Peace Plan For Jews For Arabs And For The World
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Peace Plan For Jews For Arabs And For The World



How to definitively end the conflict and intolerance between Jews and Arabs in palestine. A real and possible solution.

How to definitively end the conflict and intolerance between Jews and Arabs in palestine. A real and possible solution.
For the peace in the world



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    Peace Plan For Jews For Arabs And For The World Peace Plan For Jews For Arabs And For The World Presentation Transcript

    • Radical Arabs and Muslims do not accept the creation of the Jewish State in Palestine. Jews can not give up their right to have a state. The longings are millenary and so the differences.
    • These can only be overwhelmed if the Arab world evolves globally to a superior civilization level, where the national and ethnic differences not only will be accepted but even valorized by the cultural contribution they may give each other and the world.
    • The evolution to this superior level presupposes universal education and unradicalization in the interpretation of religions.
    • Arabs, and the Muslim world in general, with its high birthrate and low economic growth, march presently in the opposite direction. And, the more uneducated and poorer, more they become easy prey of radical leaders.
    • Jews have long reached this superior cultural level but, surrounded by a sea of intolerance and constant threat to their own existence, have also radicalized their positions.
    • The historical intolerance of 2.000 years continues, regardless of the world's evolution. Has exploded again as shown by the recent events and is every time more dangerously close to the loss of control.
    • Based in these considerations, I propose my peace plan:
    • Jews must transfer the State of Israel to a new territory, far from the Arabs and without any remaining historical hostility by neighboring peoples, where they can have a horizon of millenary peace, tranquility and prosperity for their future generations.
    • They must accept that the forced creation of the State of Israel in Palestine 60 years ago, although understandable by the millenary historical fundaments, by the hegemonic momentum of the winners of the 2nd World War and by the worldwide desire of reparation for the Holocaust, has happened in a century already late, having the Arabs already consolidated their domain and mainly the demographical occupation of the region.
    • So, I propose that the State of Israel be transferred to the territory of the Brazilian State of Amapá, in the region that goes from the Amaparí river to the northern border with the Guianas and the western border with the State of Pará, according to the following map:
    • This peace plan is based on two fundaments, one political and the other economical:
      • The political fundament presupposes:
      • That the Jews accept the transfer of the State of Israel and offer it free willingly to the Arab people, for the peace in the world. And that the Arabs accept it, also for the peace in the world.
      • That the Brazilian people agree to give up this small part of his territory, as a grandiose gesture for peace and unparallel in world's history.
      • That Jerusalem and greater surroundings, as well as the other sacred places for Jews and Arabs in Palestine, be declared Holy Land, under an independent government established by the UNO, maintained by Jewish and Arab resources, and where any aggression and intolerance will be abominated and severely repressed by the governments of the world, in a solemn compromise.
      • That it will be part of the Holy Land a territory amply sufficient for the construction of hotel and residential complexes to lodge the pilgrims and religious from all origins, which will have their safety and total freedom of coming and going guaranteed solemnly by this same agreement, with unrestricted worship freedom according to their religions.
      • The economical fundament presupposes:
      • That the Arab States, through a fund specially constituted, buy from the Israelis and the State of Israel all their land, real estate and infrastructure situated in Palestine and outside the future territory of the Holy Land.
      • These properties will be transferred to the Palestinians which will form with them the State of Palestine. The State of Palestine shall determine in which way it will repay the financing Arab States, but always long-term and with delayed payment start-up.
      • That the Brazilian State buy or offer exchange for other state-owned lands, and pay in one year the lands and real estate situated in the area defined in this proposition. These lands and properties will be transferred to the State of Israel, which will assume this debt with the Brazilian State, also long-term and with delayed payment start-up.
      • That the State of Israel and the Jews of the world wish to face this gigantic economical undertaking of the building of a new country, starting from the tropical forest and the naked land. Which certainly will be based upon the most modern and advanced concepts of urbanization, of rational exploitation of the land, of preservation and renewal of the environment and on the employment of top technology.
    • The justification for the territorial delimitation as proposed is geopolitical:
      • It is a still lowly populated territory and therefore with lesser problems of population redeployment. Brazilians are a people with an amiable and tolerant nature, and it may well be possible that many will not even want to move, accepting their stay under the laws of a new state and even satisfied with the new job and social progress opportunities that will come.
    • The northern and western borders are historical and delimited. The eastern is the Atlantic Ocean, with open access to the world. The southern is the Amaparí river, which delimits an important part of the territory of the State of Amapá, with its main cities and settlements along the Amazon river, deliberately chosen to remain Brazilian.
    • With this division of the State of Amapá, Brazil keeps on the territorial control of the Amazon river delta, with enormous strategic importance for the control of all the Amazon region
    • There is also a global economical justification, besides the primary peace proposal, for an undertaking of such magnitude and impact to the world:
    • Facing the foreseen and already ongoing world crisis of the next years, this new and gigantic task will open thousands of opportunities for thousands of companies around the world, in almost every corner of human activity.
    • It will dynamize all the world economic sectors, bringing jobs, financing and investment in solid assets.
    • For Brazil, mainly for being one of the essential supporting partners and by the geographical vicinity, it will open the opportunity to employ its idle working force, from the most to the less qualified, this one specially closer and concentrated in his northern region.
    • Given the historical friendship which will be formed, it will open up opportunities for investments in partnership in all infrastructure sectors of the new country. There will be then a huge exchange of technologies and know-how, very productive for both nations
    • It will be created, in a few decades, a new industrial, scientific and cultural center, bringing great development for the countries of Central America and the Caribbean. The social and technological progress of the Israelis will permeate and develop this whole region, bringing prosperity and social well being.
    • And the new State of Israel, now closer to the United States and to the strongest Jewish community in the world, will have dynamized its existence and future perspectives, being able to dedicate itself more to the prosperity of its citizens and fuel to this end most of its investments, then no more needed to the war machine and self-defense.
    • And the world will be freed of the nightmare of a conflict of huge proportions and imminent between Arabs and Jews, much probably with the devastating employment of nuclear weapons and then with secular consequences of great harm for the stability of the planet and the future generations.
      • For the peace among men and
      • among nations!
      • Sao Paulo, 1 st of January, 2009
      • Gyorgy Troyko
      • Brazilian citizen, Hungarian born and not Jewish
      • [email_address]