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Children's Alliance 2009 Report to Investors


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Kids are counting on us to protect them during these tough times. With your help, we will.

Kids are counting on us to protect them during these tough times. With your help, we will.

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  • 1. Rising to the Challenge for our children annual report to investors 2009
  • 2. children are counting on all of us Paola Maranan Executive Director Each year the Children’s Alliance works hard to hold children harmless from the ups and downs of the economy. This year our work was made harder by a stubborn recession that will, in the coming months, push at least 40,000 more of our state’s children into poverty. We are poised to face the highest child poverty rates in 20 years. But we have hope. There is a new urgency to conversations about meeting the basic needs of kids. We have hope, because the child advocacy community is stronger and bigger than ever. We have hope, because our donors and members remain committed to our mission—a better world for children. Last year investors in the Children’s Alliance helped us protect vital state and federal support for kids. In real terms that means health care for many thousands of children, meals at school and during the summer for hungry kids, a home visiting program that helps at-risk parents and gets children ready for school, and continued work on racial equity. Children, who are not responsible for the poor economy, are counting on us to protect them. With your help, that is exactly what we will continue to do. Thank you for supporting the Children’s Alliance. financial 2008-2009 * Fiscal 2009 Operating Budget $1,427,913 REVENUE & SUPPORT Individual donations $ 96,130 7% Organization dues 73,557 5% Private grants & contracts 1,024,143 72% Public grants & contracts 85,712 6% Event revenue 88,181 6% Other income & reserve 60,190 4% EXPENSES Program costs $ 1,128,353 79% Administrative support 193,262 14% Fundraising 106,298 7% * Subject to audit
  • 3. 2009: protect & preserve for the most vulnerable Children in Washington were counting on our policy makers to protect them in the past year, even as the economy plunged additional tens of thousands of kids into poverty. For children’s advocates it was a year of holding the line against the worst. Deep cuts, from health care to K-12 education, will hurt families now and have ill effects on kids far into the future. There were some bright spots. Children’s Alliance, along with our allies, saved health coverage for the more than half a million children in our state who rely on Apple Health for Kids. We preserved the overall goal of health care for all kids by 2010 and are working hard to achieve that milestone. We protected years of progress in ensuring that children in low income families get nutritious meals at school and in the summer. Our work protected over $10 million of public investment. We preserved the state’s commitment to ending racial disparities faced by children in the foster care system. Many other state goals were delayed or set back this year but this important goal for children remains part of our law. We protected many investments in quality early learning programs, including services like home visiting which provides essential support to new parents and has been proven to increase the odds of success for children at school. Looking to the future, the Children’s Alliance called for new revenues, including a high-earners’ tax. It’s time for our policy makers, business leaders and communities to start talking seriously about reforming Washington’s revenue system. We need a fair state system. We need revenue solutions that protect, preserve and build public investment in our children and their future. Children are counting on us. They have no other choice.
  • 4. board of directors PRESIDENT Juli Bunting Claire Bishop Seattle, 2007 Seattle, 2004 Brewster C. Denny, PhD Seattle, 2004 VICE-PRESIDENT Benjamin Danielson, MD Nick Federici Seattle, 2002 Seattle, 2004 Virginia English TREASURER Seattle, 2008 James Legaz Seattle, 2001 Johann Hellman Olympia, 2007 SECRETARY Christine Hynes Arthur Siegal Seattle, 2004 Seattle, 2002 Livia Lam Federal Way, 2008 PAST PRESIDENT Donald B. Scaramastra Ann E. Simons Seattle, 2002 Olympia, 2005 staff Paola Maranan Claire Lane Executive Director End Childhood Hunger Project Jon Gould Annique Lennon Deputy Director Health Policy Associate Nancy Norman Carolyn McConnell Finance Director Communications Associate Linda Stone Lauren Platt Senior Food Policy Coordinator Early Learning Policy Associate Ruth Schubert Emijah Smith Senior Communications Manager Community Organizer Teresa Mosqueda Julie Bell Advocacy/Legislative Relations Fund Development Leslie Dozono Deborah Bowler Early Learning Policy Coordinator Operations Lan Nguyen Meka Hill Health Policy Coordinator Accounting Assistant Siobhan Ring Nadiya Beckwith-Stanley Mobilization Coordinator 2008 Elections Advocacy voices for children awardees Our kids: Our business Annual, month-long Spokane media campaign, now in its third year, that increases community and business involvement in preventing child abuse. Initiated by Mary Ann Murphy and the Spokesman-Review. Vicky McIntyre Yakima mother whose advocacy for her daughter’s urgent need for health care led her to become an advocate for health coverage for all children. Kimberly Mays Tacoma parent who transformed her experiences with child welfare and criminal justice into vigorous advocacy for policies that help children and families touched by these systems. Laura Wells Exceptional leader of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Washington, a non- partisan group that advocates for public investment in programs that meet at-risk children’s needs early. Jean Colman Advocacy leader who fought for fair treatment of women on welfare, empowering them to advocate for themselves and their children. Jean died of breast cancer one month before our awards ceremony. We miss her. champions for children Speaker Frank Chopp Rep. Pat Sullivan Rep. Ruth Kagi Sen. Lisa Brown, Majority Leader Rep. Eric Pettigrew Sen. Claudia Kauffman Rep. Skip Priest Sen. Karen Keiser Rep. Larry Seaquist Sen. Joe McDermott Photo credits: Tegra Stone Nuess and Ruth Schubert
  • 5. The Children's Alliance We’re advocates for kids. We ensure that laws, policies and programs work for kids, and we hold our leaders accountable until they secure the resources required to make all children safe and healthy. Speak up & speak out for kids! Join our Children’s Action Network Contact us: Seattle 718 6th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 1.800.854.KIDS Spokane 509.747.7205 Spokane office mailing address: Children's Alliance P.O. Box 3063 Spokane, WA 99220