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Tcca Playbill 2008 Full

  1. 1. O c tO b e r 2 4 , 2 0 0 8 H i s tO r i c rO u n d H O u s e s ava n n a H , G a
  2. 2. Welcome to The Creative Coast Innovation Awards, presented by Lott + Barber 6 pm COCKTAIL RECEpTION —the next step in the grand evolution of the well 7 pm WELCOmE & INTROduCTIONs respected and supported Coastal Business, Education dINNER and Technology Alliance (cBETA) Technology Awards. 8 pm KICK-Off COmmENTs The Innovation Awards honors the best and INNOvATION AWARds brightest innovators in and around Savannah’s Creative HOWARd J mORRIsON LEAdERsHIp AWARd Coast, bringing together both established local ACKNOWLEdgEmENTs & CLOsINg leaders and up-and-coming key players in the fields of technology, design and development, including the non-profit, education and government sectors. welcome O C TO b E R 2 4 , 2 0 0 8 T H E C R E AT I v E C O A s T I N N O vAT I O N AWA R d s
  3. 3. thank you …TO OuR TITLE spONsOR years, including Historic into its designs by taking Preservation Awards from a comprehensive look at Lott + Barber’s mission, “to Historic Savannah Foundation, how lighting, water use and integrate talent, creativity Excellence in Architecture construction materials can be and technology to deliver awards from the American used most efficiently with exceptional solutions,” makes Institute of Architects each project. them an ideal parter for the and a National Award for The firm has evolved first Innovation Awards. Outstanding Technical Merit and expanded over the years, A leading commercial in Metropolitan Transportation offering a full portfolio of architecture, sustainable Planning from the Association services, from architecture design and land planning firm of Metropolitan Planning and community planning to headquartered in Savannah, Organizations. integrated project delivery and Lott + Barber excels at Having made a visual communications. working with clients at every strong commitment to phase of a project, from environmentally responsible For more information, visit site selection through grand building, one quarter of opening events. Founded Lott + Barber’s architects in 1990, the firm has been are LEED accredited, and honored with numerous the company is dedicated to design awards over the incorporating sustainability 2
  4. 4. …TO OuR gREEN LEvEL spONsORs W E RE CYCLE W IT …TO OuR bLuE LEvEL spONsORs H Connect Savannah Carriage Trade pR DP Partners E RECYC L Georgia Southern University W E HGBD Sea Island Bank SCAD I N PA RT N E R S H I P W I T H SkIO Thomas & Hutton (See Page 24 for Full Sponsor Bios) The Creative Coast Alliance (TCCa) is a 501(c) 6 organization dedicated to helping create, grow and attract higher- LOGO SPECIFICATIONS wage, knowledge-based businesses in FONTS: the Savannah region. TCCa is currently “EFFINGHAM COUNTY” - Impact “industrial development authority” - Futura Medium funded by contributions from the Savannah Economic Development COLOR: PMS 349 or C - 100 M-0 Y - 91 K - 42 Authority (SEDA), the City of Savannah, Chatham County, event sponsors and patrons. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 3
  5. 5. On behalf of The Creative the help of our broad-based TCCA AdvIsORy bOARd Coast Alliance staff, Advisory support and newly formed mike polak, Chairman Board, City of Savannah, Advisory Board, we continue Memorial Health Chatham County and to evolve as a concept and an SEDA, welcome to the first organization. sean brandon Director of Mobility & Parking Services, Innovation Awards. Most importantly tonight, City of Savannah With the valuable we’re thrilled to pay tribute support of Lott + Barber, the to YOU, the innovators in our michael brooks Publisher, The South Magazine Innovation Awards is the next community that make it all step in the evolution of the possible. Congratulations and Cari Clark grand tradition of the former thank you for all that you do Owner & Creative Director, Clark Creative CBETA (Coastal Business, to make the Savannah region Education & Technology a true Creative Coast. We are victor Ermoli Alliance) Technology Awards grateful to all of you who’ve Dean, School of Design, SCAD —an innovation in itself and a jumped on board. michelle Hunter first for this community. Cultural Affairs Coordinator, We hope that tonight’s Let’s enjoy the ride. City of Savannah event will both pay homage susan Isaacs to the hard work and brynn grant, Managing Director, Paragon Design dedication of those before Executive Director Orjan Isacson us at CBETA, and well as Regional Manager, continue the Creative Coast fitz Haile, GA Tech Enterprise Innovation Institute vision of expanding the Director of Marketing & PR shannon James conversations, perceptions Owner & President, Shannon James, LLC and possibilities that help Jamie Wolf, move Savannah forward. While Director of Programs & dick Johnson Vice President of Engineering, the two organizations that Entrepreneurial Development Gulfstream Aereospace combined almost a year ago letter to create The Creative Coast Leigh Lawless, Tony & davena Jordan AWOL, Inc. Alliance (The Creative Coast Marketing & Member Services Coordinator Initiative and CBETA) have a rich history, the Alliance is just getting started. With 4
  6. 6. yvonne Jouffrault CFO, One-Stop IT rolling out Tommy Linstroth Head of Sustainable Initiatives, Melaver, Inc. the green carpet s ap Org rth t Hannah byrne scr (Ea Owner & Chief Creative Officer, an o Ta rin od er ic SmackDab Studios ics) eces ate fo No bottled wat an ble c g) le c ver d l ate d Jimi meuse i d O nterp cle Tab lefto oca rin CFO/COO, Rails Machine, LLC cy Aw re lly g) rgan ard mer lant ce ate so is p rth ting g) % Tony O’Reilly ar stat gro tin 00 President, tis ue rin (Ea mpos ish ks 1 wn to t w is an in on sp Small Business Assistance Corporation ng p ith cr foo os sp sed d re eate Co by a te m (Je cycle d b d d y-b rin Ashraf saad Livi (far The Department Head, Computer Science, co b ro d y a rn-b ar is s me m l AASU ased ervin me ater ocal wi ram , bio g co ad ial deg c rada ktails ows s og on th Letty shearer ap pr ble in ) Assistant Vice President for External cup for cles (provided by stagefront presentation systems)p The er Recyclin s rking ehi ed pa fueled v and CFL lighting to reduce energy consumption g is ava (d Affairs, AASU Lighting for the event extensively features LED the eve ilable a rr nt t Prefe atively page siplon the City (provided by n alter poolers. of savan Executive Director, nah.) or car Logistics Innovation Center steve stephens Owner & President, StageFront Presentation Systems scott Tobin Of Counsel, Hunter Maclean murray Wilson President,TPS Consulting throwaway Renewable instead of marjorie young Offsetting produced materials all of the dishware Reusable (donated is being Energy) Owner & President, CarriageTrade PR carbon Choice plastic paper event used and the for by INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 5
  7. 7. finalists 2008
  8. 8. This award is to recognize an educational institution or initiative for a creative or innovative development, program or application of technology that has a positive impact on the educational experience. It is open to primary and secondary educational institutions as well as non-profit and community organizations or programs. education I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T I N 8
  9. 9. Who Who Who Savannah Country Day School Savannah Technical College University of South Carolina Beaufort What What What Savannah’s First and Only LEED Cross-disciplinary Student-constructed Tegrity 2.0, An Automated Class Certified School Building Solar Generator and Photovoltaic Indexing and Content Capture System Why Program Why The newly constructed SCDS Lower Why Tegrity is a class capture system, School facility is more than just a Part of STC’s electrical program making class time available all the time schoolhouse - it is a case study in curriculum for the past year, the solar by automatically capturing, storing education, responsibility and leadership. generator and Photovoltaic Technical and indexing classes on campus for Through its environmentally-sensitive Certificate of Credit teaches students replay by students. Whether using construction, SCDS plans for students how to support, update and maintain the widely-popular iPod or the to learn first hand the importance of solar-powered electrical units. Evolving ubiquitous cell phone, with the touch stewardship and responsible citizenship. the program to beyond curriculum, of a button students can quickly recall Furthermore, this LEED facility takes STC’s Electrical Engineering class key moments or replay entire classes a leading role in promoting healthy, designed the generator, Drafting online, with digital notes, or quickly sustainable building construction for students drew up the plans to make access indexed content of slides, schools. Features include low-water the unit mobile, the Welding class websites and application names across urinals and water heads, a roof took the plans and assembled the an entire semester. Consider this system to catch and store rain, energy parts, and the Photovoltaic students drastic change in chemistry tutoring saving windows, and carpets, paints installed all the solar equipment— requests: pre-Tegrity requests averaged and cabinets with reduced volatile resulting in a solar generator that can 43 per semester; post-Tegrity requests organic compounds. Even surrounding produce enough electricity to power averaged 3. This demonstrated benefit landscaping and gardens will nurture communication systems for the City of continuous access to the class plants and shrubbery that require of Savannah in case of an emergency, content and supplemental materials minimal water. This new building is an and can support a 5000 BTU air was the impetus for USCB to expand extension of SCDS’s commitment to conditioning for the school for over 8 and capitalize on the potential of providing an atmosphere of service hours without battery drain. Tegrity for other academic disciplines. learning where active and engaged students are prepared for the challenges of the future. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 9
  10. 10. This award is to recognize a governmental entity for a creative or innovative development, program or application of technology that improves operations or the delivery of civic services within the Coastal Community. government I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T I N 10
  11. 11. Who Who Who Chatham County Information and SCMPD’s Savannah Area Regional The Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Communication Services Intelligence Center Department (SCMPD) What What What Web-based Property Sales Direct SARIC METRO, A Web-based E-police Software Implementation Access System Intelligence Dissemination Platform Why Why Why The first of its kind in the region, This web-based system was developed SARIC METRO is a web-based SCMPD’s E-Police Software allows for the Board of Assessors to meet crime reduction tool unique to the the public to track crime in their residents’ demand for up-to-date SCMPD that streamlines the sharing neighborhoods, in almost real-time. property sale information and will of information on wanted persons, An invaluable tool for homeowners, dramatically increase data sharing wanted vehicles, crime patterns home buyers and apartment seekers, across county departments and and other valuable intelligence. An the software provides quick access to improve data accessibility for the unparalleled tool in crime fighting and information that formerly took days public. Residents can query the information sharing, SARIC METRO is or weeks to retrieve from the police sales database using a variety of updated continously and is accessible department. The “e-police” software parameters including: Address, Sales 24/7. Every patrol shift monitors this specifically enables residents to view Date, Neighborhood Code, Property information and receives the very crimes committed within four weeks ID Number, Land Use Code, Property latest specific intelligence to keep of any given date, and within a five Use and Sales Qualification Codes. police officers better informed so mile radius of any given locale. With This user-friendly online program that they can more effectively and e-police software, people can be more represents an ongoing commitment efficiently reduce crime. The program is proactive in knowing what’s going on from the County to provide web- now being copied by law enforcement in their community, resulting in more based tools that allow residents agencies around the country. eyes and ears on the street working to access information saving time with police to stop crime. and money on processing and administrative costs. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 11
  12. 12. This award is to recognize an emerging company (less than 5 years) for a creative or innovative development, program or application of technology related to their business. Entrants will be judged on their ability to manage barriers and challenges that typically face a young business, and on how well they adapt their business, products or services to meet market challenges. emerging business I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T by AN 12
  13. 13. Who Who Who Farmer D Organics Federal Surveillance Integrators JodyJazz Inc What What What Biodynamic Compost Product and The MCAD System, A Long-range The DV and DV NY Series of 24 kt. Sustainable Farm System Hazerdous Gas Identifying Technology Gold-plated Single-reed Woodwind Why Why Mouthpieces Farmer D Organics brings us the Developed by Federal Surveillance Why first certified Biodynamic Compost Integrators, the MCAD system is a Created by Jody Espina - a veteran on the market – an extremely high technology that locates, identifies performer and music educator quality soil made from organic waste and quantifies potentially hazardous - by combining science, nature through a closed loop system. Utilizing gaseous elements and allows first and imagination, the DV series of byproducts from farms and grocers – responders and emergency personnel saxophone mouthpieces are based on including commercial partner Whole to detect hazardous gases from a the Golden Mean or Phi proportions. Foods Market – Farmer D reduces distance. The technology, which is They introduce a secondary window and redirects over 50,000 lbs of waste currently being employed by the in the mouthpiece which increases per week previously sent to a landfill. military, can be used to improve safety the harmonics in the mid and bottom Farmer D Organics currently runs and security at commercial ports sections of the sonic spectrum and several regional gardens, including and throughout larger industries. By improves the efficiency of breath one at the Trustees Garden and targeting and properly utilizing the passing through the mouthpiece. With Market, providing education to the technology, MCAD can be a highly the potential to redefine sax playing, community, youth and low-income useful instrument in the overall security this product enhances the sound of families about gardening and nutrition. of our citizens, our economic trade the instrument through fatter tone, Additionally, Farmer D has established and the livelihood our country. improved intonation, more harmonics, a new business concept of setting heightened altissimo, increased power up sustainable farms for residences, and projection, cleaner articulation and resort communities, restaurants and facilitated playing. non-profit educational venues such as camps, prisons and community centers. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 13
  14. 14. This award is to recognize an existing company (more than 5 years) for a creative or innovative development, program or application of technology related to their business. Entrants will be judged on their creativity, innovation or technical prowess in the delivery of products or services, as well as on the leadership role of management. mature business I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T b y A 14
  15. 15. Who Who Who Architectural Building Systems Gulfstream Aerospace Smart Feet What What What Low-impact Modular Housing System Phase II Research and Development Practical Application of Orthotics Why Center Impact Research (In conjunction with ABS is a team of award-winning Why AASU) local architects providing high-quality As designers, developers and Why modular homes as well as apartment manufacturers of the world’s Smart Feet is a local business and amenity buildings that are most technologically advanced dedicated to the underappreciated constructed with minimal impact on business-jet aircrafts, Gulfstream’s science of orthotics and orthopedic the land and optimal economy of newly constructed Research and footwear. In conjunction with AASU’s time and resources. One of their most Development Center will be one of Department of Nursing, Smart Feet recognizable successes, dubbed “the the most sophisticated aerospace recently completed a nationally house that was built in one day,” is a R&D centers in North America. The recognized study on the impact of home ABS constructed in Savannah’s Center will boast two buildings, a orthotics on improving balance, thus Victorian District that respects 108,750-square-foot office building reducing the risk of falling. The full Lowcountry architectural vernacular and a 80,500-square-foot Laboratory impact of this study is realized when yet was assembled in 1/3 of the time Building, that will accommodate 550 considering their findings - as published of a “stick-built” house with reduced employees from Engineering as well in The Journal of Orthopedic Nursing need for costly, onsite specialty labor. as employees of the Accounting and - that over 60% of deaths of women ABS works outside the preconceptions Publications departments. Major areas over 60 are related to falling. While of modular housing, incorporating of aviation research will be conducted orthopedic footwear may not seem environmentally sound practices and a within the facility, including research exciting or dramatic, Smart Feet’s cost-effective, time saving process that on composite materials, acoustics product, education and research helps revolutionizes the potential of off-site- (including sonic boom suppression), speak to the viability of orthotics as built housing. advanced flight deck technology, an affordable, non-medical solution for advanced cabin technology and seniors, diabetics and others in need of advanced machine and tooling. better foot support. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 15
  16. 16. This award is to recognize an organization or group of individuals for a creative or innovative development, program or application of technology that has made a significant community contribution that enhances the expansion of a knowledge-driven economy within the Coastal Community. community I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T I N 16
  17. 17. Who Who Who Chatham County Safety Net Planning Savannah Music Festival Union Mission, Inc. Council, Inc. What What What World-Class, Cross-Genre Musical Multi-disciplinary, Collaborative Social The Health Information Exchange Arts Festival Services Model Project Why Why Why Through its unique, culturally diverse As the region’s leading social service The Chatham County Safety Net productions, the SMF has stimulated provider, UM is devoted to finding Planning Council, a private non-profit arts education while simultaneously solutions to regional problems of collaborative, represents a network fostering regional economic growth, poverty and homelessness. Behavioral of key healthcare providers and generating a cumulative financial health treatment programs and stakeholders supporting uninsured impact of $25 million. Their singular counseling programs provide a and under-insured county residents. events, including commissioned works proactive recourse to expensive and In addition, the Council serves as from artists like Stuart Copeland ineffectual incarceration of substance the Step Up Savannah’s Poverty and Wycliffe Gordon, and unique abusers, persons with mental health Reduction Initiative Healthcare performances from acclaimed issues, and family violence offenders, Action Team. A recipient of a Georgia international artists, accentuate the resulting in staggering cost savings Department of Community Health culture and beauty of Savannah for to the community. In 2007 alone, Pilot grant in 2007, the Council’s residents and visitors alike. Georgia’s UM saved Chatham County over Health Information Exchange Pilot largest musical arts festival, SMF brings $35 million in diverted incarceration Project is building the foundation together artists and audiences from costs, diverted emergency room visits for health information exchange by around the globe, right here in our and hospitalizations, helping provide promoting the adoption of electronic own backyard. services to over 11,000 individuals. medical records and e-prescribing In the last six years, Union Mission by community healthcare providers has ended homelessness for 2,595 in Chatham County. The adoption of individuals and families, trained 262 health information technology will persons in job training programs and improve the effectiveness of health placed 2,002 community members in care and enhance disease reporting in employment. the county. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 17
  18. 18. This award is to recognize an entity that has demonstrated environmental leadership through the use or creation of innovative products, business or legislative practices to help make our Creative Coast a more sustainable community. sustainability I N N O vAT I v E A C H I E v E m E N T I N 18
  19. 19. Who Who Who Farmer D Organics Salt Creek, LLC Southern Environmental Law Center What What What Biodynamic Compost Product and Barbour Pointe, a Conservation-Based No-cost Regional Environmental Legal Sustainable Farm System Housing Development Counseling and Coastal Protection Why Why Initiative Coordinator Farmer D Organics brings us the Barbour Pointe is the first Why first certified Biodynamic Compost development of its kind to incorporate A non-profit, donor supported, on the market – an extremely high low impact site development, public interest environmental law quality soil made from organic waste independently certified energy-and firm, SELC is the only regional public through a closed loop system. Utilizing resource-efficient homes, community interest law firm in the South whose byproducts from farms and grocers – solar power generation and mission is to exclusively protect the including commercial partner Whole conservation easement preservation natural resources and special places Foods Market – Farmer D reduces of riparian buffers and green spaces in the region, with an emphasis on and redirects over 50,000 lbs of waste in a pristine coastal environment. the Georgia coast. SELC’s free legal per week previously sent to a landfill. The development was chosen as the assistance plays a crucial role in helping Farmer D Organics currently runs pilot for the new EarthCraft Coastal to protect more than 2,500 miles of several regional gardens, including one Communities Guidelines, and points tidal waterways and the East Coast’s at the Trustees Garden and Market, toward LEED Silver certification. greatest expanse of maritime forest, as providing education to the community, Additionally, the location is a well as biodiversity, safe drinking water youth and low-income families about designated Sanctuary Site for the Wild supplies and pollution control. Working gardening and nutrition. Additionally, Garden Project and a release site for alongside other environmental groups they’ve established a new business birds and animals rehabilitated by the on the coast, SELC has coordinated a concept of setting up sustainable farms Sanctuary on Sapelo. Many of the eco- coastal protection initiative to identify for residences, resort communities, friendly aspects of this development threats and take appropriate action restaurants and non-profit educational have been achieved individually in to prevent damage to the unique venues such as camps, prisons and other developments but Barbour resources through ongoing projects to community centers. Pointe strives to set precedent in protect wetlands, marshes, hammocks, sustainable coastal development by barrier islands, creeks and rivers along raising the bar to a new height for any the coast. single community. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 19
  21. 21. distinguished judges Netcom and ultimately, the merger with Earthlink, leading to the creation to extend their brand and build meaningful customer experiences. of the nation’s 2nd largest ISP. In She is a founding Principal in the firm, addition to his wide technology Echo Visualization, LLC (EchoViz) in experience, he was also a former Atlanta, Georgia which focuses on U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Zanzibar, interaction design and user experience. Chris Miller Tanzania, and brings to Creative She currently serves on the Board of In 2003, Chris Miller provided the Cities Consulting a wealth of senior Directors of IDSA where she holds the original concept, energy and plan that management expertise from a wide position of President of the national launched The Creative Coast initiative variety of roles including technical organization and has sat on the judging into a leading position in innovation- management, commercial sales, event panel for the IDSA/Businessweek led economic development in the productions, manufacturing operations, magazine Industrial Design Excellence U.S. After serving as the organization’s small business and entrepreneurship Awards, the Consumer Electronics Executive Director from 2003 to consulting, as well as international, Show Innovation Gallery, The Microsoft 2007, Miller stepped down from the economic and community Next-Gen Design Competition and position to launch his own ventures, development. The Seoul Design Olympiad. “Creative Cities Consulting” and “Illuminomics”. He continues to be heavily involved with Savannah and the regional community, is a lead consultant to The Creative Coast Alliance and is currently working on projects in Sweden, the Baltic states and other areas around the southeast MiChelle BerryMan Martin Melaver U.S. Prior to his work with TCCi, Michelle Berryman’s award-winning Martin Melaver is CEO of Melaver, Inc., Chris Miller was an original member design career has been diverse and a third-generation family owned and of, and held a number of roles critical includes exhibits, events, interiors, operated business devoted solely to to the widely acclaimed success consumer products, and user interfaces sustainable principles and practices. of Atlanta-based Internet service for consumer, medical and industrial He holds a Masters and PhD from provider, MindSpring Enterprises, products. She has an extensive Harvard University, an MBA from the finally heading-up the Network background in corporate identity and Kellogg School of Management at Operations Center as Vice President has worked with clients like Cooper Northwestern and is a past Fulbright for the combined MindSpring/Earthlink Lighting, Philips, Hewlett-Packard, scholar to Tel Aviv University. He is Corporation. Miller played a key role Sunbeam, Milliken, Hamilton-Beach, the author of numerous articles on in the aggressive growth via acquisition McKesson, Electrolux, Medtronic, sustainable building practices, is the co- and integrations of PSINet, SpryNet, Nike, Siemens, Sears and Coca-Cola author of the upcoming book INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 21
  22. 22. The Green Building Bottom Line, to technology incubator; Entrepreneur be published in the fall of 2008 by Outreach, a program that provides McGraw-Hill and author of Restoring hands on assistance to technology Who We Are, to be published in the entrepreneurs across the state of spring of 2009 by Chelsea Green. Georgia; the Georgia Minority Business He has been a guest lecturer at Enterprise Center (GMBEC) a federal Harvard, Dartmouth, and other program focused on assisting minority Don MCleMore academic institutions and currently business owners; and the ATDC Seed Don McLemore came to Herty serves as the Board Chair of the Capital Fund, an $18M early stage in 2005 and is the current Chief Georgia Conservancy, is a board technology fund commissioned by Operating Officer. With a BS, MS member of Urban Land Institute’s the State of Georgia to establish and and Ph.D. in Chemistry, Physics Sustainability Council, the Ossabaw grow innovative technology-based and Polymer Science, respectively, Island Foundation, the Savannah entrepreneurial companies. Prior to and almost 30 years of industry Country Day School, the Chatham joining the ATDC and the Enterprise experience, Dr. McLemore spent Environmental Forum and serves as Innovation Institute, Mr. Ross was 21 years with the Dow Chemical an advisory board member for various a Director of Ameritech’s venture Company where he rose through other companies and organizations. capital division where he identified the ranks of research management and executed strategic technology in polymeric materials in both Dow’s investments and has over ten years of Louisiana and Michigan laboratories. business development and engineering During his later years with Dow, he management experience acquired was named Director of Technology through several assignments within and Business Development for Dow Ameritech’s cellular, telephony, Venture. After leaving Dow in 1997, electronic commerce and IT Don went on to work with Raychem Charles ross business units. and later Microtek Medical (formerly Charles Ross is the General Manager Isolyser Co.) where he achieved the of the Advanced Technology positions of Director of Technology Development Center and Director of and Business Development and Entrepreneurial Services for Georgia Executive Vice President, respectively. Tech’s Enterprise Innovation Institute. In recent years, Dr. McLemore has Mr. Ross is responsible for leading formed a private consulting business and providing the overall strategy and accepted an appointment to work for four entrepreneur assistance with Georgia Tech to lead an initiative programs: the Advanced Technology in developing a nationally recognized Development Center (ATDC), a center of excellence in polymer nationally recognized science and science and engineering. 22
  23. 23. aasU Carriage traDe City of savannah pUBliC relations Situated on a beautiful 268-acre The City of Savannah operates under campus, AASU serves students from CarriageTrade Public Relations, Inc a council/manager form of government nearly every state and over 70 nations. is an award winning PR firm since which was adopted in 1954. City Some 7,000 students enjoy our 1995. Increase your visibility in the Council, currently composed of personalized approach to education community and online. Mayor Otis Johnson, Mayor Pro Tem in small classes taught by faculty, not Edna Jackson, Alderman Larry Stuber, graduate assistants. ChaMBer of CoMMerCe Alderman Van Johnson, Alderman Tony AASU offers 100+ academic Thomas, Alderman Mary Osborne, degrees and programs, noteworthy The Savannah Area Chamber of Alderman Mary Ellen Sprague, student and faculty research, the Commerce is a voluntary organization Alderman Jeff Felser and Alderman Center for Regional Analysis and of businesses and professional men Clifton Jones, provides legislative workforce development for education, and women who have joined together direction for the City. City staff works health care and knowledge-based for the purpose of promoting the to support the priorities set by the enterprises. civic, commercial and economic Mayor and Alderman by providing development of the community. There exemplary customer service to the allianCe for are approximately 2,200 member citizens of Savannah. To reach the City, Coastal teChnolgies organizations investing in the success please call 311 or visit our website. of the Chamber via their annual The Alliance for Coastal Technologies dues and contributions. It is one of Dp partners (ACT) is a NOAA-funded partnership the oldest Chambers in the United of research institutions, resource States and has been in continuous managers, and private sector operation since the founding date. effinghaM iDa companies dedicated to fostering the Over the years, it has expanded from development and adoption of effective the narrow interests of the mercantile Ranked as one of the top choices for and reliable sensors and platforms. community to the broad scope of the business and residential environments, business and professional communities. Effingham makes quality of life a top BrightWhitespaCe It has also expanded its scope from consideration where planning and just the city of Savannah, to include the growth are concerned. That’s why Creator of the City of Savannah’s logo, entire Savannah area and surrounding you can find everything you need just and the go-to design firm for top local communities. The Chamber now around the corner yet still have your marketing entities such as Cora Bett encompasses the coastal regions and own quiet place to call home. Thomas Realty Co., brightwhitespace deals with the affairs of the state, is a creative team that’s in touch with national and international entities energy laUnCh partners llC its clients goals. Recognizing excellence which affect the Savannah area. Energy Launch Partners LLC is a in identity, web and print design, their clean technology company. It identifies clients appreciate the cost-savings and ConneCt savannah and develops emerging technologies consistency of message that they get that deliver energy efficiency and from this small firm that can do it all. renewable energy production. 24
  24. 24. georgia ports aUthority and graduate programs in civil, business-jet aircraft. Gulfstream has computer, electrical, environmental, produced some 1,800 aircraft for Facilitating global trade through and mechanical engineering. Cutting customers around the world bios strategic U.S. East Coast gateways, edge research facilities support the since 1958. the Georgia Ports Authority is a academic programs as well as the leader in the operation of modern regional office of the Georgia Tech hgBD terminals and in meeting the demands Enterprise Innovation Institute, the of international business. Georgia’s Savannah Advanced Technology ports combine industry innovations Development Center, and the herty with proven flexibility to create new Georgia Logistics Innovation Center. opportunities along the entire global Georgia Tech Savannah (GTS) offers Herty Advanced Materials Dev- logistics pipeline, delivering what the students the same intellectual rigor elopment Center is a new product market demands. Now. Because in the found in the academic and research accelerator. Focused on value added world of trade, we’re not just keeping programs on the Atlanta campus, materials manufacturers, it provides up, we’re setting the pace. but in a burgeoning, creative coastal technical, market, manufacturing and community. development support. georgia poWer green lifespaCe hUnter MaClean Georgia Power is an investor-owned, tax-paying utility that serves 2.25 Green Lifespace is a Savannah-based Legal ingenuity, professional excellence million customers in all but four of commercial recycling and consulting and outstanding service have defined Georgia’s 159 counties. The largest firm. Along with commercial recycling HunterMaclean’s mission for more of four electric utilities that make up for bars, restaurants, and offices, than a century. This award-winning, Southern Company, Georgia Power, Green Lifespace focuses on helping full-service law firm works closely has been providing electricity to organizations, schools, and businesses with entrepreneurs and knowledge- Georgia for more than a century at become more environmentally based businesses, helping innovative rates well below the national average. responsible. In addition to hosting companies succeed at various stages GreenFest every year, the company of growth, from start-up through sale georgia soUthern University helps promote sustainability issues for or acquisition. With offices in Savannah major events and functions throughout and Brunswick, HunterMaclean the city. specializes in providing creative georgia teCh savannah solutions and offering business advice gUlfstreaM in fields ranging from technology Continuing Georgia Tech’s tradition licensing to corporate finance. With of excellence in engineering-centered Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, a more than 50 attorneys operating education, research and economic wholly owned subsidiary of General from two offices, the firm offers one development, the Savannah campus Dynamics (NYSE: GD), designs, comprehensive source to handle a full projects the Georgia Tech presence develops, manufactures, markets, range of client legal needs. to the Southeast Georgia region services and supports the world’s and currently offers undergraduate most technologically advanced INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 25
  25. 25. linC paragon savannah Morning neWs The Center of Innovation for Logistics In a world, where design was young The Savannah Morning News is Georgia’s leading resource for and misunderstood, one team stood and provides increasing logistics growth and alone in a deadly game of crossing multi-media news for readers and competitiveness. Recognizing the three different disciplines under one advertisers throughout the Coastal perils of industry fragmentation, roof. Based on the true story of Empire. Whether in print, online or our team works directly with each Paragon Design Group, comes the epic on your mobile device, you can trust logistics sector to identify common tale of an award-winning design firm, the Savannah Morning News for problems - and common solutions. specializing in print, web and motion in-depth, credible news, sports and By advancing research, technology graphics. An intrepid band of creative entertainment! and commercialization as well as thinkers dedicated to the pursuit of collaborating with industry thought sustainable design, bravely battling sCaD leaders, technology firms, academia against the evil hordes of mediocrity and entrepreneurs; we provide and apathy. From the people who the connections needed to propel brought you the Innovation Awards sea islanD Bank Georgia’s logistics industry. show package, Paragon Design Group... sitting at a table near you. loW CoUntry MaChinery, JCB seDa rails MaChine Founded in England by the late Joseph The Savannah Economic Development Cyril Bamford, for whom the company Rails Machine LLC provides Authority works to improve the is named, JCB celebrated its 60th software, services and support for standard of living for all citizens of anniversary in 2005.The privately held commercial Ruby on Rails application Chatham County by stimulating the family company has 18 manufacturing deployments. Our primary customers economy through the attraction facilities on four continents - 11 in are professional Ruby on Rails of new investment, the creation of the UK, three in India and one each in developers that need simple and jobs and the support of established the U.S., China, Germany and Brazil. high quality solutions for deploying businesses in the area. JCB manufactures more than 290 their applications either in a hosted distinct machines including: backhoe environment or internal corporate skio loaders, Loadall telescopic handlers, environment. We combined our Rails tracked and wheeled excavators, expertise with a reliable, redundant wheel loaders, articulated dump trucks, infrastructure and a customized rough terrain fork lifts, mini excavators, deployment stack to create the ideal skid steers loaders, JCB Vibromax platform for your Rails applications. compaction equipment and ground- care equipment. The company employs more than 9,000 people worldwide. 26
  26. 26. sMaCk DaB stUDios soUthern environMental strUCtUreD green laW Center Located smack dab in the middle of Structured Green was created by Savannah, Smack Dab Studios is a For 22 years, SELC, a regional non- two designers who were looking for full-service graphic design and web profit organization has pursued furniture that was designed in line application development firm that a unique mission: protect the with their philosophy: respect for the prides themselves on creating effective environment and health of the environment. After a time-consuming design to help companies achieve their Southeast through the power of the search, they decided to start a business objectives. Led by Hannah M. law. Working in all three branches company that would carry only eco- Byrne and Blake Ellis, the studio has a of government, SELC shapes, enacts, quality furniture and accessories. Our solid history of building relationships implements, and enforces the laws products are beautifully designed and with clients throughout Georgia. and polices that affect the air we constructed in a way to reduce their breathe, the water we drink, and the impact, and at the end of their useful soUth University landscapes around us. SELC provides life, can be recycled. The products we its services free of charge to more present to you are “Naturally Good South University was founded in 1899 than 100 partner groups who rely on Design.” and is a private academic institution its expertise, regional perspective, and dedicated to providing educational strategic leadership. thoMas & hUtton opportunities for the intellectual, social, and professional development spanish Moss of a diverse student population. It MeMorial has long and distinguished history Family owned and operated, our of putting our students and learning personalized, detail oriented service is Memorial University Medical Center first. Our faculty come to South unsurpassed. is a two-state healthcare organization University because they know we offer serving a 35-county area in southeast something different, and they seize stage front presentation Georgia and southern South Carolina. the opportunity to focus on student systeMs The system includes its flagship learning. hospital, a 530-bed tertiary medical STAGE FRONT Presentation Systems center; Memorial primary and specialty has been serving the Savannah care physician networks; a major community proudly for 30 years. medical education program; business Founded in 1978, Stage Front designs and industry services; and NurseOne, and installs technical systems that help a 24-hour call center. people better educate, communicate and entertain. Stage Front Presentation Systems is located at 6 Southern Oaks Drive in Savannah. For more information call (912) 236-1345 or visit our website. INNOvATION AWA Rds 2008 27
  27. 27. special thanks Lott + barber brightwhitespace llc Hostsouth Jennifer Abshire patterson spanish moss printing moonriver brewing Company TCCa Awards Committee Jody Espina and Howard paul 2008 panel of Judges Marjorie Young Tommy Linstroth Earth to Table (Cha bella) Historic Roundhouse and the Summer Teal Simpson Coastal Heritage society Shannon James structured green Scott Tobin TCCa Revenue Committee Rigel Crockett paragon design group Rick Winger Steve Stevens Howard Morrison Anthony Wagner stagefront presentation systems Lynn Pitts Curtis Faircloth Mike Polak Jimi Meuse Steve Bowman Phil Sellers pRINTEd ON CHLORINE-fREE 100% pOsT-CONsumER fIbER WITH sOybAsEd INKs
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