Sweet rides
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Sweet rides

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A cool slide for anyone who loves cars more, or less than me thx watch

A cool slide for anyone who loves cars more, or less than me thx watch

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  • 1. Cool or exotic cars
  • 2. Tesla Roadster
    • The Tesla roadster is a ALL ELECTRIC car
    • The tesla has high speeds of 130mph in a electric car
    • No gas or any liquids in the engine
  • 3.
    • Within the door there is a stock umbrella in the door frame
    • Speeds of the Drophead can reach 150mph in a luxury car that is fast!!
  • 4. Hummer H3
    • The H3 can and is used for the Paris to Dakar and other desert races.
  • 5. Mclaren F1
    • The Mclaren F1,F1LM,F1GT,and the F1GTR all have the wheel and seats placed awkwardly
  • 6. Audi R8
    • The 08 R8 is the fastest and cheapest exotic car in its class
    • 108,000$
    • 200mph
  • 7. Koennsegg CCXR
    • The CCXR is the fastest of all of the Koennsegg’s including the CCXR,CC8S and the CCR
    • 280mph speed limit[before you die of high speed impact!]
  • 8. Ferrari F430 Scuderia
    • The 1st Ferrari to have gold wheels stock.
    • Similar to the F430 Stradale
  • 9. Bugatti Veyron 16.4
    • The most expensive legal car 2 million $
    • 263 mph top speed
  • 10. Lamborghini LP560
    • The LP560 is sometimes mistaken as the LP640 murcilago
    • The LP560 looks like the superlegga
  • 11. SSC Ultimate arrow
    • SSC stands for Shelby super cars
    • SSC has no relation to Carol Shelby
    • The SSC is the fastest car in the world that is street legal at 266mph
  • 12. http://www.sportscarsfans.com/tesla/roadster.php http://www.sportscarsfans.com/hummer/h3.php http://www.sportscarsfans.com/rr/phantomc.php
    • http://www.sportscarsfans.com/koenigsegg/ccx.php
  • 13.
    • Me being bored with nothing to do!
    • This slide was made by well…ME, Dale