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Grid Social Networks Gada07 Grid Social Networks Gada07 Presentation Transcript

  • Social Networking to support Collaboration in Computational Grids Oscar Ardaiz Villanueva Univ. Pública de Navarra [email_address] GADA OTM Conference Vilamoura, Portugal, 29-11-2007
  • Outline
    • Motivation
    • Objetives
    • GridPlaza prototype
    • Results
  • GRID Layers (I. Foster)
    • Application Research:
      • Problem Solving Environments
      • Workflow Services
      • Collaboration Services
    • Distributed Systems Research:
      • Distributed Allocation: schedulers, models
      • Economic Allocation: markets, currency
      • Autonomic Systems
    • Middleware Protocols:
      • Stable middleware
    • Fabric Research:
      • Grid OS
      • Performance models
      • Autonomic components
    GLOBUS Toolkit [I. Foster et. Al. “The Anatomy of the Grid”, 2002] View slide
  • GRID Social Layer
    • Social Research:
      • Usability:
      • “ easy-to-use interface”
      • Trust & Agreements:
      • “ Users needs to trust their providers”
      • “ Providers make exchange agreements”
      • Collaboration :
      • “ User collaborate to share experiments”
      • Communities:
      • “ User of a provider form a community”
      • Social Networking:
      • “ Users social ties helpful to discover, as referrals”
    GLOBUS Toolkit USERS View slide
  • Social Networking Applications (I)
    • For friendship (orkut,friendster)
      • My friends are your friends…
    • For business (linkedin)
      • My contacts are your contacts..
    • Discovery functionality:
      • Alice is peer of Bob, Bob is peer of Carol => Alice discovers Carol in few steps.
    • Referral functionality:
      • Alice is peer of Bob, Bob is peer of Carol => Bob can advice Alice about Carol.
    Carol Bob Alice
  • Social Networking Applications (II)
    • Object-centered Social Networks:
    • Alice linked to Bob through object x.
    • x=music ( Alice & Bob like similar music -> exchange favorites,…
    • x=videos (youtube): Alice & Bob like similar videos -> exchange albums,…
  • A Model for Social Networks in Grids
    • Actors:
      • Consumers (access external providers)
      • Providers (give access to several users)
      • Resources (Software, CPU power,…)
    • Ties:
      • Agreement
      • Provide-Uses
      • Collaborate
  • Social Networking Application in Grids
    • Facilitate discovery of useful providers:
      • User Alice uses provider Gamma, User Bob collaborates with user Alice -> User Bob can discover provider Gamma
    • Foster collaboration among Grid actors:
      • User Alice uses provider Gamma, User Bob uses provider Gamma -> Alice and Bob might collaborate to ask for better service
    • Expose trust among Grid actors:
      • User Alice use provider Gamma -> Alice’s peers can contact him to ask about Gamma service quality, resources,...
  • Potential Providers and Collaborators Consumer W Resource M Consumer Z Provider B Provider A Consumer W is recommended resource M because: 1) W is colleague of consumer Z which uses M, 2) W is consumer of provider A, which is colleague of provider B that provides M.
  • a USER page
  • Referrals to Providers and Consumers Consumer W Consumer Z Provider B Provider A Consumer W can get references of Provider B through two referrals: 1) Provider A which is partner of Provider B, 2) Consumer Z which is a colleague of consumer W. Consumer W Provider B
  • a PROVIDER page
  • Grid providers want: Technology Acceptance Model Evaluation Grid consumers want:
    • 20 people from Spanish National Grid iniciative
    • Online survey for Grid providers and users
    Grid providers are interested in: Grid consumers are interested in: 2nd: Tool acceptance +++ Potential Resources ++ More Partners ++++ More Users ++++ More Resources +++ More Partners ++++ More Providers +++ Referrals to Potential Resources ++ Referrals to Potential Partners ++ Referrals to Potential Users ++++ Referrals to Potential Resources +++ Referrals to Potential Partners ++++ Referrals to Potential Providers 1st: Problem importance
  • Conclusions and Future Work
    • Grid providers:
      • are interested in offering its resources to many users.
      • seldom collaborate with other providers: commercial providers compete with each other.
    • Grid users:
      • are interested in identifying new resource providers, and testing new useful resources.
      • collaborate with other users if they perform coodinated Grid experiments.
      • will collaborate to get access to useful resources.
    • Future Work:
      • Data sharing, proyect sharing social networks.
      • Facebook as social networking service.
      • Data obtained from directories.