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  • 1. The use of the Female Body in Visual Art: A Way of Reclaiming What it Means to be a Woman Breanna Miklos Women Studies 301 December 10 th , 2008 Red Flag -Judy Chicago
  • 2. What Do These Have in Common?
    • The Birth of Venus Botticelli
  • 3.
    • Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus -Peter Paul Rubens
    Mona Lisa -Leonardo da Vinci
  • 4.
    • Venus of Urbino-Titian
  • 5.
    • Jupiter and Lo –Correggio Ecstasy of Saint Teresa - Bernini
  • 6.
    • Odalisque with a Slave Ingres
  • 7. Answer:
    • Nudes
    • Male artists
    • Based off male “gaze”
    • Removal of female body ownership
  • 8. Why has there not been any great woman artist of the past?
    • 1.) Objectification of the female body in the art world
    • 2.) Marginalization of women as artists
    • Can you name any women artists before the 20 th century?
  • 9.
    • How far does a female have to go from her home to become an artist?
    • Why were the modern Masters more interested in painting prostitutes than Suffragettes?
  • 10. Feminist Movement of the 1970’s
    • To make art that reflects women's lives and experiences
    • To change the foundation for the production and reception of contemporary art
    • To bring more visibility to women within art history and art practice
  • 11. Frida Kahlo
    • Henry Ford Hospital
  • 12. Georgia O‘Keeffe
    • Grey Line With Black, Blue And Yellow
  • 13. Judy Chicago: The Dinner Party
    • “To challenge not only traditional hierarchy of art but also gender politics “
  • 14.
    • “The idea was to celebrate and recognize female achievement from all of the women who had become invisible in our recent history”
    • -Judy Chicago
  • 15. The Birthing Project
    • Exploring the real life stories and biological information of what it means to be a child baring woman
    Birth Tear
  • 16. Jenny Saville
    • To desconstruct the image of the female body that had been placed upon women. As well as to reclaim the female body from male ownership.
    Plan Self Portrait 1.1
  • 17. A New Age: Vanessa Tiegs
    • To celebrate and to connect to the human existence of cycles
    • To take this forbidden monthly renewal process that all women undergo and to create a positive image.