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Using Social Media To Support Press and PR
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Using Social Media To Support Press and PR


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Using Social Media to Support Press and PR Jamie Brown, Press and PR Manager
  • 2. What we do at the moment? • Twitter (salforduni) 1700+ followers • Flickr (over 12,000 views) • Eventful, Conference Alerts, Upcoming
  • 3. Why use social media for PR? - the push factor “Manchester Evening News to cut 78 journalists' jobs” Press Gazette, March 2009 “Twitter Has A Big Month, Grows To Over 8 Million U.S. Users” Social Times, March 2009
  • 4. Why use social media for PR? - the pull factors • Enables a conversation – ‘Please send me more details about this course’ – ‘Interesting event, but I’m not sure what it’s all about’ – ‘Why the f**k won’t anyone answer the phone @salforduni • Reach a large audience – ChapelStreetBG @SalfordUni you're welcome: worth RTing again: All of our Arts Unit events are now on the website. Have a look.
  • 5. Why use social media for PR? - the pull factors • Reputation – People are talking about us – We can join in, influence, and put our side
  • 6. Set a tone – in pictures
  • 7. Set a tone – in words • For £4 you can see a pianist praised by the NY Times here on 26 January. • The end of major employer engagement project marked by event 02/12. Find out how unis and business work together • New year's resolution to learn more about human prehistory? Start with this January lecture
  • 8. Results? • Created buzz around courses – and applications • Filled events • Got journalists interested in stories • Delivered better customer service • Reached large audiences which couldn’t be reached through conventional media.
  • 9. Drawbacks and considerations • The conventional media is still more important for most people • Social media should complement other forms of communication • We need to be more agile in our practices • It’s not appropriate for all of our audiences
  • 10. Next? • Increased use across the University – 34 Twitter accounts – 21 blogs • Collect all accounts and blogs on the main website • Live Tweeting from University events • Guidelines to be made available to all staff • Keep an eye on what’s new!
  • 11. Finally • I’m making this up as I go along! So: – What are we doing well? – Where are we going wrong?