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Nature in red
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Nature in red


Nature in red

Nature in red

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  • 1. ‘Lobster Claw’ of the genus Heliconia Arthur Chung February, 2013
  • 2. It’s Chinese New Year, and the popular colour is red which generally symbolizes blessing, happiness, wealth, good health and longevity. In nature, some flowers and fruits are strikingly red to attract pollinators and seed dispersers respectively. Flaming red flowers of the rainforestThe organization of the Giant Forest Ant, Camponotus gigas:A: Queen, B: Male, C: Soldier & D: Worker woody climber, Bauhinia kockiana(Source: Chung 1995).
  • 3. In insects, red is often a warning to intruders of their poison or noxious taste. For some other animals, the striking colour attracts opposite sex.Alompra roepkei(Rafflesia Forest Enjoy this presentationReserve) of plants and animals (mostly insects) in red, in conjunction with the Spring Festival!
  • 4. Red LipSyzygiumcampanulatum /Eugenia oleinaPhotographed atForest ResearchCentre, SepilokThe flushing of newreddish leaves in midJanuary signifies thebeginning of ‘spring’
  • 5. French Kiss /Red ButtonsCostus woodsoniiPhotographed atRainforest DiscoveryCentre, Sepilok
  • 6. Giant RedWeevilProtocerius sp.Photographed atCrocker RangeForest Reserve,western Sabah
  • 7. Rafflesia Pitcher Plant Nepenthes rafflesiana Photographed at Sandakan Rainforest Park This is the reddish version of the upper pitcher.The organization of the Giant Forest Ant, Camponotus gigas:A: Queen, B: Male, C: Soldier & D: Worker(Source: Chung 1995).
  • 8. EmperorMothAntheraea celebensisPhotographed atSg. Kapur ForestReserve, LahadDatu
  • 9. Magnificent Rafflesia Flower Rafflesia pricei Photographed at Rafflesia Forest Reserve, TambunanThe organization of the Giant Forest Ant, Camponotus gigas:A: Queen, B: Male, C: Soldier & D: Worker(Source: Chung 1995).
  • 10. Long-hornedBeetleEuryphagus lundiPhotographed atUlu TungudForest Reserve,Telupid
  • 11. JungleFlameIxora ‘Sunkist’A commontropicalornamentalplant of thecoffee family
  • 12. Tiger MothBarsineroseororatusPhotographed atTabin WildlifeReserve, LahadDatu
  • 13. KalumpangSarawakSterculia megistophyllaPhotographed atRainforest DiscoveryCentre, SepilokAn ornamental tree ofthe cocoa family withits star-like fruits,exposing their seeds
  • 14. ScarletSkimmerOrthetrumtestaceumPhotographed atMilian LabauForest Reserve,Keningau
  • 15. Livistona FanPalmLivistona rotundifoliaPhotographed atRainforest DiscoveryCentre, SepilokThe ripening redfruits of the palmsare quite spectacular
  • 16. HarlequinButterfliesParalaxita telesiaPhotographed atGn. LumakuForest Reserve,Tenom
  • 17. TheBeautifulRenantheraRenanthera bellaPhotographed atRainforestDiscoveryCentre, SepilokEndemic toBorneo
  • 18. MalayanLacewingCethosia hypseaPhotographed atBidu Bidu ForestReserve,Telupid
  • 19. Freshly FallenDipterocarpFruitsShorea agamiiPhotographed atKabili-Sepilok ForestReserve, SandakanEndemic to Borneo
  • 20. Tiger MothSpilosomagroganaePhotographed atBukit HampuanForest Reserve,RanauEndemic toBoneo
  • 21. Scarlet StarGuzmania lingulataPhotographed atRainforestDiscovery Centre,SepilokAn ornamental plantfrom the samefamily as pineapple
  • 22. AssassinBugPhotographed atTabin WildlifeReserve,Lahad DatuAn unidentifiedbug foraging onsome bracketfungi
  • 23. TorchGingerEtlingera elatiorPhotographed atRainforestDiscovery Centre,Sepilok
  • 24. ElegantSilam CrabGeosarmaaurantiumPhotographed atMount SilamForest, LahadDatuEndemic toBorneo
  • 25. LipstickPalmCyrtostachysrendaPhotographed atRainforestDiscoveryCentre, Sepilok
  • 26. AwesomeShield BugCantao ocellatusPhotographed atSandakanRainforest Park
  • 27. Thank you for watching!To those who are celebrating, Yen Lee & I wish you a Happy & BlessedSpring Festival, and stay healthy throughout 2013! Ground pitcher of the Bornean endemic Nepenthes villosa at Mount Kinabalu
  • 28. Compiled by Arthur Y. C. Chung Music from Spring Returns Chinese New Year Crystal MusicMature fruits of Manilla Palm, Adonidia merrillii