B.history of america


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B.history of america

  1. 1. Nov 1950 Nov 11, 1950 - W1EN-Selling-exPerience not necessary: S75 to $120 per week: profits from start. selling by *pPt. method. Fuller Brushses. ... Young woman to work with traffic- media manager for Michigsn-av. adver- agency. Err. opp. to advance. Give age. education. exp. and de- . Address MCF 482. ... From Classified Ad 12 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Apr 1951 Apr 2, 1951 - Eastern Pakistan. Ei;ppt India. Hashemite Kln dom of Jordan, Lebanon, Arab Controlled , Saudi Arabia (except Dhahran, Katif, Khobar and Ras Tanura). Syria and Western Pakistan. South America. West Indtaa, Ete. (Panama). Crlstobal May 9 (malls close 8 AM) sails 3 PM from W. 2lth ... From SHIPPING MAILS; ALL HOURS GIVEN IN EASTERN STANDARD TIME - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> May 1951 May 18, 1951 - Call 11 ai for .ppt. _ DAvts 8-1531. CADILLAC-'42 " 62" 2 dr. Sedan, WUI. accept best offer. Pet. owner. Pb. WEntworth_ S-131. Ct;ZV.-'49. 4 drc.. all ; . ... 49 4 door de tuse, ri Seat c-vers. grill guards: private owner Can be seen At American Laundry Garage. 925 .__.Culiltonti. ... From Classified Ad 10 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Nov 1952 Nov 18, 1952 - These clothes are and have a success history. Te man wiso takes this job so have a e'r cese history. Salary pius bonus. ... WM n ting. ad layout, alt . media to bright girl wbo Mn type. Mlh.-av ogres. $ 260. Fre. Bosslevrd.a2 W. Mad. FIOndtI9 6-3780. LEARN EXPEDITING ... From Classified Ad 19 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Apr 1953 Apr 19, 1953 - Mr. Fry SDEarborn 2n0020 for *PPt. STENOS. TO $300 + BONUS. PART TIME. TEMP. OR PERM. LARSON TYP A CAL SERVICE. 32 WP ROOM 310. STENOGRAPHERS. Interesting Positions, sales and dept. Attract, salaries, pleas. ings. Co. benefits. Apply American Can Co, 104 S. Mlchlglan Ruum 515. ... From Classified Ad 37 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jul 1953 Jul 12, 1953 - Medea depart, ast. adv. knowledge or experience necessary Good typist able to handle varied media details. Under 30 yrs. Loop Jocation. 36t;-5 day ... College graduate with history = r required. Experienced, or will. Scott Foresm n & Co. 433_._ Erie. EDITOR S ASSISTANT ... From Classified Ad 33 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Dec 1953 Dec 12, 1953 - Phone CAlumet 5-1100 for ppt. DRIVERS. Ages 25-49 to delier new cars and trucks from Chicago to surrounding states Alm need experienced semi men for ... In reply state age, marital status complete work hIstory rte . and expected salary. WRITE MBH 4_9TRr11NE_ rv SERVItCE MAN FOR OUTSIDE ... From Classified Ad 17 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jan 1954 Jan 17, 1954 - Good opportunity for man with excellent work history and references Rend brief resume and phone number for prompt Iner- . ... CrUI Sr t ppt. HArrison 7-0969 SALES -Experlence In pro. motion, personnel, executive abilIty: college graduate or good salary, excellent opportunity. ... From Classified Ad 23 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Apr 1954 Apr 4, 1954 - CaRL for *ppt DEatborn 2-0778. --For sentri woV Slteady; tood yap; 5 day week. Cal BEve.ly 8.0540 after AP m ... Send resume, salary history to Bon 3408. Columbia Station, Washing- ton D_ C. GIRLS-COOR'. Top salary: vacation wilth pay. Free meats and uniforms. PIXLEY & . 68 E. Lake-st. ... From Classified Ad 32 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1954 Oct 3, 1954 - arranged by largest or. in America. LA. Sever- _awe, 5326 So. Avalon. AD-19201. MEN, 25 TO 30 YRS. Tp train In , work. while . Exrienc. unnecessary. Irih graduate or b1Otler. Answer own ace. education &: employ. , history. Box B-105. Time,. MEN-Unskilled-All Ages ... From Classified Ad 12 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/434691532 ...<br />Nov 1955 Nov 15, 1955 - You'll gree clients, phones. ,ppt.. so tront dest .n- hst in our lovely Offices. Age Eacellent starting . See LYN DAVIS. $ 5. Dearborn nm. ... " Splendid o portunity In our Account- h" s dept. for Capable typist familiar with ad Agency media end production . Alt,. Loop o0. Benefits. ... From Classified Ad 10 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Mar 1956 Mar 21, 1956 - S8th St., BkiSn. PPT. EH JOHNSON. Diil. T,........ San Juan. Dfar. 19. . . . ... . . . . ...58th St.. Bklpn. Saturday, March 24 MEDIA. Cunard (62). ... Havre March 30, Southampton March 30 and Bremerhaven March 31; calls 4 PM from IV, 46th St. (AMERICAN SCOUT tU. S. Lines). ... From SHIPPING--MAILS - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Apr 1956 Apr 15, 1956 - The places where United States visitors will have no trouble at all are Puerto Rico, the Canal Zone and the American Virgin Islands. ... The 25- piece is a media, the '50-, a . real and the 121/, a locha. Visitors should of the latter. It has the exact size and weight of the 1-bolivar ... From COINS OF THE CARIBBEAN; The Varieties of Small Change Can Confuse … - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Sep 1956 Sep 2, 1956 - Ireter rith Art background oft type and on . of Alt medIa Copy wrlt. tnt crp. .tI. In repl, state agr. can. astory . ... tng de" IO r the Alr Forre - tel Ballistic Iiissile Pro- gram by the Anna Dili- sion of American Bosch A r ms . It wa. disclosed today. Charles W. Peree. Pres. ... From Classified Ad 25 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jun 1957 Jun 22, 1957 - AMERICAN POTASH &. CHEMICAL CORP. TRONA, . NURSES. Immediate placement for staf nurses. Salary S375 Der month Becinning July 1 In service o: Your ... or media preferred. Start 5300. Sfeno-Secretary. i Bo T-33. Times. Age 19 to 45. Permanent. Good. SECRETARY PART TIME 71-9 n. & sk2s r . ... From Classified Ad 3 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/437130902 ...<br /> Jul 1957 Jul 22, 1957 - 1, (American Exporll. Lisbon Julf and Oslo Aug 2 Imatls close S A. L); 31 and Tangier Aug. 4 (mails S Balls 11:30 A. nI Irom St. Letter AM); ... ....................N. 16th St, PPT. W. Ii. THOMAS. Mil. Tr. (3241 Leghorn, Ju.y 11. . . . .....8 A. bL..58th St., Bklyn. li ednesday, ... From SHIPPING--MAILS - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> May 1958 May 13, 1958 - Need men to sell the hottest Item in automotive history. Choice terri- tory sow open. Mlen can earn Sl5o-. 2 weer k on our blab commis. sion basin. ... Adntd.g media det i 390 -Typis. Free 405. TV .. Yt. rels ctf .Free en single, n ice Glrlridny. LD ..Fee NCR 3000 Bkr.. to 3i. ... From Classified Ad 5 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jun 1959 Jun 8, 1959 - seeks bright 6-handed gir for a multitude of details. including dictation. Some knowledge of Media helpful Please phone for appt. DU. 4-1193. * SECRETARY ... tm 1,ppt. 0U.0-326. Cat. 316. an TYPatI dI. P " rA, 3. Crvd t wel. .HO. 9 m46. Halp Wanted. W amen III. * TYPIST. M.,t bh L tail. ... From Classified Ad 9 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/464349362 ...<br /> Jul 1959 Jul 12, 1959 - STENOGRAPHER Good ppt.n for teller Ith o-per. In Pertant' posin: moden m air con- NCR machine. Modern air offic. 5 day. 40 bour wk. coad, office. ... Talented woman, educated In field ol . who can work in a of media. Grcetin_ card or imilar . desirable. Pleasant e-orking conditions and ... From Classified Ad 65 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1959 Oct 20, 1959 - Chall ng opportunity to wort -nany media and to advi rapidly. Excellent worl :. Salary in $4'i B8,000 range. Send comp Jetails in first letter. ... 33toe ppt .Subomite duca,. upor. to 0N0 T211 TiNEmes. CIVIL ENGINEERS CIVIL ENGINEERING. DESIGNERS & DRAFTSMEN.<br /> Apr 1960 Apr 19, 1960 - V 7 .1500 for !ppt,. SECRETARY- RIVER OPPTY. If you are a good secretary who knows shorthand, and are tired of from Fox River Valley. contact ... AMERICAN &S CO. 2tr. 20 . I Ichisan. I rl itol.SIRrntf I. Lilt dictation, must have pleas! telephone manner to aid inside sa. manaer. ... From Classified Ad 10 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jul 1960 Jul 13, 1960 - AMERICAN TIRE CO. AD. 1-5125. EtShRv7i Ya at selling drugs & related work & de- good working with TOP SALARY in the Santa An ... Donleny area Cal layer ppt TO. 9 0941 HA. 54t67. car, 2 moo. ilse. CllOr . 5150 rm. & bd. HO. d SiOl. Ste Cb IL tfor additIon& , . G L5 Croa'v checker ... From Classified Ad 3 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/446685802 ...<br /> Jan 1961 Jan 30, 1961 - Excellent on-the- job training, many oppor- tunities to work in all media. Starting salary to $7000, depending on ex- perience and ability, ... American Inst. of Banking FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW-. COME TO OUR OFFICE. 629 SO. HILL ST. (2nd Floor) CLERICAL. Career Opportunity ... From Classified Ad 2 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/446996102 ...<br /> Oct 1962 Oct 27, 1962 - 64351 tor PPt. Personnel Dept. BENEFICIAL INS. GROUP. 755 So. Spring, LA. INSURANCE. Fire, exper. req. Rating 1. policy writing. ... Call Personnel Dept. American Potash & Chem. Corp. 500t W. TH ST. DU. S1 " An Equal Opportun-t EmPlovor SECRETARY. * MEDIA SECRETARY ... From Classified Ad 3 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/454323502 ...<br /> Jan 1963 Jan 26, 1963 - ... .history of the military and. politi-. cal. storms that have shaped Latin. America from Mexico. of. 1910. to. Cuba today. Mr. Beds, whose. first-hand knowledge. of. Latiul. American issues ... uncritical mass media, and. how. It. was decisively, If tempo-. rardy, halted. AN ALTERNATlVE ... From Tu wift - Related web pageswww.thenation.com/archive/detail/13271971<br /> Mar 1963 Mar 27, 1963 - Her Is pour American Oplcal Co. a2 Cn- chance to meet arnd work with sAc- bY Axe.. Reseda. 34t-176. ce2tul ed RIrline ex . Ma this position. it will *oor ... diti-S in W. sh re, area. call far .ppt. Chevrolet Moto, Division . 3325 _Ml?tlle Blvd. DU. SECRETARY. To life brokerage man. ... From Classified Ad 4 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/469312932 ...<br /> Sep 1963 Sep 2, 1963 - Excellet opportunity for capable of SuPervisina in both broadcast and print media. Sal- ary commensurate with ability and experience. See Mrs. Louri, ... Vi 7-1500 ohr ,ppt. CLERK-Typist-Over 22, 60 wpm minimum. Alert, able to di- versified . Potential for growth. Salary open. ... From Classified Ad 18 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1963 Oct 10, 1963 - Needs - enced Print Media Assistant. Good , benefits. etc. Our people know of this ad. Write' fully all details. Wriie TCH 191, Tribune PERSONNE I ... An Ecucl Opportunity Employer RAdio Corporatlon of America. STENOGRAPHER. HS grod. Will grain. Loop whole- AC Becken Co. ... From Classified Ad 13 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jun 1964 Jun 7, 1964 - AMERICAN VISCOSE DIV. 1617 PENNSYLVANIA BLVD. PhiladelphIa, Pa. i913i. An Enual Opportunity Employer. SALESMAN. Will train to sell advertis- ing, prestige media with largest firm of its kind in the West. Straight com- mission, unlimited poten- tial with growing indus- try. ... From Classified Ad 3 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/469748262 ...<br /> Sep 1964 Sep 23, 1964 - Should hove ability. knowledge ot media. arts, and produCtion. Excellent eo- tar advancement with Proml- rent. . Give details ae, .eperience. ... For consideration. to us giving complete work history, education, ond salary requirements. Write MAL 224, Tribune.<br />1965 1965 - This expansion represents the most significant change to Medicare since it was created in 1965. NPF, in collaboration with National Academy of Social Insurance and New America Media, presented a series of seminars in California newsrooms to help journalists ...This expansion represents the most significant change to Medicare since it was created in 1965. NPF, in collaboration with National Academy of Social Insurance and New America Media, presented a series of seminars in California newsrooms to help journalists prepare to cover this huge story. Speaker biographies and PowerPoint presentations can be found at the bottom of this page. Show more Show lessFrom The National Press Foundation - Programswww.nationalpress.org/programs3516 ...<br />  Feb 28, 1965 - Mostly client relations . keep track of famed projects all over America. Plush downtown atcs. 9-S. Salary hi. Free. ... Cull 283-8369 for ppt. 0 a I g re I _USAI Inc.. 5901 N. Cicero. BOOKKEEPER, EXPERIENCED. All office skills. excellent salary, . efits. Neeo North . Write MDH 240. ... From Classified Ad 46 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> 1966 Apr 13, 1966 - ExcePtionaol ppt. Educ. Prod. Div. 285-2127. 223-2836 SALES Trainees. See Sun. ad. Metal- Cal. 422 Warren Lane, ngle. SALES. Part Time. Kodak Dealer. See Sun. ad 4/10. ... Adv. exclusive media. Mr Ford. 5765 W. Adams. SALESMEN-Career Searching. See Sun. 3/27 ad Callfornia Investors. ... From Classified Ad 14 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/496254452 ...<br />  Apr 16, 1966 - SALES - Construction Consultant. all for appoIntment 849-226i . Encyclopedia AmerIca- a. Exhibit Div. 552-7345 . Adr. exclusive media. Mr. ord. ... N 2 Yrs. history . Pt. SA time. Sunset Strip 657-3407 sf SALES. Aluminum & awn. g4 Ings Newspaper LEADS. Aiuma-Koel Awning Co. ... From Classified Ad 11 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/496271932 ...<br />  Apr 25, 1966 - Shrthd., god IBM elec' Must have work history. Good salary with . 876-7565 Sun.: or 8d9-1737-.l. * SECY. MEDICAL. CEDARS OF LEBANON HOSPITAL has positions tor Media Cal Secretaries. Good skills re-n . Varied duties. Some work ont research Prolects. Good salary AL benefits. ... From Classified Ad 6 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/496344082 ...<br /> 1967 Jul 23, 1967 - ARTHUR B. , works in various media; ACA American Masters Gallery, 810 N. La Cienega Blvd.; through Aug. 5. ... AMR MUSEUMS: Slovieland of the Air has of act ' i0 t racing flight history. Open daily 10 am to 5 pm at Oiange County Airport, Costa Mesa . . . Ontario Air ... From Other 17 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/511972172 ...<br /> 1968 Jan 9, 1968 - OV ERS EA S candidates must be single with no de- , at I east 21, American citizens, excel- lent health, high school graduates. Good short- hand required. ... Type 60 WPts en IBM Exe & be familiar with term Inology, tor typing handbooks, pro PM" ," rePorts, ec Tlchnicat Media , ... From Classified Ad 12 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/520884762 ...<br /> 1969 Feb 9, 1969 - We are seeking an Indi- vidual who has an ad- vertising background, including media expe- rience. A college back- ground would be help- ful. Duties will include the gathering, ... Root etate or vet. req. tr P/L Sme NCR & tvP *Xp. Caeer PPt. as aJt. to present head . ass W , onr. -Dntto ... From Classified Ad 97 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/673398622 ...<br />  May 31, 1969 - stock lode history for the - low price of Only It Send to Comatock Gold Otter. ViI Cliv Nev. vt40_. FOR THOSE WHO- THINK AND CARE. 32 nices Of Iterature. ... Girl with media ex-. perience to be Assistant to Super- visor, Computer Control Group. * . . Assistant Buyer,. Media Dept. ... From Classified Ad 10 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/586548562 ...<br />  Aug 11, 1969 - si MEDIA BILLER. H oha te. d eel. 7 Work in the new John Hancock Bldg. : Call AA. Copr _ _ 943MOD70. ACCOUNTS. Most be good typist with tor figures. ... AMERICAN CAMERA. PHOTO SUPPLY CO. BOOKKEEPER. Meaninslul r. If vau take pride . v..' wo andc <br />Mar 1972 Mar 5, 1972 - Starting salary 518.000-$22.000. If you for any at these challenging positions, specify preference and. send your resume complete history ,n confidence tar prompt consideration. Box MSA 076, Tri bune 6i061 1. An Equdol Cnt Eaptoce. I Can You Take Ppt ldrss Charge of a ... From Display Ad 97 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> May 1972 May 14, 1972 - If youa oe for the and opportunity of such a position, pleas In strict , Incdudirg salary history and current earnings to, ... The Wdeil applicant will have writing and editing , thorough knowledge of print media needs and the ability to several projects simultaneously. ... From Display Ad 108 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1972 Oct 11, 1972 - Involves 9 corporat , news, media and some SleeCieSg ot acCounts, firm. Satame loon PIUS bonus PlusocElwissions. 5S E. Washinoton 782.8200 ... 1230 N. Mkistan FRankhtl, 2.0320 HISTORY MAJOR-SdSO, FREE. co ai ii . Al LobSb, Buosiness Mentr C lea log Houst, 1505.WaCkior, 246.7500., ... From Classified Ad 14 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Aug 1973 Aug 30, 1973 - ppt Unique In all k9. Chikagoland. Kontinous Now starring Komedy Khaos DICK. In the DC. Marx BrothersCHS. tradition, CHASE. served up &. favorite ... HISTORY. Weatern Civilizntion to 1500 US History. 1607.1824. Afro.American History to 1750. French Revolution and Napoleon. 1789.1815 ... From Display Ad 32 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1973 Oct 20, 1973 - Sovnlsh/English AMERICAN NATIONAL . 9 am-2 pm, Mon. Fr. WATKlNS-JOHNSON 6vvv NURSES RNS, Kaiser Found. 425. KORAD -LVls Hollhyrod C-on. KORAD Hospital. 465-2106 ... Interested should submit resume w/complete salary history to: LA Times, Box S-t5t. An Equal Onporlunity Emplover ... From Classified Ad 8 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/643186962 ...<br /> Jan 1974 Jan 3, 1974 - Much of American food merchandising is based on that assumption. Dietary behavior abounds in evidence of neurosis: divorce from reality, guilt feelings, masochism, ... " This movement is accelerated by affluence the mass media and the ready availability of mainstream consumer goods. ... From The Unbalanced American's Diet: 20 Partials, Not'Three Squares' - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Feb 1974 Feb 8, 1974 - 11101 Id sis ppt A ve. , W . . 272.6131 . 47-779. ENGINEER. TOOL DESIGNER. Proorossive visual -. rer In So. Oraoge County is leaking for an e Ipor In other die casting or wits on balin. B proE but not . Only re sumes salary history & will be considered. Send resume to Box Q-100. LA ... From Classified Ad 7 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/646344162 ...<br /> Mar 1974 Mar 3, 1974 - BS in Accounting or Finance required. Excellent sal- ary and benefit pack- age. Send resume with salary history in con- fidence to:. BOX A-01 6, TIMES. Male amd - ... Ten ppt pn o rn Its-. oW of mr LA. * Wn Sit. T oo. salary an growth assured In ourt. national 0Chai = .,CP pre-1 ... From Classified Ad 25 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/643892212 ...<br /> Sep 1974 Sep 2, 1974 - Educallonal medIa by Chluges producer of vIsual . Manatmenent In sales or to Elemtnarv and Secondary schools salary Pius Incenive bonus. Estcllnt con. gany benefits, send full resume sat0. nd history and :. MDA 043, Tribane deal1. An Equal ooo; Emnpu er M6-P. MATERIAL HANDLERS ... From Classified Ad 7 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Nov 1974 Nov 24, 1974 - Salary commensurate with experience Generous fringe benefits Ple.. send resume In complete contl- dence= Ularn history and ments. ... Ih the of health Insiuna cl-ims, move un to a career with I leder In the care Inidutr You Will be under <br /> May 1977 May 22, 1977 - bra ppt. ,, d3 tl3 M 'hat HOTEL. GE LN SENECA ST. ENTRANCE id Eual ILL. Cell3163.11E6 M6/P. GENERAL OF ? HOTEL Plea e see S. ... AMERICAN GASKET. rM9 , Schiller Park IL. INSTRU S & Female io plush oN IcuI b Mus knowledge in Physical fitness and ;onm.Call Mr. . 943 .to ... From Classified Ad 54 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Nov 1977 Nov 20, 1977 - e American Soliety at Ciinlca irha1.1 a - fed ,I , is seeking an ascii Cf i., fhe Manager of Eduvfion P" roi Iram Material. ... Oiect malt Position Idindtes and use of media Large colpo on benefits An. Ittunify MSF Send oe. IncodWing salary history MSL AS5 TRIBUNE 60611 ... From Classified Ad 100 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jan 1978 Jan 15, 1978 - We offer unique working environment end excellent compenso- Sio.n Please submit complete resume - ing salary history and requirements in - ... you enjoy working in 0 Ilenging fost paced envi- nent? if so then American ional Bonk has the posi- s for you! We hove inm- hate openings for ... From Classified Ad 37 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Feb 1978 Feb 26, 1978 - L tove American Style @ That GirI-Comedy. O ( (i General Hespital. J lim tabors Show-Variety W Let's Ha;-Oiscussion. (E News-Charlie O'Donnell @ Liliasn Yoga and You ED Marcha Nupcial. G Sharing-Religion. M History ot MJitC). M Meas77; Guet, Tag. 9ie GAetfs ... From Other 55 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/648326452 ...<br /> Mar 1978 Mar 26, 1978 - SA:' 10:45(9) Wanted: Dead or Alive t 1:00(2,9,T) News (5)Lovc American Style (11)The Odd Couple (13,50)Thc Dick Cavctt Shaw (21)l.ilias. Yoga and You (R) (41)Variedades cfe Media Nochc (47)Cuentosy Lcy'endas 11:15(9)Thc Hollywood Connection (Ioincd in progress) . ... From Television This Week - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Apr 1978 Apr 9, 1978 - (R) 11:00(2,4,7)News (5)Love American Style (9)America 2 Night: Gary. Burghof f, guest (11)The Odd Couple (13,50)The Dick Cavett Show (21)Lilias Yoga and You (R) (41)Variedades de Media Noche (97) Lucha Libra 11:30(2)Movie: " Across the Wide Missouri" (1951). ... From Television This Week; OF SPECIAL INTEREST Channel Information - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Jun 1978 Jun 18, 1978 - ACTUARIAL LOOP 510000. preto A pPt OeitfrsY Periorrs. rrl^ SAC-. turf LC IC *r. 043. AD AGENCY. MEDIA BUYER/DIRECTOR. service Ne , b9aCYt. Print , rad and ... Pease send ren sums end sai- any history In tor. MEW tl Triboys. Roust OPonuHtvEmeioter M/F. GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR SEASONED PRO ... From Classified Ad 53 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jul 1978 Jul 23, 1978 - the last 2w/a years 7 young ladles have advanced to high- er position hInt oec- counts service media creative end research depArte menta One eG our media Wuers served os o ... 58180, opena Call too I ppt. ARCHITECTUAL DRAFTSMAN Residenial pap GA. RIok 6 As. soc. Barrington. 300.5140 ... From Classified Ad 123 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Dec 1978 Dec 31, 1978 - A two-and-a-quarter hour documentary tracing the history of black theater in the United States, including interviews with Ossie Davis, ... Movie: " Knute Rockne (f)TheDating Game (41)Variedades de Media Noche ( ) All American" (1940). Ronald (11)The Odd Couple (8)PTLCIub Reagan Pat ... From Television This Week; OF SPECIAL INTEREST Channel Information - Related web pagesselect.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res ...<br /> Jul 1979 Jul 20, 1979 - Media Contac Wolnn Scoefelxid C. Salary commensurate with exp L alld LaOar Send A to helI. ot conally adl etsi Ih PeBcLd C RELAnTONs. opeing in in4 bed . ... Eneat American I cvO 0 st., sr Sanbara, CA. 105m EoE. MANAGERS. Ground flor . MuSt have May be read to .1Call ,Ppt Mr. Muona,! ... From Classified Ad 5 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/651972682 ...<br /> Jun 1980 Jun 29, 1980 - 1 For ppt. Call 5053000 Xtl7. LOYOLA UNIVERSITY. Eqa. tenable lolo* P b jnl r ePq 11 %o. Ia her It . siana1 . ... Call of Send resume with salta history to. Knthleen E. Anderson. 280-6100. American Hospital. Association. 540 North Lake Shore Dr. C i. An Attirmatio ... From Classified Ad 157 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Aug 1980 Aug 31, 1980 - Conuenlenr to t11 Paor PPt. call 922.2500. A & M PRI NTINg. P9 commercial Prne. needs on Baum folder operator for 2nd shift. Liberal PaY . ... American PrinterS & Lithe. f70t W' dor 0d44000 Nlas11 f Bil WahI. Renal OpWrtnny Engineer MIF. PRINTING. for 2eger. do Iend V'UJe r ... From Classified Ad 139 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jan 1981 Jan 4, 1981 - AMERICAN PRESS MEDIA. C70i0 N. CLARiC CHICAGO iL 60062 AdootInir. SECRETARY/TRAFFIC. Groring Mien. A0.e ad.r. needs .- nied sete person. Job - Coelt of client. ... Forfnan- sums &L sular history to:. MEJ I7 Tr Ydu1 t m. ( / 1Ala.t. BAKER Eper all around Baker A CaheDecItatotrih g ... From Classified Ad 43 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jun 1981 Jun 14, 1981 - If you are Interested In this chal- lenging position, please send your resume and salary history, In complete , to: ... American Critical Csre. the pharmaceutical division sf Amesrican Hospital supply Corporation. Is restructuring its Clinical Research Department and is seeking an to ... From Display Ad 122 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jan 1983 Jan 11, 1983 - CLERICAL. Entrv level positIon to pro- Olde Clericol support ond Key PunchIno for our service deport. Ienei.ppt. Aolcda' Ihoyld be debIt oriented. able to work will numbers ond demon. strote . Apollcollons moo be com pleted at Emplovers :. AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF INSURANCE SERVICES ... From Classified Ad 24 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Mar 1983 Mar 20, 1983 - Far *PPt. call MonT . Match 21, 8-22- 1260 or Grove area. ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. Otanch attica at national health care assn c seeking skills ability to ... or store. E. Should Inciude all Ot fashion layout end tot and . Sueer. visory a Pius. Pitase send resume and salary history In to ... From Classified Ad 72 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jun 1983 Jun 26, 1983 - Foe ,oe i-tormo ron or ppt. on o NO-FEE bo- 5?, c.11 eithe offic- or send your resume to our cor- pro,.c (Suhoumbur.) offie. ... We offer a competitive compensation. and excellent opportunity for pro- = development. Please submit yOur including salary history to: ... From Display Ad 64 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Jul 1983 Jul 3, 1983 - c with the media/. e vertising agencies oe I press fleet,. outside public affairs acti rt ties and in-house publicatio ie plus other duties as a. ... Apply in person or send resume with salary history to:. DNational Medical. Enterprises, Inc. Hospital Group. Human Resources, 10th floor ... From Classified Ad 76 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/670237152 ...<br /> Aug 1983 Aug 21, 1983 - SEMINAR. Eaciting Oem 0000 prOducts and progrom. It youre Sales Olloded and mont to build en futur. FASTEST GROWING CO's. US HISTORY ... Frt tfd e" P " Cell 203/6415.502 for ppt. SALES/Art Interior C. . ton, training ton R005 comm market. FP0/ art time. Mrs. Freeman. 203/027.5340. ... From Classified Ad 134 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/668765342 ...<br /> Aug 1984 Aug 13, 1984 - The per- son we seek should have a print or media background and be capable of conceptual. izing and producing innova. tive graphics and layouts ... demo, In ur, irz Igb . NvnRannrege 393" 4l jr *PPt. AUTOMOTIVE. TRANSMISSION R 0 R EXPERIENCED PERSON. S days benefits. TogMA9 AUTOMATIVE ... <br /> Feb 1985 Feb 3, 1985 - Send resume with satay history to:. 508 )44B Times. Times Mlraor Square. Los Angeles, CA s0053. SALES. NON-FERROUS METALS. Immediate position avail for person ... aon ppt. 8t8/88386t22. Genattce wore. Must be goad an phone. AdVerti sing ColeCsant wor ngdc c .OnhilNe 21 mun 7347325995 ... From Classified Ad 156 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/674599812 ...<br /> Apr 1985 Apr 28, 1985 - Most be tale to design in. media . Eaperience with te. programming . Most hone an AA de: in ield, gA de ore desired This is a nique. tor st . ed IndioldLa1 to work in, ... DY ppt.oniy.C.. 1B. Rula Is erve Mane er. *U /F LM. 21 3/933-5500. WE ARE AN EOE. * AUTO SALES. Need three (3) - ... From Classified Ad 142 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/681487752 ...<br /> Sep 1985 Sep 22, 1985 - ppt- for Erowlh ,,d *N. we. POandlidtas, toe aas send no. * Eavellent package. same 6 salary history to Eallop a. opportunities. To arrange Intorview, call between 6 O ... Unique media Important. a mastI Ambit an good taste intel Ilgence let you In on this spa- 015.a?1 -S7I3 . nity. ... From Classified Ad 77 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/683867292 ...<br /> Oct 1985 Oct 13, 1985 - IEF Bank of America. Director of Corporate. Communications. l. California-based consumer products firm is looking for a Director of Corporate Communica- tions. A major responsibility is for media relations, so strong media contacts and an understanding of the working press are a must. ... From Display Ad 215 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/684241162 ...<br /> Nov 1985 Nov 17, 1985 - Friendly atmosphere. lust be a selt-starter with ood organizational, typing! ord processing,. nd lite . with computers nd print media a plus. ... Tspiag, Carl Sun ,y tar *ppt. Free. tr * 1w hiH.ldS o. i 9250 Wilshire 213/278-030 535N Band prom40.45 rrn in oS3' A" 31630 adna 090C. ... From Classified Ad 50 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/691742622 ...<br /> Jan 1986 Jan 26, 1986 - Ple-s submit resume M&t Salary history it co fidence tI-. TIMES BOX F-290. c/o LA TIMES, LA 9053. AUDITOR EntrY.Ievel in So. , S21AUD-I2T,1O O starting, ... If you have a solid under- Standing of Automotive Technology and are . ested In an entry level pa. , come to American , Inc. ... From Classified Ad 127 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/1066111992 ...<br /> Mar 1986 Mar 11, 1986 - AMERICAN RED CROSS. Co'r - MICRO- DlStRIHTION SPECIALIST 2119344l11 cat 73113. CO EUT.R OPERATOR. EPSON AMERICA. SFec Rur Sunda, 3/9 Rd ... Send re- some with history in L. t. Times Ba 2-02.. LA Ca 00053. CREDIT SENIOR ANALYST. Xlnt careen opportunity in LA Credit Center Op-ation ... From Classified Ad 11 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/1066328592 ...<br /> May 1986 May 18, 1986 - Call far ppt. 714/593.2451. SALES. GALLO WINcE. WATCH FOR OUR SUNDAY ADS. 'ears in Orae 7 areas. 0b9/744.4S82. ,ALE Secretaen.Please see un ad vnder SECETARY. ... an exciting opportunity to work with MN experts who ore extremely involved with spe- cial events, media -s, etc. ... From Classified Ad 201 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/1086312542 ...<br /> Sep 1986 Sep 21, 1986 - Nortlesrut : celt 364.1145 fr Ppt. PRODUCTION MANAGER. A leo-ina pl and Poiyuna. Producrs seeks an eP- Prxdu-tict Moevo. ... GREAT AMERICA PUBIIC. MANAGER. Tphra s Pathalslots { a. RodPbi. Ralatians Manoagr a craven background in media manage. mont, and avant . This is a and -nra. ... From Classified Ad 38 -- No Title - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Oct 1986 Oct 12, 1986 - The will bh . out- nZm and possess a solid. verifiable work history. The paY will start or $5 Per hour. We ore also looking icr Secu rit c ... BA degree in social or field ond in American sian ore . Send resume to Reynn Buchmon. Director of Human .Rensounces. St Colerte s of liii. ... From Classified Ad 46 -- No Title - Related web pages<br /> Dec 1990 Dec 6, 1990 - ... ... manage and monitor their curriculum vitae, educational history, and professional portfolio…PowerPoint, online libraries, videos, web links and eLearning ... Cyber Media India Ltd acquires remaining interest in CMP-CyberMedia LLC from United Business Media PLC (4/4/2008 12:00:00 AM) ... From Link Magazines acquires Curriculum Vitae from Select Publications - … - Related web pageswww.alacrastore.com/deal-snapshot ...<br /> May 1991 May 10, 1991 - PPT on agenda at NAVD convention. (pay-per-transaction; National Association of Video Distributors) ... find Video Business articles. ... " Stage Page, Scandals, and Vandals" : William E. Burton and Nineteenth-Century American Theatre.(Book Review) Theatre History Studies; January 1, ... From PPT on agenda at NAVD convention. (pay-per-transaction; National … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-15902418.html?refid ...<br /> Aug 1992 Aug 7, 1992 - PPT: new players. (SuperComm Inc. and UniTrax offer pay-per-transaction programs for video recording rentals) (1992 Video Software Dealers ... American Drycleaner; August 1, 2008 ; 700+ words ......Once a customer is in the database, the POS system tracks their activity over time, ... From PPT: new players. (SuperComm Inc. and UniTrax offer pay-per-transaction … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-12505037.html?refid ...<br /> Dec 1992 Dec 1, 1992 - The American Geological Institute issued the following news release: The American Geological Institute has posted a PowerPoint...with ... Article: AGI Offers Association of American State Geologists Centennial History: 1908-2008 Targeted News Service; February 11, 2009 ; 198 words . ... From Academic institutions offered pricing options on GeoRef disc. (Brief Article … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-13329770.html?refid ...<br /> Jul 1993 Jul 1, 1993 - ALPS Allegro 500 Primer Vernon Library Supplies American Business Disc American Business Information American Business Lists -- Online American Business Information American Heart Association Compact Library MacMillan New Media American Statistics Index Congressional Information ... From Product names. (1993 Buyer's Guide and Consultant Directory) (Buyers … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-14188424.html?refid ...<br /> Sep 1993 Sep 8, 1993 - PARTICIPANTS Martin Emerson American Medical Systems Holdings, Inc. - President & CEO Mark…CEO Mark Heggestad American Medical Systems Holdings, ... Inc., OK International, Orbotech Ltd., Phoenix X-Ray Systems & Services Inc., PPT Vision, Inc…Ray Inspection Equipment I-# Laser ... From Investor Group acquires a minority stake in Phoenix Laser Systems Inc - … - Related web pageswww.alacrastore.com/deal-snapshot ...<br /> Nov 1993 Nov 1, 1993 - Attention-getting and comprehension-raising attributes in visuals in Dutch and American, public and private television news about violence. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media; March 1, 2003 ; 700+ words ......Cronkite underscores the importance of visuals in television news: If ... From Visual Communicating. | Article from Technical Communication | … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-14794823.html?refid ...<br /> Feb 1994 Feb 17, 1994 - I discovered that 30 ppt is the equivalent of about two cups of water thrown into Moosehood Lake. Can such a tiny amount harm anyone? ... An article in a 1989 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association noted that blood-dioxin levels after this accident were " the highest ... From Dioxin and other lies - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/bangor/access/71088271 ...<br /> Mar 1994 Mar 22, 1994 - For example, the literary history of the English language has already provided two well-known writers named Samuel Butler, two named Robert Herrick, and two named ... ORG, the premier public media institution in New York, will debut new on-air, online identification materials for... ... From The original Giant and the Jack of games. (Jack the Giant Killer) | … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-15417382.html?refid ...<br /> Sep 1994 Sep 19, 1994 - Know Your Computer Although Microsoft PowerPoint has...frustration than video clips that refuse to play. ... The game is now available for Windows PC in North America for the suggested retail...management, THQ. oSaints Row 2Es debut on Windows PC will introduce the truly unique, ... ... From CRABB'S BOTTOM LINE | Article from Chicago Sun-Times | HighBeam <br /> Jan 1998 Jan 1, 1998 - There was no single meeting at which all the great library minds concluded that the future should be all digital, and PowerPoint didn't even exist ... Some will even tell us that history is dead--that the history of new media altering but rarely obliterating older media, the history of ... From Paper persists: why physical library collections still matter.( … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-20128737.html?refid ...<br /> Sep 1998 Sep 1, 1998 - Savvy Selling Solutions for the School Media Center. ... find Computers in Libraries articles. Denise R. Wiltsee has been at Cherry Hill High ... Some of our regular lunchtime topics have been Using Windows 95, Searching and Evaluating Sources on the Web, and Integrating PowerPoint ... From Savvy Selling Solutions for the School Media Center. | Article from … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-21116692.html?refid ...<br /> Oct 1998 Oct 6, 1998 - American Society of Media Photographers, Alaska Chapter, meets at 7 pm at Anchorage Museum of History and Art. Free and open to the public. ... Software reviewed will include Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Fee is $40, and there will be on-site registration on a space-available ... From AROUND ANCHORAGE - Related web pagesdocs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/AS/lib00557 ...<br /> Feb 1999 Feb 1, 1999 - Could the Republicans have changed history with PowerPoint? The Republican managers certainly do not have the advantages of education, ... That point was rammed home when Bumpers took on Hyde's American Legion rendition of history. That Bunker Hill crap might work in the House, ... From Virtual Reporting - Related web pagesnymag.com/nymetro/news/media/columns/medialife ...<br /> Jun 1999 Jun 21, 1999 - Speaker: David Pecker of American Media. Cost: $15 members, $20 non-members. For more information, call Kathy, 561-833-3711, ext. 231. ... Technology Seminar -- noon Wednesday, CompUSA, 12170 W. Sunrise Blvd. Free one-hour workshop, " Using PowerPoint to Deliver Knockout Presentations. ... From CHAMBER NEWS - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/sun_sentinel/access ...<br /> Jul 1999 Jul 1, 1999 - The program package includes the instructional CD-ROMs, a training manual and Microsoft[TM] Powerpoint[TM] Presentations. ... American Media, Inc., has announced a new line of 46 workplace safety and OSHA compliance training videos and interactive CD-ROMs that address topics such as ... From Products.(1999 Buyers Guide)(furniture)(Buyers Guide) | Article from … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-55471537.html?refid ...<br /> Aug 1999 Aug 14, 1999 - The National Museum of American History is recruiting docents age 21 and older to lead tours and work in two learning centers, the Hands on History Room and ... Visit www.pmai.org to access the 2005 Digital Replay for audio and PowerPoint presentations from the PMA Imaging Conferences. ... From ANNE'S READER EXCHANGE | Article from The Washington Post | … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-601176.html?refid ...<br /> Oct 1999 Oct 8, 1999 - Black Entertainment Television's founder is launching a $35 million African-American portal site. Will it help mend the digital divide? ... These were the start-up fantasists, whose imaginations were fueled by the relentless media gong-banging about struggling entrepreneurial misfits ... <br /> Jan 2003 Jan 31, 2003 - 28: 10 am-4 pm, exhibit created by Bing Davis; features mixed media works, Ponder Fine Arts Gallery. Tyrone Geter or Ms. Vonda Wright, ... 4: 11 am, All College Assembly, " African American History and Culture as Depicted Through the Arts: The Soul of Black Folk," Antisdel Chapel. ... From State, The : BLACK HISTORY MONTH CALENDAR - Related web pagesdocs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/CS/lib00042 ...<br /> Feb 2003 Feb 6, 2003 - PowerPoint will be selling off the shelves after Powell's multi-media tour de force yesterday at the UN. “Voluminous, thorough, shocking,” are the adjectives the “objective” American media are using to describe the US Secretary of State's 90-minute exposé. ... From Terror Gets Its Props - Related web pageswww.gnn.tv/articles/587/Terror_Gets_Its_Props<br /> Aug 2003 Aug 24, 2003 - Fundamentals in Painting/Oil, Pastel, Mixed Media: 14, 17, 19, 30, 43. Interior Decorating and Design: 7, 14, 29, 31, 34, 36, 56 ... HISTORY, CULTURE AND CURRENT EVENTS. African-American Studies: 2. American Civil War Roundtable: 3. American History: 14, 19. Ancient History: 14, 19 ... From The Newsday Guide To Continuing & Adult Education / NASSAU - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/newsday/access/387837821 ...<br /> Sep 2003 Sep 12, 2003 - Peladeau 's enterprise now represents a concentration of media ownership unequalled elsewhere in North America, exerting what one company executive ... studio chiefs and TV network honchos manage to keep most cross-promotional ideas from progressing beyond the PowerPoint presentation. ... From Convergence gets personal at Quebecor - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/thestar/access/403846801 ...<br /> Oct 2003 Oct 29, 2003 - March 22: Already named Sporting News' high school sophomore player of the year, James becomes the first sophomore in its 14-year history to ... as the top high school player in America, maybe of all time," Howie Davis, the museum's director of sports media, told the Associated Press. ... From The path to greatness - Related web pagessports.espn.go.com/nba/preview2003/news/story ...<br /> Nov 2003 Nov 24, 2003 - The media blitz coincides with a sharp rise in attacks by guerrillas against American interests and comes amid signs that both US troops and ... with two large flat-screen monitors now installed to carry slick Powerpoint presentations the military is using to show off operations and ... From Spin city in Baghdad - Related web pageswww.iol.co.za/topfive.php?URL_to=/index.php ...<br /> Apr 2004 Apr 5, 2004 - A senior administration official showed NEWSWEEK a copy of Clarke's PowerPoint briefing delivered to Rice and her new team in January 2001. ... It is a mind-set rooted in history--in the scandals over assassination plots and spying on American citizens that engulfed the CIA and FBI ... From The Insider; The Town Crier: He came, he bore witness and he sent … - Related web pageswww.accessmylibrary.com/premium/0286/0286 ...<br /> May 2004 May 19, 2004 - ... " 'Why does Arab media fail at self criticism and why can't Arab human rights NGOs pressure Arab governments the way their counterparts do in America?', asked the host of satellite news channel al-Arabiy[a]'s (one of the harshest critics of the United States) 'Spotlight' news program. ... From Right Hook - Related web pagesdir.salon.com/story/opinion/right_hook/2004/05 ...<br /> Nov 2004 Nov 11, 2004 - Whatever we call the New American Dream, we just need to speak from the gut and articulate hope -- and echo it all via the new, collaborative platform for media, entertainment and activism now taking shape. We also need to micro-target, organize and motivate different audiences, ... From Memo to sore losermen - Related web pagesdir.salon.com/story/opinion/feature/2004/11/11 ...<br /> Dec 2004 Dec 22, 2004 - ... ... resemble a dry intelligence estimate, others an engaging political history such as Barbara Tuchman's The Guns of August, and still others a painful PowerPoint briefing. ... 362), representing a way of thinking that completely opposes American values and Western civilization. ... From The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on <br /> Jan 2006 Jan 7, 2006 - The Iron Whim -- the title is from Marshall McLuhan's Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man -- is not a commodity history, ... He ingeniously hunts and pecks his way from the making of American pop artist Ed Ruscha's Royal Road Test, a 1967 book of photographs depicting a vintage ... From Different strokes for different folks - Related web pageswww.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ArticleNews ...<br /> May 2006 May 12, 2006 - ... ... that " evidence of massive violations of the human, social, cultural and labour rights of Latin American workers has been presented to the PPT" . ... The conflict even received international media coverage in Vienna Friday, when a carnival queen paraded before the heads of state in a ... From Latin America-EU - Related web pageswww.tni.org/altreg-docs/vienna-ips.htm<br /> Jun 2006 Jun 8, 2006 - Throughout fiscal 2007, we plan to continue to make the critical investments in additional services which we believe are necessary to achieve early penetration in emerging media distribution platforms. However, our PPT and AMI businesses will remain steady sources of earnings and ... From Rentrak's Fourth Quarter Earnings Double on 21 Percent Revenue Gain. - Related web pageswww.accessmylibrary.com/premium/0286/0286 ...<br /> Nov 2006 Nov 27, 2006 - American officers expressed unhappiness about how their own training teams had been selected and prepared. One major tellingly remarked that ''I went there with the wrong attitude and I thought I understood Iraq and the history because I had seen PowerPoint slides, but I really didn't. ... From What the US Army has learned in Iraq | Article from International Herald … - Related web pageswww.highbeam.com/doc/1P1-131581581.html?refid ...<br /> Jan 2007 Jan 4, 2007 - As the date for his tour approached—as well as the New America Media award ceremony, on Nov. 14 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, DC, ... As expected, Americans across the country were shocked by Omer's words and powerpoint presentation. It's one thing to read about life under ... From US Tour Succeeds Despite Every Israeli Hurdle - Related web pageswww.wrmea.com/archives/March_2007/0703025.html<br /> Feb 2007 Feb 24, 2007 - He wants it to be an " original Venezuelan model" to become the most democratic in Venezuela's history and include a coalition of many smaller parties along ... In an earlier article, this writer addressed how Venezuela's corporate media relentlessly beats up on Hugo Chavez to a degree ... From Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda - Related web pageswww.pej.org/html/index.php/modules.php?op ...<br /> Mar 2007 Mar 21, 2007 - In regards to the poll taken of the Iraqi people and their views on the war and the coalition forces present, once again the media only ... It is the war on terrorism, but nothing, thankfully, has hit American soil since Sept. 11. Shouldn't that tell President Bush that it's time to go ... From POWERPOINT - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> May 2007 May 30, 2007 - The media in America immediately, and falsely, claimed the President intended to outlaw all political parties, and US newspaper ... Similar difficulties have arisen in the Patria Para Todos (PPT) party — heirs to the leftist opposition La Causa R (Radical Cause) party that had opposed ... From ¡Rumbo a la Revolución Bolívariana! - Related web pageswww.dissidentvoice.org/2007/05/¡rumbo-a-la ...<br /> Oct 2007 Oct 13, 2007 - Newly elected to the US House, in December 1847 Lincoln challenged President James Polk to name the spot where American blood had been shed on ... As a people we keep neglecting our history (lower test scores, funny gaffes in media reports), and yet individually and collectively we ... From Lincoln and his complex times; A nuanced and engaging account breaks … - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/chicagotribune/access ...<br /> Dec 2007 Dec 2, 2007 - As part of that large chunk of the evening, from 5:15 to 8 pm, students learn about campaign messages and the history and development of the ... through a PowerPoint presentation comparing several polling systems, including the big guys - Gallup, Zogby, the American Research Group. ... From New Hampshire primary, the class - The Boston Globe - Related web pages<br />Jan 2005 Jan 16, 2005 - As Gladwell says, we " live in North America, where we are surrounded every day by cultural messages linking white with good. ... On the face of it, we value facts, Venn diagrams, PowerPoint presentations and the phrase " crunch the numbers." Knowledge is, for us, ... From The peril of snap decisions; Despite Malcolm Gladwell's sound notions, … - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/thestar/access/779537541 ...<br />  Jan 29, 2005 - DO follow unit SOPs regarding contact with the media. DO continue to follow all Force Protection rules. DON'T appear to favor any Iraqi parties ... Battalion officers down to platoon and squad leaders were given briefings and shown Powerpoint slides covering basic election information. ... From American troops prepare to step back as Iraqis go to the polls on Sunday - Related web pageswww.estripes.com/article.asp?section=104 ...<br /> Feb 2005 Feb 19, 2005 - " We have a lot of education to do, both internally with our members and staff, as well as externally with the people of America. ... Most of the House Republicans who are planning Social Security meetings are lawmakers, such as Kingston, who have a history of advocating change in the ... From The Nation; GOP Takes to Heartland With Social Security Plan - Related web pagespqasb.pqarchiver.com/latimes/access/795267821 ...<br />  Feb 24, 2005 - Courtney Baker's seventh- grade block class uses a resource book called " African American History," which is full of short stories that " share ... The library has a display highlighting famous African Americans from US history. Kevan Hagen, a media specialist, also is inviting students ... From Schools honor black history - Classrooms study African-American culture, … - Related web pagesdocs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/OLPB/lib00441 ...<br /> Mar 2005 Mar 11, 2005 - The webcast event is being sponsored by the American Stock Exchange and will feature selected top performing Amex-listed companies for 2004. ... The live audio webcast with the corresponding PowerPoint presentation will be available on the Company's web site at ... From Abraxas Announces Participation in the 2004 Top Performers of the Amex … - Related web pageswww.accessmylibrary.com/premium/0286/0286 ...<br />  Mar 14, 2005 - ... ... tests of China's reach, and its limits, took place over cups of coffee and PowerPoint displays in a conference room in Sulzbach, Germany. ... After two days of icy negotiations, the Chinese delegation walked out of the meeting, and issued a statement to the Chinese news media ... From China's homegrown technology vs. the Establishment - Related web pageswww.nytimes.com/2005/03/13/business ...<br /> Apr 2005 Apr 8, 2005 - His rebuke of the Gulf War of 1991 and the war in Iraq in 2003 discomfited many American Catholics. In contrast, while visiting Nicaragua and other ... The barrage of news that followed is unprecedented in history. All major news media around the world dedicated about 10 times as many ... From Pontiff's Death Ignites Media Circus - Related web pageswww.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/view/at_pg.aspx ...<br /> May 2005 May 2, 2005 - According to a Pew Research Center Survey, only 27% of Internet users in America now bother to read them. ... The overwhelming majority of the information the world spews out every day is digital -- photos from camera phones, PowerPoint presentations, government filings, billions and ... From Blogs Will Change Your Business - Related web pageswww.businessweek.com/@@A3RtXIQQWDwigQMA ...<br />  May 13, 2005 - The exhibition, at the Utah Museum of Natural History, features three dynamic areas focusing on cells, genes, and living together. UTAH MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, 410 Campus Center Drive, on the University of Utah campus will exhibit " Connections: African-American Art," through June 10, ... From Things to do this week and beyond - Related web pagesdocs.newsbank.com/g/GooglePM/SLTB/lib00825 ...<br /> Jun 2005 Jun 2, 2005 - Just like the pull-down ones used to watch home movies, or Powerpoint presentations. Not many members of the foreign press here after all. A segment producer for ABC's Good Morning America is here. Mostly for <br />