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  1. 1. Change: Right or Rite? Heb 7: 1-19 Hebrews 5:10, 11 recalls, that Melchizedek [king of righteousness] was both King and Priest residing and presiding over the city of “Salem.” [Peace] Vs.3 says, “He was without Father or Mother.” How could that be? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The book of Genesis has no record of the genealogy of Melchizedek. Why? Cause his description prefigures the eternal Priesthood of Jesus as both Priest and King, belonging to a righteous priesthood that’s independent of any rite that was to be followed throughout ancient Israel. And interestingly though in vs. 3, the author states that Melchizedek is like the Son of God, not the same as him. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vs.4 Melchizedek was great because Abraham gave him tithe. He was not only superior to Abraham but also to the Levitical Priesthood in 2 ways: 1. Priest were mortal>>>subject to death 2. But Vs. 3 Melchizedek lives on, having no end or beginning. His death is not recorded. And Levi who was not yet born, paid tithe to Melchizedek through Abraham’s gift. Because Levi descended from Abraham, he paid tithes to Melchizedek too. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Heb 7: there are Four points to consider: 1. Vs.2 In the days of the high Priest, Tithing not Tipping 2. Vs. 3 there’s a difference: Virgin Birth [Jesus] & Immaculate Conception 3. Is it Right or Rite? 4. Change of Law, Change of Priesthood 7: vs.1, 12, 13, 14-18 1: God requires you to Tithe and not Tipp him >tithing occurred>in Genesis 4: 4 Cain / Abel. “Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock...” that was his tithe to God in the form an Offering [offerings of first fruits]. Why? Rites of Tithing was not yet established until Genesis 14: 18-24 vs.2. ? Right/ Rite • Right>obedience to truth=Rite>result of disobedience Heb 9:9,10 • Right>real thing=Rite>shadow >Right>eternal=Rite>Temporal>num 9:14 Lev 12: [ritual after birth a woman was unclean] Lev 21:17-21[any man with a defect, blindness, lameness, face marred, hunchback or dwarfed could not become priest.] 1
  2. 2. 2: There’s a difference between: Holy Spirit Conception and the Immaculate Conception vs.3. Matthew 1:18, “Before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.” “Vs.20 For that which is conceived in her [Mary] is of the Holy Spirit.” Immaculate Conception: teaches that God preserved Mary from the taint of Original Sin which beset man after the fall from the moment she was born. Rom 3:23, “All have sinned...” The message: Sinners are made into saints and are to serve as Kings and Priests through the Conception of the Holy Spirit that has taken center stage in their lives, making them new creatures. [! Saint=Vatican]>Study>Bible ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3: Vs.5, 6, 9, 11, 12…Is it Right or Rite? The tribe of Levi have borne the rites of passage to become the Priest for the Israelites. But a “Change” was necessary. “Removal”> [Heb 12:27]... Therefore, if the Melchizedek Priesthood removed the Levitcal priesthood contained in ceremonies [Rites], then the Mosaic Law [Ceremonial Law] Colossians 2:14 has to be removed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jesus broke all the Levitcal Rites and established his Righteousness. Vs. 5 Priestly Rite of passage came through the tribe of Levi: Jesus came through the tribe of Judah Vs.13, 14 Judah’s Tribe had no Rights to Priesthood: Psalms 110:4; Heb 5:6 clearly shows the Law would be superseded by Jesus. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vs.16-18. The Law of Rites which regulated Priests was Fleshy: Jesus however, is a Priest according to the power of endless life Heb 7: 17. ? If the Law that regulated Priest was changed, why is there still a continuation of Priest interceding for persons? Jesus broke all the rites of the Levitical Priesthood. Why? Because he has the right as the Son of the Most High God to establish his righteous in chapter 7:17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Matthew 12: He Changed the: • Rites of Religion vs.2 and replace it with Righteousness by faith vs.7 • Rites of Ceremonial Law vs.2 >>Righteous Law of Liberty Num 15:30-36 • Rites of the Law breaker Ex.34: 21>>> Law Fulfiller / Keeper Matt 12:8 2
  3. 3. • Rites of the showbread vs.4>> Exercise His Right to be the Bread of Life who was born at the [House of Bread] Bethlehem Every part of scripture honours the great king of Righteousness. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4: Change of Law; change of Priesthood. Heb 7:12, 18; Col 2:14 >The Rites of the Ceremonial Law according to Levitcal Priesthood that made sacrifices perfect came by works. But the righteousness of Jesus to everyone who believes comes by Faith. >The Rites of the Ceremonial Law that Moses wrote in his Book is superseded by the righteousness of the Sinai Law written with the finger of God. >Rites of the Ceremonial Laws were a shadow of things to come Heb 10:1. But the Righteousness of Jesus in keeping with the Law of liberty has brought cleansing once and for all. >During the Rites of the Levitcal Law, there was an order of priest, high priest, etc. But in the priesthood of Jesus Christ, there’s only one. And he’s the same yesterday, today and forever. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vs.18.What is the function of a King? >>Rule, Decrees, Annul, Amend Laws. What about his Kingdom? Who are his subjects? If both King Nebuchadnezzar & Artexerxes through the Rite of passage annulled Laws within their Kingdoms, because they were dimmed as weak and unprofitable, then why can’t the Righteous King of the Universe exercise his authority throughout his kingdom and over his subjects? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ? When your Boss speaks...? ? When the Righteous King of this Universe speaks....? He has the Right: Rule He has the Right: Decree He has the Right: Annul He has the Right: Amend a Rite that’s dimmed weak and unprofitable And establish his Righteous Jurisprudence ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ! You obey and heed to truth=Righteous ! You disobey and heed to tradition=performing a Rite ! Ritual is religion without righteousness ! Ritual is tradition not truth! Ritual is man’s way not God’s way. 3