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The Psoj 2009 And Beyond September 2009 2
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The Psoj 2009 And Beyond September 2009 2


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PSOJ and Beyond

PSOJ and Beyond

Published in: News & Politics, Technology

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  • 1. The PSOJ2009 and Beyond
    Revised September 2009
  • 2. Strategic Posture 2009 - 2012
    On June 27, 2009 the Council of the PSOJ, elected on May 26, 2009, met in a one-day “Advance”, facilitated by Growth Facilitators, to:
    Validate the PSOJ Vision
    Validate the PSOJ Mission
    Agree on 4 to 5 key areas of focus
    Identify measures of success for each area of focus
    Outline Key initiatives for the period 2009 - 2012
    Assign Responsibility at the Council and Secretariat level
    Revised September 2009
  • 3. Strategic Posture 2009 - 2012
    The following slides outline the PSOJ’s revised Vision and Mission as well as its strategic posture going forward.
    The presentation also gives an overview of the PSOJ, its programmes and priorities.
    Revised September 2009
  • 4. The Mission
    The Mission of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica is to effectively advocate for the implementation of public policy that enables strong, sustainable private sector led economic growth & development
    Revised September 2009
  • 5. Our Vision for Jamaica
    The PSOJ has adopted the 2030 National Vision Statement as its Vision for Jamaica :
    Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business
    Revised September 2009
  • 6. Our Vision for the Organisation
    We are the unifying voice of the private sector working in partnership with the public sector and civil society to achieve the 2030 Vision for Jamaica
    Revised September 2009
  • 7. Our (Not so) New Tag Line
    Revised September 2009
    We are the unifying voice of the private sector working in partnership with the public sector and civil society to achieve the 2030 Vision for Jamaica.
    I 4:Promote and influence greater transparency, efficiency, and accountability in the operations of the public sector
    I 1: Promote cooperation between private sector organisations
    I 2:Formulate and promote a macroeconomic policy framework which will achieve high rates of sustained economic growth
    I 3: Formulate and promote policies for the achievement of a lawful and just society
    I 5: Promote the practice of good corporate governance in the Private Sector
    Influence policy and implementation
    Serve our members and clients
    C1: Improve responsiveness to the needs of members
    C2: Grow and diversify the membership
    Optimise our financial resources
    F2: Improve financial management
    F1: Grow sustainable revenues and profits
    Effectively manage our operations
    IP 3: Produce accurate and timely reports
    IP 1: Improve marketing of our services
    IP 2: Optimise IT systems for enhanced information sharing
    LG1: Develop a results-oriented, team approach to work
    Cultivate our human resources
    LG3: Attract and retain staff
    LG 2: Increase functional managerial and technical competency
    Revised September 2009
  • 9. PSOJ Officers(elected June 18, 2009)
    Revised September 2009
    Jacqueline Sharp, VP
    Paul B. Scott, VP
    Earl Jarrett CD
    Hon. Secy
    Joe Taffe,
    Hon. Treasurer
    Joseph M. Matalon
    Sandra Glasgow, CEO
    Nicholas Scott, VP
  • 10. PSOJExecutive Committee(elected June 18, 2009)
    7 Officers, plus
    7 Associations:
    Jamaica Bankers Association (Patrick Hylton)
    Jamaica Employers’ Federation (Wayne Chen)
    Jamaica Exporters Association (Michael Lumsden)
    Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (Wayne Cummings)
    Jamaica Securities Dealers Association (Anya Schnoor)
    Shipping Association of Jamaica (Roger Hinds)
    Small Business Association of Jamaica (Dalma James)
    Revised September 2009
  • 11. Members of The Council (elected May 26, 2009)
    Appliance Traders Limited
    Gleaner Company Limited
    ICD Group Limited
    Jamaica National Building Society Limited
    J. Wray & Nephew Group Limited
    National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited
    Pan Jamaican Investment Trust Limited
    Red Stripe
    Jamaica Observer
    Jamaica Public Service Company Limited
    Musson Jamaica Limited
    Jamaica Producers Group Limited
    First Caribbean Int'l bank Limited
    Big City Brewing Company Limited
    GraceKennedy Limited
    Sagicor Life of Jamaica Limited
    Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited
    Revised September 2009
  • 12. Members of The Council(elected May 26, 2009)
    In Bond Merchants Association of Jamaica
    Insurance Association of Jamaica
    Jamaica Bankers Association
    Jamaica Employers Federation
    Jamaica Exporters Association
    Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association
    Jamaica Securities Dealers Association
    Jamaica Used Car Dealers Association
    Realtors Association of Jamaica
    Shipping Association of Jamaica
    Small Businesses Association of Jamaica
    Spirits Pool Association Limited
    Importers and Distributors Association
    Incorporated Masterbuilders Association
    Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica
    Jamaica Customer Service Association
    Jamaica Developers Association
    Jamaica Livestock Association
    Sugar Manufacturing Corporation of Jamaica
    The Printing Association of Jamaica
    Women's Business Owners Jamaica Limited
    Revised September 2009
  • 13. Members of The Council(elected May 26, 2009)
    Mr. Elon Beckford
    Mr. Christopher Bovell
    Mr. Charles Ross
    Mr. Oswald Lee
    Mr. Roy Banarsee
    Revised September 2009
  • 14. The Election Process
    Revised September 2009
  • 15. Profile of Our Members
    155 members
    22 members
    Revised September 2009
  • 16. Company member profile
    Micro businesses (gross revenue: up to J$10M)
    Small Businesses (gross revenue: J$11 – $30M)
    Medium sized Businesses (gross revenue: J$31 – $99M)
    Large Businesses (gross revenue: J$100M and over)
    Revised September 2009
  • 17. Services and Benefits
    National and Regional representation
    Audience with local and international government officials
    Networking Events – Luncheons, breakfasts, etc
    Recognition and Awards – Hall of Fame; Job Creation, etc.
    Effective advocacy at all levels
    Access to information critical to business growth and development, e.g. Economic Bulletin
    Revised September 2009
  • 18. Services and Benefits cont’d
    Practical training seminars e.g. Corporate Governance, Family business
    Access to economic and trade policy research capabilities
    Serving on important and government and non-government committees
    Access to working with committees to discuss issues of national importance
    Revised September 2009
  • 19. Annual Economic Forum 2009
    Revised September 2009
  • 20. Chairman’s Club Forum
    Sponsored by LIME and NCB
    Revised September 2009
    The Rt. Hon. Owen Arthur, MP
    Former Prime Minister of Barbados, January 2009
    The Hon. Orrette Bruce Golding, MP Prime Minister of Jamaica, August 2009
  • 21. Hall of Fame AwardsRecipient: Charles Johnston, 2008
    Revised September 2009
  • 22. Member Induction
    Revised September 2009
  • 23. Communication and Information
    • Publications
    • 24. Annual Report
    • 25. Newsletter (quarterly)
    • 26. E-Bulletin (monthly)
    • 27. Economic Bulletin (monthly)
    • 28. Website –
    Revised September 2009
  • 29. Communication and Information
    Revised September 2009
  • 34. Chairman’s Club
    A select group of senior executives
    Liaises closely with the PSOJ Executive
    Contributes to decisions regarding issues of national importance
    Provides guidelines in developing PSOJ policy positions
    Creates networking opportunities within senior executive group at special events
    Revised September 2009
  • 35. Council of Presidents
    Revised September 2009
  • 36. Achievements
    Since its inception in 1976, the PSOJ has been instrumental in:
    Official adoption of a free market system as the most appropriate framework for the country’s long term economic development
    The process of liberalisation, deregulation and privatisation which began in the 1980s
    The lifting of exchange controls
    Tax reforms in the late 80s and early 90s;
    Revised September 2009
  • 37. Achievements(cont’d)
    The drive to connect inflation with money supply
    Electoral reform
    Amendments to the New Companies and Revenue Administrative Acts
    Reversal of the street light cess
    Successful Crime Stop programme
    Development of the National Crime Plan in partnership with the Government, Opposition and civil society
    “Jamaica Tomorrow” – a public/private partnership to drive economic transformation
    Partnership for Progress/Partnership for Transformation
    Revised September 2009
  • 38. Special Projects
    Revised September 2009
  • 39. Revised September 2009
  • 40. Revised September 2009
  • 41. Visit our Web Site
    Keep abreast of how we are “Working For You”
    News releases
    CEO’s monthly report
    Periodic polls
    Sponsorship opportunities
    Revised September 2009
  • 42. Revised September 2009
  • 43. Revised September 2009
  • 44. Revised September 2009
  • 45. Revised September 2009
  • 46. Revised September 2009
  • 47. Revised September 2009
  • 48. Revised September 2009
  • 49. Revised September 2009
  • 50. Current Priorities
    Participation on Monitoring Board and Expert Teams to drive the implementation of recommendations from National Planning Summit, in particular:
    Comprehensive Tax Reform
    Justice Reform
    Reducing Bureaucracy
    Reducing the Debt/Balancing the Budget
    Job Creation
    Land Titling Reform
    Education and Training reform
    Partnership for Transformation – working towards the vision of a prosperous and stable Jamaica, a dialogue involving the Government, Opposition, Unions and the private sector
    Revised September 2009
  • 51. Exciting Projects & Programmes in 2009
    Chairman’s Club Forum – six for the year; sponsored by LIME and NCB
    IDB/PSOJ “Developing Modern Family Business” Project – emphasising corporate governance and family protocols (seeking corporate sponsors)
    Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution Centre (to be established; seeking funding from IDB)
    Revised September 2009
  • 52. Exciting Projects & Programmes in 2009
    Annual Economic Forum
    Corporate Governance Round Tables, Director Training; development of Tool Kit and Handbook
    Corporate Social Responsibility programmes (mentorship, reading in primary schools; school governance)
    Revised September 2009
  • 53. Get Involved; Join a Committee!
    Economic Policy
    Trade Policy
    Justice Reform
    Standing Committee on National Security
    Corporate Governance
    Revised September 2009
  • 54. Thank you!
    We look forward to seeing you at our next event and to serving you better in 2009 and beyond.
    Contact us:
    Sandra A. C. Glasgow, CEO:
    (876) 927-6931
    Margaret Warner, Membership Development Officer:
    927-6238 ext. 2225
    Revised September 2009