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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Animals Adriana Alegre Ana Carmen Aranda Ana Montemayor Paloma Hernández Olivia Medina
  • 2. Animals Introduction
    • We are going to explain five different activities
    • These activities are focused on teaching English as a foreign language at primary level
    • The use of new technologies in children´s learning process, is meant for them to get used to use those tools
  • 3. Animals Activity 1
    • Animals for Kids:
    • The aim is to learn the name and characteristics of different animals in English.
    • Pupils have to use a link in internet to find the animals and they should identify each one with their sound.
    • It is advisable to do this activity in pairs
  • 4. Intructions to do activity 1
    • Put on the headphones
    • Click the link
    • Fill the gaps with the following sentence “Animals for kids”
    • Click the first option twice
    • Let´s see the presentation!
  • 5. Animals Activity 2
    • Match the pictures
    • This activity has the aim of learning vocabulary through pictures and words.
    • The students have to match the picture with the word
  • 6. Animals Activity 3: Animal bingo
    • This activity is about learning words using flashcards and the bingo game. It is useful to consolidate the vocabulary previously studied.
    • All the class has to do the activity together
  • 7. Animals Activity 4: Old McDonald This activity is about English pronunciation. The students have to sing a song in English. They follow the rythm of music while trying to repeat the song. The aim is to memorize vocabulary and repeat sentences in English, at least the basic strutures .
  • 8. Animals Activity 5: Video The final activity is a mixture between English and art education. Pupils have to follow teacher´s instructions about how to create an animal with recicled materials. The way to give the instructions is through a video in which students can watch, step by step, how to elaborate the animal in a simple way After that they do it individually with materials like a plastic bottle, scissors, plastic bags,…and so on They learn the concept of reciclyng and enjoying the class in a creative way.
  • 9.
    • We hope that all this animal´s activities had shown us the different ways to learn english in a didactic and ludic way
    The End