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  • 1. Child Slavery in Africa By: Leighanne Hanshaw
  • 2. What is Child Slavery?
    • Child slavery is children who are sold to people to work for them all day long.
    • The children work form early morning to late night. They do not get a break and only eat once a day at four o’clock in the morning.
  • 3. How Much Do Parents Sell their Children for? Why do Parents Sell Their Children?
    • Parents sell their children for as little as $14 or as most as $30.
    • Parents sell their children for many reason like one of their family members are sick, they are poor, or they need money for food.
    • They also sell the children because they can’t support all their children.
  • 4. What Children do as Slaves….
    • Boy slaves will work on a cotton fields.
    • Girl slave will work as domestic slaves and prostitutes.
    • But boys and girls both work in cocoa plantations.
  • 5. How do Men get the Children?
    • Men get children by tricking the parents into selling their children.
    • They can do this by telling the parents the children will get a good education with a wealthy family or they are going to receive professional training.
    • They also kidnap children (mostly girls)
  • 6. What Countries Mostly buy Slaves?
    • Most children are sold to the countries Benin, Burking Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Gabon, Nigeria and, Togo.
  • 7. When They Work………
    • Children work all day long.
    • They work in any conditions and all types of weather.
    • They work all day from early morning to late night.
  • 8. How Many People Work as Slaves?
    • It is estimated that 250 million children work world wide.
    • 200 thousand are sold every year.
    • 77 million people work many forms of slavery.
  • 9. Are any Countries Trying To Stop Child Slavery?
    • Child slavery is illegal in Ivory Coast but the government said the practice should continue because foreign companies do not pay enough forcing them to child slavery.
    • Now they have at least 15 thousand children work in the cocoa industry.
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