedback can be external or internal.
    • 4. Classroom Application
      Student: Teacher
      Have my students mastered this material?
      Teacher: Student & Student: Student
      How are you coming to this thought/analysis/answer?
      Student: Self
      How can I apply the feedback from my teacher and peers to strengthen my skills?
    • 5. Think, pair, share…
      How do you or your students currently give immediate feedback in your classroom?
    • 6. Traditional Tools
      Whiteboard activities
      Question / response
      Verb Conjugations
      Peer corrected pop quizzes
      Heads down, thumbs up
      Color Clarity Cards
    • 7. Digital Tools
      Podcasts (recorded in “Garage Band”)
      Warm-up/Reflection activities: Students are given an activity that reinforces a learning target.
      Formative assessments : Provides the teacher with data and the students with an opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in an activity that supports a specific learning objective and the lesson’s mastery objective.
    • 8. iMovie, iPhoto, Photo Booth
      Teacher and peers can actively engage in observation and commentary of students’ synthesized knowledge and skills.
      Students have the opportunity to assess their proficiencies and to re-apply their knowledge in specific contexts.
      Feedback is more objective and can model skill mastery or highlight areas for improvement.
      Visual and auditory learners are empowered and provided with tools for-evaluation.
    • 9. iMovie: A virtual ePal letter
    • 10. iPhoto: Virtual Tour Slideshow
    • 11. Photo Booth: The Imperative (Our suggestions for visiting Los Angeles)
    • 12. Email, Wiki, VoiceThread, Voki
      Online tools provide an opportunity for students to apply immediate feedback to both in-class and homework assignments.
      Written feedback
      Oral feedback
    • 13. Email
      Chat feature
      Voice record feature
    • 14. Google Apps
      Google Docs allows you to create online forms that can provide immediate feedback.
      Google Form
    • 15. Wiki
      Living document enables teacher and students to collaborate and share content, ideas, and comment on work.
      Sample Wiki
    • 16. VoiceThread
      Collaborative group conversation that allows you to leave comments in various ways: voice, text, draw.
      Sample VoiceThread
    • 17. Voki
      Students create an avatar that speaks in the target language. This provides an opportunity for feedback on oral proficiencies.
      Sample Voki
    • 18. Practical Application
      How can you apply some of the new techniques for immediate feedback in your classroom?
      Craft an immediate feedback activity that will assess a specific learning target.
    • 19. Pedagogical Benefits
      Enabling teachers and students to effectively evaluate the learning process.
      Personalizing students’ connection to material.
      Empowering learners to develop life-long learning tools.
      Providing formative assessment that meets the needs of diverse learning styles.
      Complementing the 21st century learner.
    • 20. Q & A
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