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Colorium Laboratorium
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Colorium Laboratorium






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Colorium Laboratorium Colorium Laboratorium Presentation Transcript

  • Colorium Laboratorium digital learning environment that will teach how color and light influence ones perception of sound, touch, smell and sight so we can recognize patterns in the thoughts, actions and decisions we make on a daily basis in order to have new perceptions of the world, which can alter thinking, change actions and cause reactions
  • COLOR = Powerful form of communication DESIGN TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL CULTURAL Gril Trend Forcasting Composition TV Screens Boy Harmonies Space Color Processing Old Fashion Form Digital images Young Symbols Shape Food Rich Poor Gangs Religion COLOR AND LIGHT POLITICAL HISTORICAL PSYCHOLOGICAL PHILOSOPHICAL Socialism Van Gogh Anger Astrology Republican Johanes Itten Calm Nature Democrat Aristotle Fear Perception Plato Desire Da Vinci Excitement Goethe Newton
  • Food Ration or bomb?
  • 1976 Mount Kilimanjaro 2006
  • 1972 Lake Chad 1897
  • U.S.A Terror Alert system
  • Precedents
  • http://www.lottolab.org/articles/musicfromcolour.asp
  • http://www.lottolab.org/articles/illusionsoflight.asp
  • Parts and Labor
  • http://www.hunterlab.com/node/1010 http://www.colortools.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc? Screen=PROD&Product_Code=PDK
  • http://www.colourtest.ue-foundation.org/kolory/kolor-index2.php http://express.colormatters.com/colorsurvey/
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 1
  • Prototype 2 Color Frequency test. The user places a color on whatever note they feel is appropiate. There is no right answer. Results will be mapped and compared to see if there are any patterns and if the wavelength and frequency match up in any cases.
  • Prototype 3 Taste the Rainbow. Each cup holds a different flavor (salty, sweet, sour, tangy, etc.) User tries each one and chooses a corresponding color they feel the flavor matches with. There is no right answer. This will test how people identify taste with color.
  • Prototype 4 Room with reflective surfaces. Each wall is painted a different color. The blocks in the center have a different color on each side. People can flip. slide and turn the blocks to see how the colored surfaces are effected when placed next to other surfaces in the room.
  • Prototype 5 Camera tracks motion of certain colors outside the truck Projection inside of truck tracks motion of what the camera picks up
  • Prototype 6 Personal color Frequencey. Skin tone is matched with a pigment. The person can see what the wavelength of their skin tone is (number under each face). The wavelength of their skin tone will be calculated into a sound frequency, which amounts to a note on the chromatic scale.
  • Questions How do I measure results consistently? What kind of immediate feedback will users get? Why will people benefit from exploring this environment? In what form will I visualize the data (poster/web)? What will make this short amount of time a valuable learning experience?