A Miracal Of Girls Fate And Her Struggle In Life


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A Miracal Of Girls Fate And Her Struggle In Life

  1. 1. 1 Haveri is a taluk and a sub-divission head quarters. There is taluk office and also sub-divission office. As taluk head quarters there is taluk office and a tahsildar is the head of the department. As sub-divission head quarters there is a sub-divission officer as the head of the department. This town being a good business place and center has an impartence in the surrounding area. so there munciff courts and magistraste courts are established. Mr. Halappa a pleader is living there practising law. He has a moderate practise of law. He has built a house of his own in the new extention formed. He is a quite going and a normal man. H has got three children of whom the first is a son. He studied B.A. statisticks in first lass and is employed asoffice supervisor in the university college in Dharwar. He is married to a rich merchant family daughter of Davangere and his wife is a matriculate. he is living in Dharwad with his wife. The lawyer has two more daughters. The elder is called PArvati and the younger is called Gowri. PArvati studied in Haveri upto P.U.C. final and has passed it in obtaining twentieth rank to the state, Gowri is studying in nineth standard. PArvati as she has taken twentiyath rank in the P.U.C, her class mates and friends persisted her to join college and to take a degree. Her father was reluctant to get her joined to the college. She persisted him to agree to join college and told himquot; father there is brother's house in Dharwad, As I have taken twentieth rank in the P.U.C. I am sure to get merit scholarship in the college and there will be no college fees and beside that I get some money for books and stationery in which I will maintain myself. You need not spend any money to my college studies. Her mother also recommended her case with her father to agree to her joining the college. So he has to agree and joined her to the K.L.E. college in Dharwad and arranged to stay at the sons house. As both are briliant students of the same subject they became good friends. Sarojini'S house was in the atation road. PArvati's house was near the college in about two furlongs distance. Sarojini has to go to the college in the roadwhere PArvati's house was, so every day Sarojini has to pass through pArvati's house. Therefore both became fast friends and Sarojini use to come first to PArvati's house first and together both use to go to college. While returning from the college Sarojini leaves PArvati at her house and proceed to her house. This was their usual practice. In the class both had good affiniy for each other but PArvati is a good debator. She t has taken some prizes and certificate in the debates in her carrier in p.u.c. She had a good memory and never forgets any thing she reads or hears and had the ability of using that
  2. 2. 2 knowledge in her debates. So here in the college she volunteer herself to participate in inter class debates as well as in inter college or states debates and has won prizes and certificates to both for self as well as to the college. Therefore she is recognized and loved by the college staff as well as by the college students. Being so meritorious she never felt proud and even she use to help her classmates as well as her college mates who ask her help in understanding some subjects which they had not understood. Therefore she is loved by one and all in the college. In a few days Sarojini and PArvati became very good close friends and had some virtual affinity in each other. PArvati had a great liking for karnataka music. She had some of those karnataka music songs by-heart and use to sing them often at her leasure in her privacy. Her class-mate Sonal was learning hindustAni music she being a nothern Indian origin. Her house was four house apart from the house of PArvati in the same road. One Pandith Bavaraj was teaching her hindutani music in her house three days in a week. Sonal was an average student in the class but is a good singer of hundustani music. Her voice was very apt to that. She use to approach PArvati for some explanation of her class lessons which she did not understand. PArvati was coaching her in those lessons. PArvati one day asked herquot; Sonal I am fond of music and like to hear it. Can I ccme to your house to hear the music while your teachercomes to teach you if you have no objection to come to your house at that timequot;. Sonal saidquot; I will ask my mother about your coming to my house to hear music and let you knowquot; Her mother agreed for that . So PArvati now began to go to her house to hear music. After some days her going to hear music to her house once Guruji said to PArvatiquot; you are very interested in hearing hindustani music why cannot you learn itquot; PArvti said to himquot; sir, I like music either it is hindustni or karnatak but I most like to learn karnatak rather-than hindustaniquot;. Guruji said quot; oh, you are much interested in karnatak. Well then I can teach karnatak music also. I have learnt both and has vidvat digree in bothquot;. Then pArvati saidquot; sir, I will ask my father about my learning karnatak music and if he agrees to it i will let you know about itquot;. When her father came to Dharwad she asked her father about her learning of karnatak music and the payment of fees to Guruji. Her father agreed for that. So when he met the Gurugi she informed himquot; Sir my father has agrees for the proposal and
  3. 3. 3 even agreed to give fees for th learning, so you can teach karnatak music to me. Now the problem of where to get the music lerning to be done. It is not possible to ask Guruji to come to her house to teach music because her sister-in-law doesn't like music at all. So she asked Sonal whether she and her mother agree to have lessons of karnatak music in her house. If they agree she can have lessons of karnatak music in her house. Sonal asked her mother about this and her mother saidquot; more than hindutani music I like karnatak music. and I have no objection in your friend's learning karnatak music in this housequot; This Sonal convied this message to PArvtai . ThenPArvati asked the guruji to teach her karnatak music in Sonal's hous/ Guruji guruji arranged PArvti's teaching of karnatak muic in the last three days of the week and he spared the first three days to tach Sonal. Now the teaching of karnatak misic to PArvati gegan in Sonal's house in the last three days of the week. During that period Sonalquot;s motheruse to sit thereto hear yhe karnatak music. Thus PArvati's music learning completed oneyear. One day her father asked her to discontinue the music learning . So she said to her Gurujiquot; sir my fatherasked me to discontinue the music learning,therefore please hereafter please stop teaching music to me.quot;. Her tguruji said quot; my dear child, you have got a perfect melodious voice. Thia is a God given gift to you.. This kind od voice is very rare it cannot be found one in a million. You havegot the talent to learn very quickly and your memory is very brilliant. So do not leave learning karnatak music.I do not find a pupil like you one in a million. I will bestow all my knowledge of this music to you. Please don't leave learning the music. I do not want any fees for my teaching but my sincere ambition is to bsto all my kanatak music knowledge to you. I have a great hope pupil like you will make this karnatak music flurish well in thi worldquot;. From that day on wards my music continued. I didn't stop paying fees to Guruji, I adjusted this amount from my scholer-ship amount. Thus my music leaning continued in my second B.Sc. also. Once in April month first week my father came to brothers house bringing a party with him. There were three people. One elder gentleman and a lady and another a young youth. Father said to brotherquot; look my dear son this elder gentleman is our sub-division officer Mr. chandran, this elderly lady is his cousin from Bangalore. The
  4. 4. 4 youth is her son. They have come to see your sister for the selection as a bride to their youth. They have given all the details of the boy's family . He is the fourth son of the family. His father is a Managing director of a reputed company and gets a salary of five figurs, His name is Rajan. He lives in the reputed extention of Bangalore named Jayanagar in hi own big house. The other three children are seniors to this boy. The firat one is a son an elelctrical enginer who is hol ing a good chief engineer job in Madya d pradesh. He is married and has two children. The other two are daughters. All are married an are in freign countries with their husbands, The remaining is this boy who very recently has passed his B.E. in electronics software and hardware taking a first rank for the state. Now he is employed in a reputed foreign electronic company and gets a pay of one lack per month. This boy's name is Shankar. what is your opinion to show your sister to them?quot; My brother thought a whil and saidquot; father, ifmyour have agree to show PArvati to them I have no objection in showing her to themquot;. So father went out and invited them all to come inside the house. After they all came inside the house they were introduced to my brother. My brother received them with folded hands and offered the chairs to sit. I was very curious about all these matters happenning and was seeing all standing at my room window which faces to the street. After they all sat there talking my brother came inside told every thing to my sister-in-law and asked her to prepare me to show to them. So my sister-in-law took me to her room selected a fine silk sari of hers, combed my hairs and asked me to wear the sari and dress up, When I am ready my brother came and asked my sister-in=law to bring me to the hall before them. She took me to the hall and asked me to sit on the chair opposit to them and sat beside me. The my brother introduced us to them. Now Mr.Chndran began to talk, he saidquot; I was seeing this daughter of our beloved vakilsab going in front of my house in the station road where my office and house quarters are whenever she comes to Haveri in her holidays. She draged my attention and I approved her majestiness. Very recently I had been to bangalore and met my cousin sister there. During our talk about our house welfare she told me that her son is not agreeing to marry any of all the brides shown to him from well read brides of rich family as well as middle lass family. So at that time I remembered this lady and thought he may approve her to marry . So I told all to my sister and asked to visit Haveri to see the girl. so my sister and her son have come to see the bride. I consulted Mr vakilsab explaining all about my sister and family
  5. 5. 5 an asked him wheher he agreeto so his daughter to my sister an to her son. He agreed so they have come to see her.