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Preliminary Task Evaluation
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Preliminary Task Evaluation


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Preliminary Task Evaluation
  • 2. Characters
    • Male- I think the male actor was very good and played the character as wanted. Also the facial expressions portrayed the emotion and tone as wanted. The costume also of the suit was able to shows the hierarchy between the characters. In addition the use of the French accent provided curiosity to why he is French.
  • 3. Characters
    • Female- I think that the costume was not believable for the situation she was in, if I was to re do the task I would maybe put dirty clothes to provide interest on to what may of happened previously. I think the acting skills were not believable either, as again for the given and appearing situation the girl would of had been a lot more scared. I do think the fact she was blonde provided a sense of innocence and vulnerability that did work well.
  • 4. Location
    • The actual Location was in my School Drama room, this was successful in my opinion as we were able to create the atmosphere we wanted. It also looks an unusual place so does provide a sense of ambiguity and uncertainty of where the location is, this is the idea we wanted to present.
    • The location we did want the audience to assume was some sort of abandoned warehouse. I think for the time and funds available the location idea was to adventurous and complicated to show.
  • 5. Lighting
    • We chose a dark room to give a mysterious and curious atmosphere of what was going on. I believe this provided more tension. So as we used a drama room we were able to use spot lighting on the characters. The reason we wanted to try this, is we wanted the audience to perceive the location of a warehouse and the light was natural light from out side, maybe through a crack in a door. But unfortunately the light did look to man made and didn’t give the effect we wanted. Also as we were not trained in lighting we struggled in using it very well. Also some of the footage is also very unclear as we couldn’t find a happy medium between darkness and clarity. If I was to re do the task, I would re consider the use of spot lights and complete darkness.
  • 6. Sound
    • The only sound used was the sound of the dialect. This dialect was;
    • Man: Where’s the money Man: What Man: Where’s the money Female: I don’t have your money Man: You silly little girl Female: I’m sorry
    • Due to the size of the room, often the spoken words were echoed and actually worked well as it helped give the idea of the ‘abandoned warehouse’ But as we had never used the camera before we struggled with working out what recorded and what didn’t, so a crucial shot ended up having some of the directors voice in it. As of the time and limitation of location and actor availability we were un able to re record that certain part.
  • 7. 1) This is the entrance of the scene. The lack of information adds curiosity to where the audience is going. It is also a point of view shot 2) This is an over the shoulder shot, as it is slightly over the shoulder of the man looking at the girl. As you can only see the back of the man the audience is left wondering who he is and what his intention are. This is also a long shot as we are seeing the girl from a distance. 3) Here is the first time we meet the girl, who looks up at the man this therefore is a high shot. The distance also makes the shot a mid shot. We still haven't seen the mans face, adding to the suspense.
  • 8. 4) Here is a long shot of the view of the man, this again is a point of view shot as the man approaches. It is also a match on action shot as we have just come from the view of the girl. 5) At this point the man has walked forward, this is therefore a zooming in shot as the camera has zoomed into the male character. 6) Now as the last shot is a low shot as the camera is below the character. This is also a medium close up as we can see more of the man.
  • 9. 7) The shots used her is again a match on action as the two characters have a conversation, this is again a high shot and a medium close up. 8) For the first time we now see the two characters in one shot, this is called a two shot. This is now a long shot as it is from a further distances to show all the action in the shot. 9) This is now a low shot, looking up on to the character. It is also a close up and a point of view shot as it is coming from the girls point of view.
  • 10. 11) This is also a close up and point of view shot. This is also a successful shot of the effective hierarchy. 10) This here is a point of view shot. As it is what the man is looking at. It is also a close up. This also shows what I mentioned earlier about the lack of fear on the actresses face which is not very believable.
  • 11.
    • Preliminary Task Evaluation Reflecting back on my preliminary I think that it went fairly well. I am pleased with the fact that in the task I have challenged my self by slightly developing the criteria more, by using different lighting, such as spotlighting to enhance the tension in the scene. I do personally think I may have over complicated the task in hand, as all we were simply set to do was to open a door, walk in and have a simple conversation. But my partner and I decided to introduce some excitement to the clip. This did provide some advantages as it is more interesting to watch and we were able to use more camera angles. The characters used I believe ended up being fairly successful as the blonde girl effectively portrays a victim, as does the male villain character.
    • Over all...
  • 12.
    • I believe for our first practising task it went well, and would leave the audience wanting to watch more. I am also pleased with the shots, angles and quality of effort we made. Changes I would make would be costume, lighting and the actress. But on the whole, I am pleased with the final outcome, considering the limitations and lack of experience.