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Chanel Eyeglasses SS 2008
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Chanel Eyeglasses SS 2008


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Review of eyeglasses from the House of Chanel SS 2008

Review of eyeglasses from the House of Chanel SS 2008

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Chanel Eyeglasses SS 2008 What does the House of Coco Chanel have in store for eyeglasses? - The Fashion Hobo
  • 2. Chanel Logo Eyeglasses
    • Chanel Eyeglasses are a great way, in fact, to break into the brand if you haven’t already. Prescription eyeglasses are not cheap, and it only costs a bit more (well, $100 or so extra) if you want to upgrade from some generic run-of-the-mill prescription brand, to runway-for-your-eyes. This is why you see people wearing Pradas all the time: it’s a cheap way to get the brand!
    • Here is a sampling of Chanel Eyeglasses for 2008 SS
    • - The Fashion Hobo
  • 3. Eyeglasses Trompe-L’oeil eyebrows?! from Coco Chanel
    • Stylized eyebrows? For the adventurous only! These will look great with a more artsy look, but I find that most of the new Chanel glasses will. Pair these with a bohemian, vintage-indie style and you’ll be fine. that all of these accessories come in different colours.
  • 4. Retro Gold-topped Eyeglasses from Coco Chanel http://
    • Next up, gold-topped glasses. Very, very retro look. I love these ones, but you have to wear them with a really funky sense of style to avoid looking like the stereotypical ‘frumpy librarian’. This pair is great because it goes with so many accessories - as long as they’re gold, royal blue, red, light pink… you get the idea. I need say no more about them: Either you understand them or you don’t.
  • 5. Understated Sophisticated Eyeglasses from Coco Chanel http://
    • This pair is for a sophisticated, classy, understated chick. If you know what you want that’s a pair of sturdy glasses that will look cute, but won’t age, and will go with all of your clothes. These I recommend if you’re a first-time buyer, or someone with a very centred and mainstream sense of style.
  • 6. Minimalist Eyeglasses from Coco Chanel http://
    • Minimalist. That’s all I can say about the front of these. When you turn them to the side, however, they have the signature Goatskin-on-Metal Chanel Weave! That’s pretty cool. It’s executed in a way that keeps it very up-to-date, this look isn’t retro at all. Good for a girl who needs a functional pair of classes that stay out of her way, and don’t steal too much attention away from the rest of her look. Subtle, classy, understated, elegant.
  • 7. Funky in Red Eyeglasses from Coco Chanel http://
    • Whoa … Funky! Red and everything!!! I know these look a little bit more like the classic Prada glasses (although those ones are in black) but hey .. These ones come in RED (and other colours as well that I don’t enjoy quite as much)! Either way, if you’ve got a Chanel bag then these will complete your look much better than slapping on a pair of Pradas - if you wear too many different name brand accessories (aka. eyeglasses, bags, etc) you will look like a brand whore. If you stick to one brand per outfit, you’ll do just fine under the eyes of even a critical fashionista. Anyway, these are my all-around faves.
  • 8. Tortoise Shell “Quilted” Eyeglasses from Coco Chanel http://
    • This last pair, I chose to show in the turtle-shell colour because, well, that’s what they look best in. Turtle-shell is getting to be overdone, but if you wear the right colours (browns and greens) you will work them well. Notice the sides on these are quilted: I find it tacky, but to each his own, right? As long as your bag isn’t quilted, too… (awkwarddd)… Then you can wear these and the quilted pattern is acceptable .
  • 9. Channel Logo Eyeglasses Roundup from Coco Chanel
    • And that’s Chanel’s eyeglass collection for SS08 - Over and out!
    • For more fashion fun and folly visit…
    • The Fashion Hobo at
  • 10.