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Presentation in 2009 on Performance Tuning Banner

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Summit 2009 performance-tuning_banner

  1. 1. Tennessee Board of RegentsIT Collaborative Effort Performance Tuning a Banner ERP  datacenter Where to start – the art and science  of detailing your environment 
  2. 2. Tennessee Board of Regents IT Collaborative EffortContacts: Jeff Hinds Greg Turmel
  3. 3. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase CollaborativeAbstract:Performance tuning an ERP, or any large application system, is knownthroughout the IT industry as an art form. Its earned that “term” due inlarge part to the difficulty when encountering a systemic issue in isolatingthe problem area, troubleshooting effectively, and then diagnosing asolution correctly. A good analogy would be like skipping rocks across aquiet lake. The resulting ripples across many cross-platform results inpotentially many more problems than the one you first set out to solve.Join us and learn a few concepts that will help any IT team zero in andsolve some internal datacenter problems. 3
  4. 4. Tennessee Board of Regents Database CollaborativeSummary of Proactive administration: Datacenter Monitoring abilities e.g. Database, network, servers, u.p.s., cooling Application Monitoring e.g. GRID Knowledge of the current product mix and its integration/configuration e.g. INB, SSB, Banner db, Appworx, Luminis, Touchnet Metrics gathering e.g. Real-time/baseline knowledge of how the datacenter is behaving What app/workload/process/service(s) does each server support 4
  5. 5. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase CollaborativeDetails: Things that affect Banner ERP/Oracle performance Product Mix Hardware, patch levels, and configurations OS level configurations Network saturation Current Processes Application tuning ODBC/JDBC queries 5
  6. 6. Tennessee Board of Regents Database CollaborativeCore Banner Application Support Components: Solaris 9 or 10 OS Software Compilers used Oracle Database Software Oracle Application Server Software SGHE Banner Database Application SGHE Banner Mid-Tier Application Network backbone between systems Firewall configurations Change Management Process 6
  7. 7. Tennessee Board of Regents Database CollaborativeRecap – Things to consider: 3rd party applications that connect to Banner Non-related installations on servers (e.g. File Shares, Web services) Hardware considerations: (Drive config / SAN / ZFS / Zones / LDOM) I/O – block size used (impact to data load ops and retrievals for reports) User impact: (Pop-selections, Discoverer, Extended Query, ODBC) Desktop tools: Java Popup blockers (yahoo, MS…) Virus scanners Spread sheet budgeting Browsers OS versions, etc… 7
  8. 8. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative Users #2 Users #4 Users/Applications #2 Users/Applications #3 Users #5 Datacenter #1 Users/Applications #3 Users #3 Users #1 Legend Trouble Spots/pinch points User ‐ Applications 8
  9. 9. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative 9
  10. 10. Tennessee Board of Regents Database Collaborative100 90 80 70 60 50 Idle: PRODDB 40 Idle: PRODINB 30 Idle: PRODSSB 20 Idle: DEVDB Idle: DEVINB 10 Idle: DEVSSB 0 Idle: PRODDB 10
  11. 11. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative Idle: PRODDB PRODINB PRODSSBThu Aug  6 18:00:00  70 96 99Fri Aug  7 06:00:00 70 96 99Fri Aug  7 12:00:01 70 96 99Fri Aug  7 18:00:00  70 96 99Sat Aug  8 06:00:00  70 96 99Sat Aug  8 12:00:00 70 96 99Sat Aug  8 18:00:00  70 96 99Sun Aug  9 06:00:00  70 96 99Sun Aug  9 12:00:00 70 96 99Sun Aug  9 18:00:00  70 96 99Mon Aug 10 06:00:00  70 96 99Mon Aug 10 12:00:01 70 96 99Mon Aug 10 18:00:00  70 96 99Tue Aug 11 06:00:00  70 96 99 11
  12. 12. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative 12
  13. 13. Tennessee Board of Regents Database CollaborativeHow do you adjust the systems: Trying to adjust configuration settings During a crisis can cause more issues Live, on production? Or in a sandbox? Bring change management into the picture? Monitoring your systems: pinpointing bottlenecks What interval is used? – It impacts the metrics Selecting priorities Obtain a baseline Analyze the systems during peak times Stress test during off-hours Building / Designing performance case studies Tuning Banner Application case Tuning Oracle Database case Tuning the Hardware case 13
  14. 14. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase CollaborativeHow do you adjust the systems:Section / Isolate your tuning: Knowing that most performance problems are the result of system designs and not an isolated symptom. Yes, a hard disk failure, network saturation, or ISP outages do occur.But a bigger impact is in: How the application is designed How SQL is used – queries / via source How memory used in query and systems How coding methods are developed How data manipulation is handled How data storage is designed How the physical storage is designed How the logical storage is designed How the network infrastructure is designed 14
  15. 15. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative Monitor network availability Monitor website availability Analyze usage patterns Bandwidth utilization Server disk usage CPU utilization Memory usage NIC activity 15
  16. 16. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase CollaborativeSummary: Database performance has a huge impact on yourapplications, your users, and your organization.(Quest) Ensure Database Quality Performance Availability Boost the performance of your databases Boost productivity of the people who manage them Eliminate or minimize downtime Improve response time Optimize resource utilization Simplify upgrades and migrations Reduce database costs Eliminate the risks Virtual Infrastructure a. Operational challenges b. Support complexity - what needs to be known c. Infrastructure evolution - from single dedicated to {?} d. Potential cost savings and flexibility become limited without a solid virtualization strategy{ies}. e. Reduce costs and simplify on going management of the entire virtual environment – from desktop to server to storage. 16
  17. 17. Tennessee Board of RegentsDatabase Collaborative Resources:    17