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Final Week 3 &4 Individual Quiz Final Week 3 &4 Individual Quiz Document Transcript

  • Week 3 and 4 Individual Quiz<br />Name<br />Specialization Topics: <br />
    • 1. Which country scored the first goal in World Cup history?
    • Brazil
    • Uruguay
    • France
    • Argentina
    • Which country hosted the 1950 World Cup?
    • Uruguay
    • Italy
    • France
    • Brazil
    • The record for most goals scored in one World Cup is 13, which player holds this record?
    • Pele
    • Just Fontaine
    • Maradona
    • Gerd Muller
    • The 1962 World Cup saw a game describe by the BBC as “The most stupid, appalling, disgusting and disgraceful exhibition of football.” Which team did Chile face in this game?
    • Argentina
    • France
    • Italy
    • Uruguay
    • In the 1970 World Cup Jairzinho made history for completing which achievement?
    • He scored in three consecutive World Cups
    • He scored 3 hat tricks
    • He scored in every round
    • He scored for two different countries
    • In May 1904 FIFA was founded in which city?
    • London
    • Berlin
    • Paris
    • Madrid
    • Under which FIFA’s president’s reign was the first noteworthy international competition, the 1908 Olympic Games in London, organized?
    • Robert Guerin
    • Daniel Burley Woolfall
    • Jules Rimet
    • Arthur Drewry
    • Which one of the Specialist Banks is privately owned?
    • The Oman Development Bank
    • The Oman Housing Bank
    • The Alliance Housing Bank
    • None of the above
    • Where do most of the Oil exports go?
    • Thailand
    • US
    • Korea
    • China
    • What is one of Oman’s major economic goals?
    • Increase oil production
    • Diversify the sources of national income
    • Developing the medical sector
    • Answers C and A
    • What are aflaj?
    • Desalinated water
    • Wells, and Dams
    • Wadis
    • All of the above
    • When did Oman change its flag?
    • 1980
    • 1990
    • 1970
    • None of the above
    • What is not one of the types of Islamic Sects practiced in Oman?
    • Ibadhis
    • Sunnis
    • Shias
    • Muatazilites
    • In mid March Forbes magazine issued the 2010 list for the richest people who headed this list?
    • Carlos Slim
    • Bill Gates
    • Warren Buffet
    • Arturo Elias
    Which leader risked Chinese ire by showing his backing to the Uighurs, an ethnic minority in China's troubled Xinjiang province<br />President Obama<br />PM Gordan Brown<br />The Dalai Lama<br />President Sarkozy<br />Who, in mid-February said “we have often said that our religious tenets and beliefs consider these kinds of weapons of mass destruction to be symbols of genocide and are, therefore, forbidden and considered to be haram (religiously banned)”<br />Al-Azhar<br />Ayatollah Ali Khamenei<br />President Ahmadinejad<br />King Abdalla bin Saud<br />In early March which country’s Prime Minister likened his country’s budget crisis to a " wartime situation" <br />Spain<br />England<br />Germany<br />Greece<br />Which US state prosecutors sued Toyota, in mid March, claiming the Japanese carmaker sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that it knew had defects?<br />New York<br />California<br />Washington<br />Texas<br />
    • In 1968 the UN recognized the name Namibia, and the country’s right to independence, but South Africa did not agree to withdraw and allow Namibia full independence until how many years later?
    • 5
    • 10
    • 20
    • 25
    • Stalin’s man-made famine was aimed a killing which group of people?
    • The Herero
    • The Kulaks
    • The Jews
    • The Hutus
    • Which of the following was not one of the reasons behind the genocide in Rwanda 1994?
    • The European introduction of class consciousness
    • The introduction of modern weapons
    • Missionary teachings
    • The Tutsis ownership of land
    • Which 19th Century British economist’s theory of comparative advantage posits that countries should specialize in producing what they do best and most efficiently, and trade those goods for the goods they do not?
    • Adam Smith
    • John Maynard Keynes
    • David Ricardo
    • Ronald J. Bee
    • The US, with about 5 % of the world’s population, consumes about how much of the annual global energy production?
    • 16%
    • 26%
    • 30%
    • 36%
    • OPEC, founded in 1960 in Baghdad, Iraq, grew to include 12 of the most important oil producers by 1973. Which of the following countries is not part of the OPEC?
    • Angola
    • Nigeria
    • Argentina
    • Ecuador
    • Which of the following is not one of Pakistan’s strategic goals in Afghanistan?
    • Eliminate Indian influence
    • Eliminate Pashtun ethnic nationalism
    • Eliminate the TTP
    • Maintaining dependence of the US on Pakistan for security cooperation
    • Russia’s reemergence on the world scene following its precipitous decline in the post-cold war decade has been fueled almost exclusively by what?
    • Its military power
    • The rising prices of oil and natural gas
    • Its scientific and technological breakthroughs
    • Its changing demographics
    • What is the most effective way to prevent Influenza infection?
    • Vaccination
    • Keeping away from infected people
    • Taking more vitamin C
    • Washing your hands more often
    • What type of influenza is not included in seasonal vaccines
    • Type A
    • Type B
    • Type C
    • Type D
    • How many deaths are estimated annually from Influenza epidemics?
    • 100,000 to 200,000
    • 250,000 to 500,000
    • 500,000 to 750,000
    • 750,000 to 1 million
    • Who does the WHO recommend as the highest priority group for annual Influenza vaccination?
    • Elderly individuals
    • People with chronic conditions
    • Pregnant women
    • Health care workers
    • Avian influenza was first identified in Italy in which year?
    • 1878
    • 1928
    • 1988
    • 2008
    • Of the hundreds of strains of avian influenza A viruses, only four are know to have caused human infections, which of the following is not one of these strains?
    • H5N1
    • H9N3
    • H7N3
    • H7N7
    • The H5N1 virus is of the greatest present concern for human health due to several reasons, which of the following is not one of these reasons?
    • H5N1 virus has caused by far the greatest number of deaths
    • It has crossed the species barrier to infect humans
    • More birds are carrying the H5N1 virus
    • H5N1, if given enough opportunities, will develop the characteristics it needs to start another influenza pandemic
    • The Armenians practiced --------------- religion
    • Muslim
    • Christian
    • Armenian
    • Judaism
    • What does the word Ukraine mean
    • The land
    • The Borderland
    • The Afterlife
    • None of the above
    • Which Island has the most well known music
    • Polynesia
    • Micronesia
    • Melanesia
    • None of the above