Ministry of Ideas on the Icelandic Opportunity for the G20 nations


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A letter sent to the leaders of the G20 nations during the G20 Summit in London, March 2009.

The Icelandic Opportunity for the G20 nations. The letter was read by US President Obama.

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Ministry of Ideas on the Icelandic Opportunity for the G20 nations

  1. 1. The Icelandic opportunity: Inspiration for a new world model 31st March, 2009 To the Leaders at the G20 London Summit, A people's movement in Iceland, the Ministry of Ideas hereby outlines to the G20 leaders an opportunity for prototyping a sustainable world. What level of growth is sustainable in the long term? The answer is not clear, but it is imperative that we find out. Our behavior is and has been unsustainable. The key to understanding is to earnestly admit that we all share but one ultimate resource, our fragile planet. The crash of the Icelandic financial system was a clear early indicator of an unsustainable economy and democracy. It demonstrated the vulnerability of modern political systems and the need for clear values. Solving the current challenges by adding new policies to an already fractured framework, as well as injecting economic stimulants, should merely be a short-term fix, to keep the wheels turning while getting to the root of the problem. We now know that long-term problems are not solved with short-term solutions. The very foundations of liberty and democracy must be revisited. At this significant moment in time we do not just stand as nations, alliances or empires but as citizens of a global village. We all share a dream to create and sustain prosperity for generations to come. United by our common resources, we need a shared vision. Iceland has a longstanding democratic and entrepreneurial heritage, with a parliament dating back to 930. It has no military and a highly educated population of just 300 thousand. After its recent rise and fall, Iceland offers a unique opportunity in history as the laboratory for prototyping the development of a sustainable model society in all areas, including democracy, economy, currency and energy. The time for action is now, while Iceland's infrastructure and financial system are being rebooted. We invite you to take part in this exciting venture. On behalf of the Ministry of Ideas in Iceland The people's movement