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Intergage Customer Seminar Sept 2011

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Gary's Seminar Presentation

  1. 1. What is a Facebook iFrame? • A customisable page that you control and manage from your CMS that is then displayed within your Facebook page. • Use images, text, video to engage with Fans • In essence your website within your Facebook page
  2. 2. Design Example• Manage content & messages via CMS• Increase engagement with Fan’s• Branding design• Low cost, high return
  3. 3. Why would I need a mobile page?• What is Google Analytics telling you about mobile access? – Android – iPhone – Blackberry – Symbian OS• Web access 50/50• Intergage will advise on screen dynamics & elements• Mobile domain m. or .mobi
  4. 4. Interactive Demo via QR code Insert QR code here
  5. 5. Overview SummaryCurrently Google+ is a social network PROJECTfor individuals, NOT for businesses or brands.Although features for business and brands willbe launched shortly!“The business experience we are creating should farexceed the consumer profile in terms of its usefulnessto business.”Christian Oestlien: Google+ Product Manager
  6. 6. Statements & Missions • Google+ is not to kill Facebook, but to make it more open! • Mobile network example • Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected ( • Google’s mission is to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful (
  7. 7. Targeting Facebook advertising targets an audience Google targets a need  Different but relevant What am I Who are What I Who am interested my need? I? in? friends? NEED IDENTITY INTEREST NETWORK PERFECT TARGETING!
  8. 8. Elements of Google+
  9. 9. Google + Video
  10. 10. CirclesOrganise and categorise people  Group people to reflect real life social connections  Simple to import contacts & group invite  Follow  Circles are private & fully customisable  Circles = segmentation
  11. 11. HangoutsChat via video or text  Simple & easy to arrange & host  Informal video & text chats  Watch & share a YouTube videos  Multi directional  You + 9 others
  12. 12. StreamsWhere content is displayed - View & filter content by Circles - Post individual specific content to Circles - Using a recipient’s name links to Circle - Public posts goes to Google search - Simple to +1 posts - Clean, simple design
  13. 13. SparksInterest Feeds  Filters and gathers web content by selected interest  Simple to share via +1  Location related  Share a Spark
  14. 14. +1 Button Public Web recommendations  See Intergage blog post for examples & how to guide
  15. 15. + 1 Button
  16. 16. What does Google+ look like?
  17. 17.  Invitation only  Need a Google Verification of account individuals & brands  Mobile functions Profile easy to add all limited to Android other social media  Consumer reason to elements migrate from Extended Circles Facebook? Public Posts to Search  Business & Brands launch? +1’s
  18. 18. What if questions?• What if G+ allows brands to manage their audience by Circles? • Customers, supporters, haters, prospects, influencers…..• What if +1 becomes a core part of Google’s search ranking algorithm?• What if Google combined keyword need volumes with target interest data? • Google keywords with demographic data or profiles• What if YouTube is completely personalised to each user on arrival?• What if Google maps shows your friends opinions on places?• What if Gmail connects users needs with contacts interests?• What if Google adwords becomes social? • Ad’s recommended by friends
  19. 19. Any questions?
  20. 20. Contact @garytrudgett 0845 456 1022