Saul Bellow
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Saul Bellow



internet radio broadcast..saul bellow.

internet radio broadcast..saul bellow.



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Saul Bellow Saul Bellow Presentation Transcript

  • Karley Kersting Kent Eagleburger Audrey Embree
    • Born June 10, 1915 in Quebec Canada
    • Saul’s parents were Russian Jewish Immigrants
    • Moved to Chicago at age 9
    • Saul’s mother, Liza died when Saul was 17
    • Saul was influenced by the leftist an Marxist writers of his day (i.e. Richard Wright) early in his career. However, as he grew older Saul was part of the conservative movement.
    • Attended the University of Chicago and Northwestern University
    • The Chair of English at Northwestern told Bellow, “no Jew could really grasp the tradition of English Literature…No Jew would ever get the feeling for it.”
    • What did Saul do with this advice?
  • -Pulitzer Prize Winner -Nobel Prize for Literature 1972 -National Medal of Arts -National Book Award (3 times) nominated (6 times)
    • During WWII Bellow joined the service
    • Jewish Holocaust during WWII
    • Wrote “Dangling Man” while still in the service in 1944
    • Herzog was his first best seller in 1964
    • Married 5 times
    • Died April 5, 2005 at 89 years old
    • A professor at which University discouraged Saul Bellow from becoming a writer?
    • What country did Saul’s parents migrate from?
    • Takes place during the Great Depression
    • Augie is an American growing up and trying to succeed in an alienating world
    • Parents were not overly supportive
    • Grandma Lausch was the boarder – no relation to Augie
    • Visits the dipensary
    • Chastised for being Jewish
    • Make a friend named Stashu
    • Stashu encourages Augie to steal
    • Augie was jumped and his grandma was disappointed
    • Was Grandma Lausch any relation to Augie?
    • What major event took place during the time of this story?
    • Returned to Chicago and got inspiration
    • Written during the Great Depression in the 1930’s
    • The effect of the Depression on American life was depicted throughout the story which is based in Chicago
    • Recreate life during that time
    • Discrimination against Jews was highly prevalent in both the United States and especially Europe with Fascism
    • Stock Market Crash
    • Black Tuesday (1929)
    • 23% unemployment
    • World Wide Affect
    • Dust Bowl
    • What year did the Stock Market crash, resulting in the Great Depression?
    • Who was discriminated against in this story?