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  • Room L281 Introduce ourselves. Ask who the audience is- full-time faculty? Part-time faculty? Administrators? Other? Does anyone wish to share what they hope to gain from this presentation?


  • 1. Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Learning Outcomes and Other Tools Kirsten Casey & Jason Barbour Thursday, January 10 1:25-2:25 p.m.
  • 2. What we’ll be doing today…
    • Course description
    • Resources to assist faculty
    • Outcomes! What are outcomes?
    • Interactive student website
  • 3. Not Your Average Science Class
    • Genesis of the Course
    • Pedagogy
    • Student Demographics
  • 4. Not Your Average Science Class
    • Assessment Methods
    • Lab Methodology
    • 2 Different Instructors?
  • 5. Resources Available to Faculty
    • Course Coordinator
      • Common syllabus
      • Instructor liaison
      • Facilitate meetings
      • Gather feedback & make improvements to course
  • 6. Resources Available to Faculty
    • Video tapes
      • Show ‘flavor’ of the course
      • Increase instructor confidence
      • Provide base set of examples and demonstrations
      • Demonstrate lab techniques
  • 7. Resources Available to Faculty
    • Secure Web (for instructors)
      • Common policies, instructor info
      • Share exams, quizzes, hw
      • Post videos, handouts, activities
  • 8. Resources Available to Faculty
    • Meetings
      • Shape the course
      • Discuss instructor suggestions
      • Share proven activities, methods, and examples
      • Open dialogue with lab manager
  • 9. Resources Available to Faculty
    • What other resources…
      • Are available to you?
      • Would you like to have available?
  • 10.
    • Describe what students should know and be able to do at the end of the course
    • Are measurable
    • Are part of MHEC articulation agreement for PHS 100
    Outcomes! What are outcomes? Learning Outcomes…
  • 11.
    • Make it clear what students should gain from a particular course or lecture
    • Help instructors to design activities, lectures, assignments, and assessments
    • Create a more student-centered learning environment
    Outcomes can… Outcomes! What are they good for?
  • 12. Analyze situations involving Archimedes’ or Bernoulli's Principles     Learning Objectives   a.   Define the buoyant force   b.   Provide a qualitative description of the source of the buoyant force   c.   Draw a force diagram for a partially immersed object   d.   Draw a force diagram for a fully immersed object   e.  Predict the relative pressures in static and moving fluids based on Bernoulli's Principle Example:
  • 13.
    • In the beginning…
    Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Static outcomes document collecting dust
    • Increase usefulness for students and instructors
    • Interactive website
  • 14.
    • Be careful what you wish for…
    Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Received funding
    • Met with the Information Services department
    • We provide content, they build the site
  • 15.
    • Advantages
      • Visually interesting site
      • Advanced features
      • Consistency
      • Resources for technical assistance
    Web-based Outcomes Project Win some, lose some…
  • 16. Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Disadvantages
      • Greater time lag
      • Potential for errors increased
    Win some, lose some…
  • 17. Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Demonstration of interactive site:
    • http://ola4. aacc . edu /PHS100SelfCheck
  • 18. Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Include in PHS 100 syllabus
    • Design homework to take advantage of site
    • A model for other courses?
    What’s next?
  • 19. Web-based Outcomes Project
    • Group Activity : How can you incorporate outcomes in your classes in a low-tech way?
    Use and Adapt