Facts About Drinking Water


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Facts About Drinking Water

  1. 2. Is our water today is healthier to drink?
  2. 3. Team Kalayaan launches Drinking Healthier Water Campaign “ Uninom ng tamang tubig na may wastong nutrisyon!” GOALS UNLIMITED CORPORATION
  3. 4. The Facts About Drinking Water
  4. 5. Water is the most abundant compound in the human body, comprising 70% of the body. The body has an acid-alkaline (or acid-base) ratio called the pH which is a balance between positively charges ions (acid-forming) and negatively charged ions (alkaline-forming.) The body continually strives to balance pH. When this balance is compromised many problems can occur. Dr. Robert Young’s book “ The pH Miracle for Weight Loss: Balance Your Body Chemistry, Achieve Your Ideal Weight ”.  
  5. 6. Do you know? almost of the mineral water are acidic... zero minerals... considered dead water...
  6. 7. Problems with commonly used drinking waters.
  7. 8. Tap Water Tap water is better than buying soft drinks, but according to recent investigations, tap water in 42 states has been found contaminated with more than 140 unregulated chemicals that lack safety standards! At the current levels of contamination, the public doesn't always trust tap water and believes that water from the tap isn't safe enough to drink.
  8. 9. Bottled Water Bottled water is not necessarily healthier than tap water and yet it costs much more! Although associated with healthy water, bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water. The only difference is the added minerals that have no proven health benefits. Studies show that 1/3 of bottled water contains levels of contamination which exceed allowable limits. Add to that the fact that bottled water is usually acidic and has no antioxidant impact and you can draw your own conclusions very easily. And, we didn't even mention the environmental disaster caused by the production and disposal of plastic bottles.
  9. 10. Reverse osmosis water This is a filtering process which may be effective in areas that do not receive municipally treated water. The problem with this process is that dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine are molecularly smaller than water and can pass freely through its filter. Another problem is that reverse osmosis removes healthy, naturally occurring water minerals. These minerals not only provide the good taste, they also serve a vital function in the body's system. When stripped of these minerals, water can be unhealthy. Add to that the fact that 2-3 gallons of water is wasted for every gallon of purified water that is produced.
  10. 11. What is the most considered healthier and safest drinking water ?
  11. 12. The Japanese have long been known as the healthiest nation on earth and alkaline ionized water has been widely used in their households since the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law first approved it in 1965. In the wake of increasing public interest in drinking water and health in recent years, tremendous amount of research efforts have proven the validity of this health water – the Alkaline Ionized Water .
  12. 13. The Japanese have researched this subject for close to 50 years now and have found that drinking alkaline ionized water improves general well-being and more notably it can relieve or reduce the three main causes for sickness, disease and pre-mature aging – over acidity, dehydration and the premature aging of cells, tissue and organs in our body.
  14. 15. Dr Hiromi Shinya, USA Director, Shinya Medical Clinic, New York Dr Hiromi Shinya’s revolutionary “Shinya Method” has become widely used in  colonoscopy procedures worldwide. "It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon. Water is essential for your health. Drinking “good water;" especially hard water (rich in minerals) which has much calcium and magnesium keeps your body at an optimal alkaline PH."
  15. 16. Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi Heart Surgeon and Director of the Water Institute, Tokyo, Japan "Bad diets such as meat and potatoes, fried foods, soft drink colas, and sugars build up acid salts in the body. Often these deposits, by having to be stored away from the blood flow, can remain in the body for decades.   I recommend the consumption of ionized alkaline water, which will slowly and gently wash these salts away ."
  16. 17. Dr. Susan Lark, USA University  lecturer & Author of 13 best-selling books on women’s health Dr. Susan Lark is one of the foremost authorities in the fields of clinical nutrition and preventive medicine. Dr. Lark is a distinguished clinician, author, lecturer and innovative product developer. Through her many years of clinical experience, she has pioneered the use of self-care treatments such as diet, nutrition, exercise and stress management techniques in the field of women's health, and has lectured extensively throughout the United States on topics in preventive medicine. "Drinking  four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability. Alkaline water should be used when conditions of over acidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis. Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene,  alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons . This can help the body against the development of heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunctions, and other common ailments."
  17. 18. Dr Sherry Rogers, USA   Leading National Toxicology Expert Dr. Sherry Rogers MD, is a Fellow of the American College of Allergy and Immunology and a Diplomate of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and has been in private practice for over 26 years. Published multiple scientific articles, authored 13 books including her most recent,  "The High Cholesterol Hoax," "The High Blood Pressure Hoax", "Detoxify or Die" and "Pain Free". Dr Rogers is also the environmental editor for Internal Medicine World Report.  "Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste... After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I'm convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease."
  18. 19. Dr. Robert O. Young, PhD Author of  The pH Miracle "The pH level (the acid-alkaline measurement) of our internal fluids affects every cell in our bodies. Extended acid imbalances of any kind are not well tolerated by the body. Indeed, the entire metabolic process depends on a balanced internal alkaline environment. A chronically over-acidic pH corrodes body tissue, slowly eating into the 60,000 miles of veins and arteries like acid eating into marble. If left unchecked, it will interrupt all cellular activities and functions, from the beating of your heart to the neural firing of your brain. In summary, over-acidification interferes with life itself leading to all sickness and disease!" 
  19. 20. Dr William Kelly   College of Metabolic Medicine and author of " Cancer Cure " "Alkaline water has become the most important advancement in health care since Sir Alexander Fleming's discovery of penicillin".
  20. 21. Dr. Robert Atkins Noted author, health and diet expert "The cells and fluids in most people's bodies...are overly acidic. This can cause a lot of health problems. It prevents your body from neutralizing and disposing of harmful, poisonous toxins and leaves you more susceptible to the cell-damaging free radical oxidation that leads to cancer and other diseases."
  21. 22. Dr Theodore Baroody Author,  Alkalize or Die "I have administered over 5000 gallons of this water for about every health situation imaginable.  I feel that  restructured alkaline water can benefit everyone ."
  22. 23. Administered by: Tokyo University School of Medicine, Tokyo Medial & Dental University School of Medicine, Chiba University school of Medicine, Keio University school of Medicine, Tokyo Jikeikai Medical University, Tokyo Women’s College of Medicine Supported by: Japan Medical Association, Japan Academic Conference, Ministries of Education, Health and Welfare, International Trade and Industry, Transportation, Posts & Communications, Labor, Construction, Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, science a& Technology Agency, Tokyo Metropolitan Gov. Assisted by: Japan Dental Association, Japan Dental Congress, Japan Pharmaceutical Ass., Japan Nursing Ass., Japan Dieticians Ass., Japan Clinical Hygienic Inspectors Assoc., Japan Radiologists Ass., Japan Physiotherapists Ass., Japan Ergotherapists Ass., Japan Nursing & Welfare Ass., Japan Social Welfare Ass., Japan Clinical Engineering Ass. Clinical Studies on The Effects of Alkaline Ionized Water Session Period April 2-4 1999 Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo International Pavilion, Hotel Grand Pacific During 25th General Assembly of Japan Medical Congress.
  23. 24. <ul><li>The following symptoms were examined in the clinical tests: </li></ul><ul><li>chronic diarrhea, </li></ul><ul><li>constipation, </li></ul><ul><li>abnormal intestinal fermentation, </li></ul><ul><li>hyperchylia. </li></ul>
  24. 25. <ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Abdominal disorders </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>25 Volunteers who suffered from abdominal discomfort took 1 liter per day alkaline water for two weeks. 88% of them felt somewhat improved. No one got worse. 52% somewhat improved, 24% improved, 12% much improved, 12% No change. </li></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Constipation </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>Alkaline ionized water and clean water was given to 163 volunteers who suffered from abdominal discomfort at the amount of 500ml per day for four weeks. Overall rate of improvement was significantly higher for those who were given alkaline ionized water. Alkaline ionized water was effective in 79% of the volunteers.  64.9% of the volunteers felt that clean water was effective. Alkaline ionized water was ineffective in 21% of the volunteers.  35.1% of the volunteers felt that clean water was ineffective. </li></ul>
  25. 26. <ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Diarrhea </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>According to double blind clinical tests comparing effects against various disorders, alkaline ionized water showed significantly more cases of effective results against chronic diarrhea than clean water group. Alkaline ionized water was effective in 94.1% of the volunteers.  </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Constipation </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><ul><li>As a result of comparative double blind clinical tests, alkaline ionized water was proved to be effective against constipation, and most importantly its’ safety was verified.   It is considered a departure for using medication where side effects are unavoidable to a certain extent. The effectiveness of alkaline ionized water is very high at 80.5%, which is higher, although not significantly, than that of clean water. </li></ul></ul></ul></ul></ul>
  26. 27. In request for a comment during the Q & A session, Sr. Yoshikawa said, with the full attention of the whole assembly: “ The tests I conducted revealed that chronic doses of alkaline ionized water can prevent inflammation of gastric mucosa.  First of all, I assumed that alkaline ionized water works the same way as a conventional antacid against gastric acid.“  
  28. 29. Diarrhea & Sensitive Stomach: My reactions to certain foods have been reduced Timothy, Age 14 (Student) “ I used to react quite badly to certain foods like laksa or curry, and because of my sensitive stomach, I had to run to the toilet several times to clear my system.  Now that my mom gives me alkaline water daily, I find that my reactions to these foods have been reduced tremendously and the purging is a lot less these days.”
  29. 30. Calcium Depletion: My nails used to break easily Ms. Kok Siat Yeow, Age 45 Director, Early Childhood “ In the past, my nails used to break easily. After drinking Alkaline Water, I noticed I have much stronger nails & they don’t break easily.  I believe the alkaline water has helped to restore the calcium minerals in my body”
  30. 31. My constipation is over.  I can go toilet everyday Mr Peter Ong, Age 62  Alkaline Water is very good for my constipation.  Before I started drinking Alkaline Water, I only go to the toilet one to two times a week.  Sometimes, I can only pass motion once in 2 weeks - it was very difficult.  The doctor gave me laxatives, but I don’t want to be addicted and want to find a natural way.  After drinking Alkaline Water for one and a half month, now I can go to toilet everyday.  My piles do not hurt anymore “ My piles used to come out when I pass motion – many times it bleeds. After drinking this Alkaline Water for 2 months, my stool is soft and my piles do not hurt anymore.”
  31. 32. My Gout is gone; no more limping around the house and office. Mr. Tony Liow, 43 Manufacturing Division Manager “I am a lover of all kinds of meat, tofu and alcohol, which eventually led me to be afflicted with Gout. I have suffered painful gout attacks every month for the past 10years. After commencing consumption of alkaline ionized water for a month, I realized the gout attacks stopped!! No more limping around the house and in the office, and no more badly swollen fingers!! As I continued daily drinking of alkaline ionized water, I realized further benefits after 3 months. I ’m more energized & alert throughout the day. I sleep more soundly and wake up energized. Regular constipation is a thing of the past. Bloated-ness is significantly reduced. Acid reflux is gone. Barely any more headaches encountered. Body and joint aches simply disappeared.
  32. 33. Type II Diabetes : I can now eat a bowl of white rice with my love ones Dr Simon Koh, Age 50  CEO, Environclean Technology  “ In the past, I had to test my blood sugar and take a pill to regulate insulin production before meals – especially white rice .  After drinking Alkaline Water for 3 months, I can now enjoy a bowl of white rice with my meal without any medication.  I feel that this water has an effect to revive the cells in my body.” “ You definitely need to experience the beneficial effect of this water yourself.” “ My skin used to have a lot of scars due to my diabetic condition, and they don’t heal properly.  These scars are especially obvious at the wrist area where I wear my watch.  After drinking akaline Water for about 3 months, my skin condition has improved tremendously.”
  33. 34. My cholesterol and blood pressure has improved tremendously Mrs. Jennie Chung  “ For more than 10 years, I suffer from high cholesterol and hypertension. After drinking Alkaline Water for more than 8 months, I found at my recent medical checkup that my cholesterol readings have improved tremendously from above 4.00 to 2.55 MMOL/L. My blood pressure is back to normal. My doctor is very pleased with the result. I believe the Water has helped in my health.” “ My skin used to be dry and flaky. Now it is supple and smooth. I don’t need to purchase expensive hydrating cream to moisturize my skin now.”
  34. 35. Make the drinking water alkalinized, mineralized and ionized, it also energized the water with small molecular group that is easily absorbed into our body cells and easily take the waste and toxins away. ALKALINE STICK GUC introduces!
  35. 36. <ul><li>The Features: </li></ul><ul><li>Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water </li></ul><ul><li>pH7+ to 9.5 (typically increases pH by about two or more points) </li></ul><ul><li>Low negative ORP (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv) giving it strong and measurable antioxidant potential </li></ul><ul><li>Abundance of activated hydrogen also helps to eliminate active oxygen (free radicals) </li></ul><ul><li>Small water molecule creates a very absorbable water </li></ul><ul><li>Deoxidation process is visible - activated hydrogen bubbles are formed </li></ul><ul><li>Makes the drinking water alkalinized, mineralized and ionized </li></ul><ul><li>Energizes the water with small molecular group that is easily absorbed into our body cells </li></ul><ul><li>Easily takes the waste and toxins away </li></ul>
  36. 37. TAP WATER pH SCALE pH7+ to 9.5 (typically increases pH by about two or more points)
  37. 39. Ten (10) Mineral Stones What’s in the filter?
  38. 40. Tourmaline , also known as &quot;Electronic Stone,&quot; When exposed to water it induces electrolysis and generates negative ions. It also ionizes water molecules by decreasing their size (negative ion effect). This mineral emits negative ions and far infrared rays and also reduces water clusters. Far infrared rays have been proven to promote the growth and healing of living cells.
  39. 41. Zeolite act as &quot;micro-sponges&quot; absorbing free radicals, carcinogens, and viral particles. Zeolite traps and nullifies nitrosamines in the digestive tract. Nitrosamines are cancer-causing agents found in processed meats. Nitrosamines are a causative factor in type-II diabetes . Because zeolite is a negatively charged mineral it naturally attracts heavy toxins (which are positively charged) and traps them in its cage-like structure. This includes heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and other positively charged toxins. ZEOLITES are a group of minerals with negative magnetic charge. It draws heavy metals and toxins to it and simply engulfs them. The toxins &quot;check in&quot; and they can't &quot;check out.&quot; Then the zeolite carries them safely and harmlessly out of the body through normal digestion.
  40. 42. Muyu Stone contains the following chemical elements: potassium (K), sodium (Na), magnesium (Mg), selenium (Se), iron (Fe), lithium (Li), zinc (Zn), etc. and their amounts are two to eight times higher than other carbonate rocks. Actually, it is a kind of stone that contains 26 types of minerals . Through drenching, many elements such as selenium, zinc, iron, cobalt, strontium, fluorine and manganese can be released. If it is soaked in water for two hours the water will reach the standards of high-quality mineral water.
  41. 43. Bentonite Clay can eliminate food allergies, food poisoning, mucus colitis, spastic colitis, viral infections, stomach flu, and parasites It enriches and balances blood. It absorbs radiation (think cell phones, microwaves, x-rays, TVs and irradiated food, for starters). It has been used for alcoholism, arthritis, cataracts, diabetic neuropathy, pain treatment, open wounds, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, stomach ulcers, animal and poisonous insect bites, acne, anemia. &quot; The Native Americans recognized the benefit of clays. &quot;...healing mud not only draws toxic material out of the body if taken internally, but also reduces pain and infection in open wounds on both humans and animals.&quot;
  42. 44. Kaolin Earth is famous for their oil absorbing, reduced shine and translucent properties. They are great for finishing a flawless look as they are great for hiding imperfections. Nano Silver Stone has a strong inhibitory effect on dozens of pathogenic micro-organisms such as coliform, neisseria, gonorrhoeae, chlamydia trachomatis, etc. It also helps to promote repair of damaged epithelial cells. When exposed to water its anti-bacterial effect is much more enhanced and more conducive to improving water quality. Maifanshi has been used as a general health medicine in Asia and also for bathing, due to its ability to absorb toxins and supply many trace minerals. In the Maifanshi helps to clean, remineralize and ionize the water.