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  • 1. Title Featured Artists Editorial Pillars Main Image Secondary images Page numbers
  • 2. Title The title of the contents page will be Riff Raff contents because it complies with successful magazine conventions of a Contents page to have the name of the magazine which serves as the magazines logo. It will be in Black Casper and Sans Serif font because the name of the magazine serves as the publications logo having its own unique font whereas the Sans serif font (like Reboard) is a secondary font as the lesser title. It will be white for the ‘Riff Raff’ and red for the ‘contents’ because it will have a black rectangle background so that it is highlighted as the title and so that it complies with my colour scheme of black, red and white. I will position it across the top with the ‘contents’ aligned with the editorial pillars because the ‘Riff Raff’ is the logo and is separate from the ‘contents’ and so that the editorial pillars are under the contents as that is the purpose of this page.
  • 3. Images
    • The first image will be of a band in performance because they will represent a band in the mainstream (Muse) and will be a representation of a tour review therefore I need to have an image showing a band on stage performing to convey this.
    • I will position it in a frame and with the biggest positioned in the top half of the contents page because it is the ‘main image’ and must take prevalence with the western eye flow in the with the corresponding page numbers in ‘Stencil’ (Red) in the bottom left of the image.
    • The second image will be a close up of a female artist because she will represent a famous female artist in the mainstream ( Florence and the machine) therefore I need a close up on the artist to convey she is the face behind the album that is being reviewed. I will position it below the main image in a frame as it is a secondary image and will have the corresponding page number in ‘Stencil’ (RED) in the bottom left of the image.
    • The third image will be of a male artist smoking a cigarette because he needs to represent a rebellious rock artist (U2) therefore he will also be wearing a black leather jacket it will be a close up also as it will correspond to a history of his band and must seem more personal. I will position it within a frame underneath the main image next to the second image and will have the corresponding page number in ‘Stencil’ (RED) in the bottom left of the image.
  • 4. Featured Artists
    • The Featured artists will be Band Index: Florence and the machine, Right Hook Ruin, U2, Muse, The Smiths, Oasis, Radiohead, Kasabian, Kings of Leon and Gorillaz because these bands best represent my magazines genre through their music style and image as grunge/indie/rock/alternative genre.
    • It will be in ‘Times New Roman’ Serif font because it is easiest to read as a list and therefore does not need a decorative font.
    • It will be in black because as it counts as body text and will be easiest to read on a white background conventionally.
    • I will position it at the bottom left corner across the bottom so as to not distract from the more important conventions such as the editorial pillars and does not sit prominent in the western eye flow.
  • 5. Editorial Pillars
    • My editorial pillars will be ‘News’, ‘Features’, ‘Reviews’ and ‘Gigs’ because these are the most common editorial pillars in most successful conventional magazines and also as these were the pillars encouraged in my questionnaire.
    • It will be in ‘Reboard’ Sans Serif font because they each serve as titles for each pillar and a Sans serif font is usually the most effective kind of font to use as it is easier to read as it stands out.
    • It will be in white because it will be placed on a black rectangular background therefore white will stand out.
    • I will position it down the right third so as to follow the western eye flow so that after the reader moves from the title across to the editorial pillars which is giving the information.