Intermediate language practise answer key


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Intermediate language practise answer key

  1. 1. INTERMEDIATE LANGUAGE PRACTISE (ANSWERS) EXERCISE 2 a) George was questioned by the police. b) This programme is watched by millions of people. c) Our new house will be finished at the end of the month. d) A new president has been elected. e) The damaged stadium is being rebuilt. f) The mountain road has been closed. g) Most of this magazine is written by students. h) My television was stolen by a burglar. i) You will be met at the bus station. j) Last year the cup was won by United. EXERCISE 3 a) Many pet dogs are lost every year. b) The ill man was taken to hospital. / The ill man was being taken to hospital. c) A new bridge is being built across the river. d) All the food at the party was eaten. e) Nothing will be decided before next Saturday. f) The match is being played on Friday evening. g) The robber unlocked the door with a false key. h) This book was written / rɪt. n/ by Sam’s father. EXERCISE 4 a) A new tomb has been discovered by archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings. b) The new sports stadium will be opened by the President on Saturday. c) This portrait was painted by one of the most famous painters in the world. d) The results of the competition will be announced tomorrow. e) Our school is being redecorated during the summer holidays. f) Three terrorists have been arrested by the police in New York. g) More than a thousand cars are sold by our company every week. h) A new museum is being built in the city centre. i) Penicillin was discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. j) The London Underground system is used by two million people every day. EXERCISE 5 a) The casino has been closed. b) The flat was broken into last week. c) English is spoken all over the world. d) The new swimming-pool has been opened. e) This purse was left in the classroom yesterday. f) Traffic has been banned from the city centre. g) A new government has been elected. h) The match has been postponed. 1
  2. 2. PASSIVE 2, PAGE 62 EXERCISE 1 a) I’m having my hair cut tomorrow. b) The children were taken to the seaside for the day. c) I was sent here by the manager. d) Kate is having her car serviced tomorrow. e) Sue had her windows broken by vandals. f) David has been offered a new job in Brazil. g) Where exactly were you born? h) I’ve just had my bike repaired. EXERCISE 2 a) Bob had his bike stolen. b) This book was lent to me by John. c) Yesterday I had one of my teeth taken out. d) I was born in Cairo. e) I was sold a rock concert ticket by a friend. f) Tom had his house broken into last week. g) When exactly were you born? h) I was given this ring by my parents. EXERCISE 3 a) I am having my car serviced tomorrow. b) Yesterday I had my bike stolen. c) Last year we had our house painted. d) I’m having my tooth taken out tomorrow! e) I’ve just had my hair cut. f) We’re having our new carpet fitted tomorrow. g) Ann has just had her portrait painted. 2