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                                   Those of you who have eaten our food always comment on how the taste of our
Good Food To Go
We have been cooking up a storm in our kitchen. So, on those
days when you have friends or relatives comin...
Scarab Studio Wood – We are now the stockists for this fantastic team at Scarab. I have known Ian and
Peter now profession...
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  1. 1. Good Food To Go Cooking Studio Pantry Spicy Notes Newsletter LK01 February 2009 Hi folks Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter – ‘Spicy Notes’. As a thank you to those of you who have signed on to our mailing list, this newsletter offers a 15% discount for a demo cooking class, on a first come basis - places limited to 12 - on Saturday 14 March 2009. Bring along your own drinks, a notepad, pen and questions and enjoy some pre- dinner savoury nibbles and soft drinks on us. What’s on the Menu? Butter chicken Spinach Dahl Takali Lamb Chops Curry Semolina Pilaf Eggplant Pachadi Steamed Coconut Rice Busy Bees Months have flown by since we opened our doors as Latasha’s Kitchen and, while at moments Latasha still wonders at the wisdom of what she’s gotten herself into, your enthusiasm on the store’s natural progressions continues to inspire us. So enough pondering and time to get on with our various work- in-progress jobs. Cooking Studio We’ve been running our lessons now for a couple of months, as Hands-on Courses and Demonstration Classes. Each time, the atmosphere has just been brilliant with people from all walks of life gathering together to indulge in new methods in cooking with spices. Have a look at Eating WA website to see Ryan Crowley take on my class! In case you’re wondering, we offer flexible lessons on weeknights and weekends as well as private and corporate group functions. If you haven’t signed up for one as yet, have a look at our new brochure with all 75 class menus in detail. So if your New Year resolution is to start cooking more for yourself, family and friends, make sure you head into our store soon! All our classes start with some refreshments, muchiday So Fr interaction between participants (and myself ) and finish with 6pm t uthea participants sitting down to a full meal. Of course,Drecipeinotes are provided. o 9pm – em st Asia o & D n Underp inn remarkabl ing the many uni ne Mond 3-hour Fride culinary region que qualities of ay Me Daytime and includ ay Demonstrat is a fundam food enj d Classe ley ental lov oyed in e a genero ion Classe e of spic this us meal s beg es! These Indone 10am s Terms of everyth in at 6pm and ing Latash end at 9pm Sumatran sia - Sum atran Class Tit le to 1pm & Cond a prepar es. , Indone Soto Chicken; Red Beef Ribs Malaysia itions sia - Min Gulai; Pota Due to popular demand for daytime classes, we now offer any of our Wednesday, to Pergedil Demo - Johor Green Chic angkab & Din – Nasi Himpit ken Rendang; au Cutlets; Egg (Rice Cake Spicy Lam b Stew. Mixed Vegi (Padang) & Potato Kari. Malaysia s); Sayur Lode e Gulai; Eggp h; Satay Chic lant Belado; e Indone Fried Kuay - Penang ken; Rojak Tauhu; Soto sia - Jav ane Potato Rend ang; Teow; Assa Sup Buntut Malaysia m Laksa; Mam Ayam; Mee Rebus. (Oxtail) Gado se You can book any Booking Classes: ak Noodles Sundanese -Gado; Spic Classes one of our Individuals Thursday or Friday evening Demo classes on Mondays starting at 10am and Butter Praw - Selangor 2009 Full ; Beef Dalc Veg Salad. ed Lamb Gula as may book class ns; Bukhari ha; Nasi Kand ar with Fish Philipp ine i; Javanese Chicken Curr So, gather a daytime class Wednesda y, Thursd Payment is accep es over inter net, phone, Biriyani Mut on Malaysia ton; Pecal Curry. Lumpia Vege s y; class and a group of friends a Monday. Min ay or Frid ay Payment must ted by credit card or by cheque paya mail (please call for a Good Foo Green Chic - Negeri Sembila - Mix Veg Sala table Roll; we’ll cre ate a day and family, pic imum of using a gift be made at ble book d To Go ken Rendang; n d with Pean ut Sauce; Rice Chicken Afrit Kare ada; Aubergin Kare with Bitter Melo chosen Monday. time clas 6 k your fav persons. voucher. No the time of booking to to Latasha’s Kitchen or ing form). Cooki Malaysia Rendang Beef Email/pho bookings by writt confi in person. ng Stu Rembau; Spin Cakes. Thai - No e Torta (Om n; elette); Fried Pork Adobo; s- ne your just for you on ourite internet, you en confirmation of book rm the enrolment unle dio Devil Chicken - Malacca rthern finishing with lunch at about 1.00pm. Cost is $130 per person. Minimumy Private Program will receive ss Pantr Curry; Stew ach with Coco nut Chilli; Turm Curry Chicken; Rice (Kanin). bookings/ your enquiries. Hands an acknowle ings are sent, however, you are y Noodle Sala Kaeng Hang Le (Por On dgement. if you make Given the cours Series Course Malaysia Tamarind Mac - PerakSaturd ed Pork Pong Tay; Snake Beans in Chill eric Rice. d; Rice. k Curry); Larb participant es are run over a perio s: a Thai - Cen (Salad with required 6. Choose your menu from options available on our brochure orClasses Brochure Now CoO O K I N i Gravy; Nyon Spiced Minc cannot make d of Bean Spro kerel with Pineapple; ya Fried Rice Tom Yum Goon tral e); it to a session. up to six weeks, no subs Malaysia Functi uts Kerabu. Rendang Terla gi-lagi; Ayam . Beef & Aub g; Fish Cake ergine Sala ; Pandan Chicken; Vege Demonst ration Cla The participan t will not be titute is allow ed given a refun if a Panggang - Kedah Fish Terubuk; on Panggang ; Veg Salad; Burma d. table Gree n Curry; If you want number of to reserve a participants sses: Demonstration d. Malaysia Chicken Opo Chicken Curr is four (4). Dayt class solely for a group G r; Beef Seru y; Chicken Perc - Kelantan nding; Glut Prawn Sala Fish in Banana Leav Any one Cancellati ime classes of friends, the can be cater mini Once paid for, ons/Transfers: inous Rice of ed for by prior mum Malaysia ik; Beef Kuzi ; Spicy Grill ed Fish; Okra C urse Rolls; Mee Rebus. Sweet Pota d; Spiced Coco to; Plain Rice nut; es; & Dine clas our regular We ses can dnesday, cancellations arrangement. website. Contact us by phone or email to book your group in. Available!!!! s & Cla a Saturd Thursday place being are not refun Fish Gulai; - Pahang Bhujia; Kera Vietnam . ay. You be booked as a avail be done with able or you may nom dable. You Chicken Gole bu Rice. can Private Fun or Friday Demo can transfer Malaysia Sata Terengga - Terengganu k; Chicken Opor; Beef Pincuk; Sala d Tauco. sses Lemon Gras s Chic Stir-Fried Lam ken; it’s a birt dinner, soc hday (21 celebrate any st or oth er functions. ial club or boo milestones), ann special occ ction Class on asion, wh Cancellati at least seve inate n (7) days notic a friend to attend in e. You may to another class your incur a trans place. A transfer must subject to a 2009 Pr Dagang Rice nu - Grilled Fish in Bana Spring Rolls b with Chilli; k clu iversary, ether Latasha’s Kitch ons by Latash fer fee of $10. ogram . na Leaves; ; simply enj We will demons b event, com mystery en reserves a’s Kitche mu be a rare even right to cancel a sche n: Spicy Beef trate you This would the Malaysia Kerutup Beef ; Fruit Roja Salad with Herbs; Rice meal. Sof oy your evenin r choice nity or religious Hands On Courses g and the of menu. another class t and dule Chicken Gula - Perlis t at no cost, ii) participants would be d class for any reason k; Fish Curr . Entertainm drinks and sav n i; Cabbage y; ent can oury nib sit-down to a lavi You refund. receiving a given the optio without notic with Praw bles are sh voucher for e. Malaysia ns; Bean Spro be arrange d at an add complimentary the same amo n of: i) transferring to Soy Sauce - Sabah & Saraw uts Kerabu; Red Chilli Praw itional cos . Safety & Legal: unt or iii) recei ving a full Chicken; Coco ak ns; Plain Rice Bookin t. Participants Beef ; Stea med Rice. nut Prawns; Fish Assa . Online gs Open in the the use of cook cooking classes shou m Pedas; Bean ww : Email inf w.latashaskitc For those keen on our highly-in-demand 6-week Hands-on Beginner Level I Singap ing ld ore Sprouts Tum is; White Pepp The participan equipment including be aware that their parti Mee Siam; Chilli Crabs; er o@latas connection t is responsibl knives and othe cipation may with the parti e for any liability for any r implements in a kitch involve Telepho ha .au ne 9328 Fish Head Eggplant Sam regard, the cipant’s atten Curry. bal; Flaky Para dam en setting. parti dance at a Cook ages and/or injuries tha; 8184 any damages cipant expressly relea and/or injur ses Latasha’ ing Class at Latasha’s incurred in s Place Pty ies incurred Ltd from liabil Kitchen. In this course, currently offered only on Tuesdays from 5.30pm-9.30pm, this course is now Consum while on the ity of pti premises for a cooking class any kind for Great Gif The consump on of Alcoho tion of alcoh l: . t Idea consumption ol is not perm of itted before mind the laws BYO alcohol is allowed and relating to drink after the class during cooking classes, ing and drivi es. Participan however, also open for booking on Mondays from 2pm – 6pm. Minimum required 2 persons. Cost is Please ng and cons ts shou Lata read ume only mod ld always keep in sha’s our full Terms & erately. Demo Gift ashask Condition Vou cher 74 5 Newc itchen.c s at Hands- Classes s Phone astle Str eet Leed Privat On Co e urse 9328 81 erville WA Corpor Classes & Fu s $900 per person. Further details on the course are available on our website. Do book early Store Op 84 6007 ate & en Closed Mo ing Hours Tuesda Boutiq Rewar nctions ndays an y to Sund ue Ca d Prog ay Online fe ram d Public Holidays 10am-5pm. Food To / Gift Store Go / Ca as there is high demand for this course. tering tashas ki BOOK ONLIN u 9328 81 E 84
  2. 2. Addicted? Those of you who have eaten our food always comment on how the taste of our food is very different to what’s being offered elsewhere. A principal reason for this is the amount of fresh ingredients we use. Mountains of onion, garlic, ginger, fresh chillies, tomatoes and herbs are washed and hand prepared every week. This is then combined with whole spices that are slowly roasted, then master blended by Latasha to create different mixes for various dishes. Dry lentils and legumes are soaked overnight then slowly cooked. Premium canola oil is used in our cooking along with unsalted butter and a small amount of ghee in our non vegan food. And yes, the eggs we use are free range. We do not use any preservatives or thickeners apart from natural ingredients such as white and cider vinegars, salt and raw sugar. Our thickeners are all fantastic natural ingredients used daily in our cooking such as tamarind, raisins and sultanas, fresh herbs and tomatoes, yoghurt, coconut, rice, and a variety of seeds and nuts such as white poppy and black mustard seeds, and cashew, almond and pistachio nuts. Fresh meats are sourced from fantastic butchers such as Ryan’s Quality Meats for beef, lamb and pork, Mahogany Creek for free range goat, duck and turkey, Primavera and Meats at the Mezz in Mt Hawthorn for free range chicken and eggs and for a variety of meats for our cooking classes. Only Australian prawns are used and Australian/NZ fish are purchased. And most of our seafood for our cooking classes are procured from Kailis and Seafood Exporters. Our dry and whole spices as well as the other ingredients so necessary for South Asian and Southeast Asian cooking are obtained from Prime Products, Ganesh, Trans Emporium and Daily Supermarket. The latter is a fantastic source for fresh and seasonal Indian and Asian vegetables. The key to our taste is the fact that we use good ingredients. Ingredients that we process ourselves and then engage traditional methods and slow cooking techniques. We don’t take short cuts and enjoy the process of what we do. All this effort employed in our kitchen brought upon us another request i.e. for our own hand-made masala mixes, concentrate paste and simmer sauces. And that’s precisely why this newsletter has been a tad late – we got carried away by the success of our first two batches of Homestyle Fresh Pastes. We started with 10 jars and now produce small batches of 40 jars at a time. The range is still growing. All are made by hand over many hours with fresh ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients. So, next time you’re in Leederville, grab a couple of our jars and taste the difference. Vindaloo Masala Paste great for beef, pork, chicken and vegetable Butter Chicken Sauce this is a favourite chicken dish with many of you with small children Rogan Josh Paste fantastic with Lamb, Mutton or Goat. Slow cook in your oven for best results. Madras Paste a sure winner with Lamb, Mutton, Goat or Beef Homestyle Curry Masala a versatile base masala makes good omelette, vegetarian, tofu or any red or white meat curry Malaysian Rendang Paste spicy paste, very Moorish. Best slow cooked with chunky beef or free range chicken on the bone! Korma Paste a nutty and tasty mild sauce, great paired with chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables or boiled egg. Malaysian Sambal Paste hot red paste delicious with fish, prawns, chicken and egg Indonesian Curry Paste tasty mild sauce goes well with lamb, beef, egg or mixed vegetables Seafood Curry Sauce a fantastic base for any number of seafoods Thai Green Curry Paste a fragrant sauce excellent paired with seafood, meats and vegetables Thai Hot Red Curry Paste a pungent full-bodied sauce, goes well with seafood, meats and vegetables Green Coriander Paste terrific for grilling meats such as Lamb Chops, Chicken, Kebabs and for use in burgers Chicken Tikka Masala a hand blended mix of fresh tomatoes and crushed almonds, spicy but not too hot. We also hand -make a variety of pickles, chutneys and relishes seasonally. So come in and check what’s currently available.
  3. 3. Good Food To Go We have been cooking up a storm in our kitchen. So, on those days when you have friends or relatives coming over and you just don’t feel like going to much trouble to cook fantastic food, why not try some of our fantastic Food to Share options. Our menu is available online, simply ring us with your order and pick up at your convenience later in the day. And if you feel the urge to cook, but don’t have the time, don’t forget that you can now use one of our Homestyle Fresh Pastes, Masalas or Sauces to create an impressive no fuss dish at home. Dine In We are open for dining - in from 10am – 5pm Tuesday – Sunday. So if you feel like a scrumptious Thali, a quick Lunch Set Meal or a Savoury Platter with Onion Bhajis, Pakoras, Bondas etc to share, do drop in for a sample soon. We also offer a variety of organic and Fair Trade herbal teas, Coffees and Chai Teas, Malaysian Teh Tarik and a range of Indian sweets and handmade brownies, florentines, cakes, muffins and biscuits. Our philosophy for our Pantry is to basically stock what we like to use in our cooking in our commercial kitchen, cooking studio, at home or give as gifts to our friends and family. So we are fussy about what we stock. Generally though, we just like to stock items that are not so easily found elsewhere but are fantastic. So check out some of what we have to offer as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year. Gift Giving for Any Good Reason!! Drop in for a browse through some of our products. We have our own Pickles, Chutneys and Jams Galore – all hand made with much fuss! We stock a beautiful range of teas called Zheena’s Gypsy Teas........, and Love Chai, the Dagoba Range of chocolates and chocolates drinks, Elixir Natural Honey, VooDoo Range of Rocky Road and Nougats, among many others. There is also a great Range of Specially Sourced Coffee Table Cookbooks, Vegan, Vegetarian, South Asian, South East Asian, Middle Eastern, Small Food and Whole Food. We have also been requested to make up Spicy Hampers, which starts at $50, so just tell us how much you’d like to spend and leave the rest up to us Also in stock are the Beautiful and very practical Emilie Henry Asian Claypots that can be used on the stove – think Laksas, Stews and Curries! And newly arrived Tajines in seasonal colours of Olive, Grey and Aubergine has got everyone passing by our shop talking and are walking out the door!! Gary Zeck Ceramic Pots have been produced following a tradition of slow cooking. These vessels are robust and intended for everyday use. Glazed in rich terracotta tones and Inspired by rustic cooking vessels from Kerala (south west India), these ceramics have become a treasured part of Latasha’s cooking. Ceramics can be used in the oven and fridge and have been produced exclusively by Jan and Gary Zeck of Zeckwerkz. Best treasured and used often. We have a range of vessels for breads, pickles, condiments and cooking. So come in and have a look.
  4. 4. Scarab Studio Wood – We are now the stockists for this fantastic team at Scarab. I have known Ian and Peter now professionally for close to 12 years and have worked closely with them on many limited edition high-end Perth Mint product packaging. Beautiful contemporary lines, attention to detail and the warmth of Western Australian native timber. Scarab’s products are just such thoughtful gifts for the creative cook and will last a lifetime. We have in stock large serving trays in Jarrah and Marri, supplied gift-boxed. We also have, in Jarrah and Sheoak, small servers and Condiment Trays, and the award winning Barnacle Grinding Mills in Marri and Jarrah. Herbs and Pots We carry a variety of fresh spices, curry mixes and masala powders, as well as a small selection of fresh herbs, curry leaves, lime leaves, galangal, fresh turmeric, coconut, and lemon grass, Curry leaf, lemongrass, coriander and mint Pots are also available now and then. Do as others do and place orders to avoid disappointments. Hand Made Dry Spice Mixes Latasha also prepares various mixes of hand-ground curry powders and various garam masalas to order from 500 grams starting at $10.50. These are fresh and fantastic for making fabulous meat, seafood, vegetable and vindaloo dishes at home. A great option for the creative cook in you - so do ask! Catering We can provide a range of handmade platters for your convenience, and can cater for those who are vegan or gluten intolerant. Please contact us for a quote. • Savoury Veg Platter - Curry Puff, Onion Baji, Mix Pakora, Samosa, Potato Bondas. $8 per person (pp) • Savoury Meat Platter - Beef Curry Puff, Chicken Pakora, Beef & Chicken Satays, Cocktail Naan with Lamb Meatball $12 pp • Savoury Seafood Platter - Prawn Bajias, Fish Tikka, Squid Pakoras, Prawn & Veg Fritters, Salmon Tandoori Kebab $14 pp • Sweet Platter – Semolina Cake, Mini Passionfruit Muffin, Chocolate Biscuit and Ginger Slice –$8.50 pp Online Store Soft Launch We have slowly but surely started our Online Store especially for customers in the country and there are quite a few of them. We have a young man who have joined our team, and who spends a numbers of hours updating our products each week. It’s taking some time, but we aim to get there with a list of all items stocked in our Store’s Pantry available to you. So if you’re pressed for time and cannot make it to our store during trading hours simply order online and have us deliver your purchase to you. Some Interesting Facts Many of the products we stock are Organic and Fair Trade certified as we try and do our bit to support the world. We also have a high demand for Gluten Free and Vegan products and while our dine-in and take-away menus cater towards this, we are also going to be stocking more products in our pantry section catering to this need. In fact we will be taking part in the Gluten Free Food Allergy Expo on March 7 and 8 at The Perth Convention Centre.