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This is a new approach of pitching AskMarkets into enterprises, but I'd like to hear your feedback!

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AskMarkets pitch

  1. 1. I’ll try to be quick and up to the point, my whole presentation is 1 slide long. (ok, I can actually tell the whole story using just this slide..)
  2. 2. YHOO at Google Finance This is a screenshot of the YHOO stock, taken from Google Finance. It may look a little bit confusing by first sight, but the key elements are 2:
  3. 3. key elements let’s get rid of everything else and focus on these. which are these?
  4. 4. News! the first one is news, actually everything related to YHOO
  5. 5. Price! the second one is price, here you can see the price of YHOO over time.
  6. 6. ok, where’s the magic? ok, but what’s so special about the market?
  7. 7. news are here! market transmits information through prices market sums up information and transmits it through prices. all news are weighted and evaluated, finally incorporated into prices.
  8. 8. not YHOO but... the market concept is really remarkable, but what do you do if...
  9. 9. not market value but... you are not interested in YHOO but ACME, and not in its market value but
  10. 10. Sales Q1 ? forecasting or... sales forecasting for example?
  11. 11. Project end date ? project management or... or project management (cost, deadlines, etc)
  12. 12. ʻs competitor market share ? competitive intelligence, you name it quantify the probability of every future event occuring
  13. 13. ʻs competitor market share ? where’s these markets for your organization? markets are the best way to aggregate information and estimate the probabilities of any future event. But where are the ones regarding what matters for your enterprise?
  14. 14. your questions! ? just switch to There you’ll find or create your questions
  15. 15. ? your forecasts! you may enter your predictions
  16. 16. your ? results! and look at your and other people’s results
  17. 17. dead simple! trade as in 1-2 making a transaction (aka submitting your prediction) is dead simple
  18. 18. dead simple! create a market as in 1-2 and it takes two steps to create your own market
  19. 19. get a list of markets
  20. 20. traders ranking
  21. 21. and the latest (anonymous!) predictions
  22. 22. so, this is
  23. 23. your marketplace! and you may create a discrete, public or private, marketplace for your organization.
  24. 24.