Oracle Distributed Document Capture
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Oracle Distributed Document Capture



Oracle Distributed Document Capture

Oracle Distributed Document Capture



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Oracle Distributed Document Capture Oracle Distributed Document Capture Presentation Transcript

  • Distributed <Insert Picture Here> Document Capture Use Cases Fujitsu – Oracle Lunch Madrid, May 27th 2009 Hylke Visser, Director of Enterprise E2.0, Oracle
  • <Insert Picture Here> Customer Case Study JPMorgan Chase Use Case Study Rabobank Netherlands
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co. Customer Case Study Implementing Oracle Distributed Document Capture Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved
  • i-Vault! Global Document Scanning Solution Problems to be solved: Global scanning Lower volume scanning Incorporate indexing at front end of the process or allow for central indexing Reduce cycle time to move business-critical documents to processing locations Meet regulatory storage requirements Ensure documents are housed in a consistent, easily accessible repository Solution must be: Cost effective Easily distributed Easily maintainable Allow for high quality and validated indexing Leverage existing applications – archive, capture, standard desktop build Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 6
  • Current offsite document storage At year-end 2006, estimated 6.1 million boxes held at Iron Mountain global off-site storage facilities on behalf of U.S., UK, Belgium, Ireland, France and Germany locations Estimate does not include: Approximately 272,000 boxes held in Asia locations where each branch has independent arrangements with local suppliers Approximately 110,000 boxes held in EMEA locations on behalf of Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Moscow and Italy 2006 archive box deposits In 2006, approximately 711,000 archive boxes were stored with Iron Mountain – excludes boxes stored on behalf of the Asia and non-Iron Mountain EMEA locations at other third party vendor sites 2007 archive box deposits Estimated that an additional 486,000 boxes were stored at off-site locations Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 7
  • Impact of current document storage situation Customer and service impacts Delays in answering queries – archive boxes must be recalled from centralized storage facility facility with potential risk of wrong archive box being requested and/or received Reduced staff efficiency and increased risk Documents take longer to locate in archive box; possible that documents will be misfiled or documents not returned to the correct archive box. UK government statistics estimate that each query takes an average of 2.5 hours to complete. Recent fire at Iron Mountain location destroyed approximately 3,000 boxes owned by 3,000 JPMorgan Chase Administrative overhead Numerous ad hoc spreadsheets and databases maintained to track documents placed in each documents archive box Staff has to manage the archive box process: packing, inventory compiled for each box, sending each box to offsite storage location Inefficient use of office space Office space utilized for storage of archive boxes either waiting for collection or being waiting processed Desks are cluttered with mountains of paper awaiting completion of archive box process Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 7
  • Processing flow, distributed capture and storage USER BASIC PROCESSING FLOW SiteMinder Release Document & Metadata Scan a document Index Document Single Sign-On to System to Server Next Document CTO IMAGE GLOBAL DISTRIBUTED CAPTURE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE SCHEMATIC Globally Distributed Low Speed Scanning Devices With Local Web Based Indexing MFD Device PC PC PC PC JP Morgan Chase INTRANET DISTRIBUTED CAPTURE Initially at two US SYSTEM datacenters in an (CENTRAL SERVERS) active/active configurartion i-VAULT Enterprise Repositories I-VAULT i-VAULT CM OnDemand Content Manager Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 8
  • Pilot implementations Three lines of business participating Treasury & Securities Services - as part of the Global Legal Documentation project; estimated number of users: 200-250 Commercial Banking - as part of initiative to locally capture customer documentation; estimated number of users: 450-550 Centralized Transaction Operations – as part of a cost initiative to reduce number of documents stored at off-site storage facilities; estimated number of users: 50-150 End of 3Q 2008: 1,000 users up on i-GDS! Year-end 2008: estimate 1,800+ users Currently have 50 implementations in queue, taking user base to more than 3,500 users Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 9
  • Savings contributing to business case Storage – 23% of benefit - Cost of sending and storing paper documents offsite in warehouse Retrieval – 5.7% of benefit - Cost to retrieve boxes and transport them back to user requesting document retrieval Efficiency – 71.3% of benefit – Improvements in not having to search through boxes; being able to pull necessary document up via Web browser Other savings opportunities not quantified Ability to incorporate documents into workflow within hours Freed up floor space from eliminating file cabinets Legal retention and ability to produce Storage Retrieval Efficiency document quickly Customer satisfaction Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 10
  • Future plans for i-Vault! Global Document Scanning Continue roll out to global locations Potential to add functionality (ability to import e-mail, PDF documents, index improvements, etc.) Integration of Distributed Capture with other Content Management and Business Process Management functionality Continued expansion of Capture Roadmap to include Capture locally or centrally, and Key locally, centrally or globally. This would require integration with higher volume Capture capability. Proprietary and Confidential – All Rights Reserved Page 11
  • Manage the Customer Relation Rabobank is a leader in Food and Agri financing and in sustainability-oriented banking. The Rabobank Group has the highest credit rating (AAA) and in terms of Tier 1 Capital, the organisation is among the world's fifteen largest financial institutions. Rabobank required: • A centralised, consolidated Enterprise Content Management system • A fully into the business processes and the User Interface of their Siebel deployment integrated solution • A scalable solution for over 34.000 employees to access customer related documents • A content platform that could fulfil their future needs for RM and WCM
  • Universal Content Management within Siebel view (Managed Attachments)
  • When clicking on Checkin, you can add documents
  • Launch Distributed Document Capture with relevant context for front office / ad hoc scanning
  • Launch Distributed Document Capture with relevant context for front office / ad hoc scanning
  • For the demo we ‘scan’ a .tif document, but normally you would have a scanner
  • After scanning the document, you can add metadata
  • Or you can lookup information from the Siebel database to search and validate
  • When you are ready, press the Send button
  • A user can also create a cover sheet with relevant context for back office scanning
  • A user can also create a cover sheet with relevant context for back office scanning
  • This back office scanned documents will be visible in Siebel due to the barcodes
  • Clicking on the document will open a PDF or PDF/A version of the document
  • Clicking on the document will open a PDF or PDF/A version of the document
  • But clicking on the Edit button will do a Check Out and Open in native application